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Boxcover for Jizz Gym
Jizz Gym 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Antonio, Markie, Ukiah Woods, Duncan Murphy, Steve Parker, Jack Van Dean, Austin Rivers
Studio: Factory Video

Directed by: Frank Parker, Scott Morris
Release date: 5/5/2003
Jizz Gym reviews:
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JIZZ GYM consists of three scenes, one of which is very good and the other two are fair to middlin. The action does not take place in a gym but in a locker room that I suppose we are to assume is connected to a gym. The first scenethe only one I truly recommendfeatures the blond twink Markie and two black studs: Ukiah Woods and Austin Rivers. Markie sneaks glances at the admirable endowments of the others and everyone is soon grabbing dick. Markie takes things further when he begins sucking Austins stiff pole. Ukiah slurps on Markies. (Markie it should be pointed out is no slouch in the dick department either.) Its nice to see performers who all suck, and these three do. After doing a good job of eating out Markies ass, Ukiah asks Markie if he has ever been fucked by two black guys; and, receiving a negative answer, asks if he would like to be. This receives an affirmative answer. Ukiah arranges Markie on the locker room bench andwith Austin giving the kid something to suck onUkiah slowly inserts his huge cock in the little guy's hole. There is a very nice close-up of this.
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Boxcover for Quest for Spooge
Quest for Spooge 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Oscar Wild, Trevor Hobbs, Markie
Studio: Factory Video

Release date: 7/28/2002
Quest for Spooge reviews:
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This basically mediocre film is divided into three sections: Damons Quest, Markies Quest, and Jeremy Reddicks Quest. Of them all, the first is perhaps the most interesting as it presents us with a young Damon Dogg before he joined up with Treasure Island Media to become the worlds biggest cum-guzzler. ( He is listed here only as Damon.) He meets up with a young twink (Finnegan Casey) in the woods where there start blowing one another. This (and a later outdoor scene) is poorly photographed as only natural lighting is used and the camera angles do nothing to attempt to avoid shadows covering the cocksucking.) We see better when the boys decide to head back to Damons trailer for more head. Finnegan fucks Damon and blows his load onto Damons face. Even before he joined up with Treasure Island we that Damon had a taste for cum as he does a thorough cleaning of Finnegans spent dick. Markie, a cute skinny bleached blond with a pronounced overbite, enters a hotel room with young Chas in tow and places a Do Not Disturb sign on the door.
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Boxcover for Strutters
(1.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Ruby, Chloe, Ariana, Shay, Ashley Renee, Porsche Lynn, Toni, Lois Ayres, Shane, Megan, Monique, Casey, Nikki Lynn, Roxxi Raye, Valentine, Heidi Neiss, Nikki Nyce, Markie, Frankie, Vixxen Vaughn, Andrea Amore
Studio: Adam & Eve

Release date: 5/6/2002
Strutters reviews:
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For those of you that buy your porn online you have to know that new regulations have hurt us severely. Not only do the best images get blurred on the boxes, but in most cases you get the standard Image Not Available tag on most sites. That said, the cheap titles and comps are left with nothing but the reviewers notes to sell a title, and this is one of those titles. Strutters is a comp distributed by Adam & Eve. It boasts 25 of the world sexiest women but I have to admit that todays porn hound might not recognize most of the names. Porshe Lynn, Nikki Lynn, and Ashley Rene are some of the bigger names on this disc, so if that doesnt meet your standards, I suggest you reconsider. Dont get me wrong, this title has some good action, attractive women and nasty sex, but these women are not young, not current and not a fair sampling of what you find in todays porn. For the sex purist and classic fan this is good pick up, but for the younger or more demanding fan, this may not satisfy your urge.
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This is a dual sided compilation DVD of 30 scenes, plus 1 bonus scene, which I ass-u-me is from Adam & Eves archives, but I could be wrong. There are no credits as to where the scenes originated, no directors are credited, and no performer IDs are given. I would go into detail, but since this is a compilation full of scenes of unknown origin, Im not gonna bother. OVERALL [Synopsis] : The video quality was about average throughout, with some scenes being slightly better, and some scenes being a lot worse. The performers ranged from average in looks to pretty good looking, with a few standouts, and some low lights as well in there. The scenes were also short, usually lasting an average of around 5 minutes There are a total of 31 scenes on this compilation 10 scenes plus a bonus scene, on Side 2, and on Side 1 there are a total of 20 scenes. The front of the boxcover says 4 Hours Total! and the back cover says 4 Hours Total! 3 Hour Feature Plus Previews and a Bonus Scene.
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