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Mark Davis Cumshots!
They are funny and very entertaining to me. It seems like he has to jack like a maniac to cum and he's always giving these silly and unnecessary yet funny instructions in between funny moans. It seems like to me that he enjoys the cumshot the most more than any other part and gets off bigtime on the dominance aspect of it. An example of of some of ...
Christy Canyon and Mark Davis
An extended (pun intended) review and breakdown of my favorite all time scene, and IMHO Christy Canyon's greatest scene. Kind of a tribute to a true legend's magnus opus. Props to Mark too, he shines. This will be from the DVD version but I will mention some amazing footage from the VHS and Cable releases:Sex Secrets of a Mistress FOREPLAY PART ONE ...
Mark Davis '90s movie title?
I'm trying to remember the title of a Mark Davis movie from the 90's that I watched through the squiggly scrambled lines on PPV back in the days before digital tv. I think he played a psychiatrist treating a nympho or something like that.Thanks
Mark Davis does 100 girls by himself... which DVD?
This is my first post....Several years ago, I watched a DVD featuring Mark Davis.He was the only male actor against nearly 100 female actresses.There was one scene where dozens of girls lined up by the pool and each girl performed BJ on him.(while he was grilling hot dogs on the BBQ grill)Can anyone please tell me the name of that DVD? I've search ...
Mark Davis makes me lose wood...
He's like an evil antidote for Viagra. I can't believe how out of shape the guy has gotten. It's to the point that when he's in a scene, I suddenly find myself being aroused at the thought of mowing the lawn.
Lost clip of Mark Davis...
Ive searched the porn database an cant find this clip...Mark Davis (he is the one with the accent, right)...several years ago...he was still young, had all his hair and was in good physical condition. Anyways, he was initiating this young blonde. Did her first anal. The scene lasted like an hour, he gave it to her pretty good. It included all his t ...
Identifying a Porn w/Mark Davis, circa early 2000s
I need help locating this one porn I watched sometime but can't recall the title of. I think it was circa late 1990s or early 2000s, it had that quality/vibe to it. The title or box art suggests a relationship between the two female leads, maybe the title has Obsessions or "X Loves Y" in it where X and Y are both female actresses, but thi ...
Mark Davis
Does anyone know how I can get in touch with him --- maybe an email or forum account?
Searching ror Mark Davis scene
And I wish I knew the FEMALE in this scene, but only know its Mark Davis. It would be a feature (Wicked or Vivid.. one of those) from 2000-2004 and I have no idea who the blonde in the scene was. Storyline was that Mark Davis comes into this little cafe and the blonde is wearing one of those stereotypical red and white checkered waitress outfits. T ...
[ID request] girl/scene with Mark Davis
I rember a scene shot around 2000 or earlier with a veryattractive black haired girl. It's shot outside in front ofa cabin I guess. She weared knee-long black stockings and hefucks her anally. She looked a little bit like Claudia Jamsson to me.I don't know her name nor do I have a screenshot but it wasa remarkable scene. The clip I watched years ag ...
ID girl with Mark Davis
The blonde girl that is first on the list: clicky
Mark Davis no longer with Zero Tolerance???
I've just seen the following new titles on ZT's website: Ass Cleavage 3 Teen Times Two Tag Teamed No Holes Barred 2 Davis is'nt listed as being in any of them. Has he moved on from ZT?? I would expect to see him in Ass Cleavage 3 and No Holes Barred 2, at the very least!!!!
Mark Davis and Kobe Tai scene from Lethal Affairs
I've been collecting all the DVDs featuring scenes between these two. There is a scene with them is this Vivid feature which is on the video but not the DVD. Anyone know any Vivid DVD compiliation that the scene might be on??
Mark Davis - Yay or Nay?
In the recent "Who's Your Daddy" thread, Greg Alves and Mike Quasar were quite shocked I believe, to hear so many negative comments about Mark Davis. I can't speak for anyone else, but I was like "Hello - besides the fact that he's been in every freakin porno made in the last decade, he's now developed a very annoying habit of str ...
Mark Davis To Direct For Zero Tolerance
from AVN: Mark Davis Signs To Direct For Zero Tolerance Entertainment By: Scott Ross CHATSWORTH, Calif. - AVN Hall of Famer Mark Davis has signed an exclusive contract with newly formed Zero Tolerance Entertainment to direct his own series Ass Cleavage. Terms of the contract limit Davis to directing for the company, although Davis is stil ...
Mark Davis???
I read repetitively that he has been the pet among all but female pornstars so i just wanted to know what your thought on him is... Is he still a hubby of Kobei Tai? I heard that she divorced him for a long time. Anyone can substantiate this? Magnet12