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Mark Ashley: Solid Workhorse
Let's take a moment to show some appreciation to Mark Ashley, who is Jonni Darko's favorite stud and for good reason. He's in shape, knows he's not the star and doesn't get too rough with the girls. What more do you want from a meat puppet? Yeah, he could be better looking, but the way Darko shoots, you don't see his face that much. I like what Man ...
Greatest Porn Stud Ever!
So, where does one begin? Out of the hundreds if not thousands of guys who've made careers out of having heterosexual intercourse on camera, how can one possibly decide who’s the single greatest porn stud of all time? What criteria does one use?A) Number of video credits?B) Number of babes landed?C) Cock size?D) Stamina?E) Volume of semen p ...
Girls who has refused to work with Mark Ashley ??
I would like to know why some girls , new and top performers have refused to work with mark ashley , give me your concerns , your opinions , your views , explanations !!well that guy is the m.v.p of porn , but we can see that he has not work with some of the beautiful babes of porn !!i have also notice this thing , some girls prefer to do a threes ...