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Boxcover for Bareback Beginners 3
Bareback Beginners 3 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: David, Marian, Jan, Igor, Pavel, Tomas
Studio: U.S. Male

Release date: 8/10/2005
Bareback Beginners 3 reviews:
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Ten or fifteen years ago, buying stock in condom companies seemed like a pretty sound investment. Todayif I had any condom stockId sell. BAREBACK BEGINNERS 3 is yet another entry into the bareback film market. It features a nice assortment of adorable Eurotwinks who wouldnt know a condom from a balloon. They have stiff little some times bigpegos and they enjoy sucking off a skuzzy one. All are c-u-t-e and are so sweet they will make your teeth ache. In the opener, a slender youngster with floppy raven hair brings a report to his equally young boss who is seated before a computer. When the boss finds fault with the paper, hes mollified by some cocksucking and completely appeased when the slender cutie lets him fuck his ass six ways from Sunday. Next we find beautiful youngster attempting to screw something onto a board as a lazy lad sits and reads a newspaper. All interest in the news ceases when he reaches into the beautys pants to remove the fleshy screwdriver enclosed therein.
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Boxcover for Summoner, The
Summoner, The 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Rocco, Marian, Yuri, Esmeralda Berg, Erik Kovak, Pietro Cattani, Ettore Tosi, Michele Siciliani, Davide Solari, Jake Andrews, Federico Bulsara, Marco Altieri, Raffaello Brugi, Stefano Castello, Donato Four-Roses, Glauco, Gary Philipp, Carlo Vita
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Lucas Kazan
Release date: 6/25/2001
Summoner, The reviews:
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NOTE: This is a SOFTCORE movie. That means no penetration, no cum shots, and no erections. What does that leave, you might ask? Not much Since Ive never seen a softcore movie before, I had a few assumptions going in. The main two were these: 1). Since they couldnt show any penetration or hard cocks, they would focus on the more romantic side of sex: kissing, cuddling, massage, etc 2). Without all the explicit sex going on, I figured there would be more time to flesh out an actual story. Turns out I was wrong on both accounts. The sex isnt any more romantic than what you see in hardcore porn; its just shot from weird angles so that you dont see anything too X-rated. What sex there is rarely lasts more than 3 or 4 minutes, compared to an average hardcore scene that lasts about 15.
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Boxcover for Memoirs of a Madam
Memoirs of a Madam 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Claudia Chase, Natasha, Kyle Stone, Inari Vachs, Eric Price, Jake Steed, Mikki Taylor, India, Tyce Bune, Caroline Pierce, Nakita Kash, Bobbi Bliss, Tina Thomas, Marian, Lola, Jasper
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Mick Hatteras
Release date: 8/16/2000
Memoirs of a Madam reviews:
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Running Time: 91 min. Production Date: Dec. 16 -17, 1998 and Jul. 19, 1999 Director: Mike Quasarman Quasar is listed on the cover. In the credits, Mick Fuzzy Hatteras is listed as director and Quasarman is listed as director of photography. Cast: Claudia Chase, Inari Vachs, Tina Thomas, Mikki Taylor, Natasha, Nakita Ka$h, India, Caroline Pierce, Bobbie Bliss, Lola, Marion, Vince Voyeur, Kyle Stone, Tyce Bune, Eric Price, Jake Steed, Bart Myne (who isnt listed on the cover but Jasper is. I assume theyre the same person but I dont know for sure), and Marion Initial Expectations: I havent watched one of Quasarmans movies yet that I know of, but Ive become addicted to his website. Due to his website, I have some hopes for this movie. The range of production dates and the discrepancies over director are normally not a good sign, though. Initial Reaction: I think Ive seen this before. Different people, but the same movie. Audio /Video Quality: The video is very clear throughout the movie.
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Boxcover for Hotel Italia
Hotel Italia 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Marian, Dario D'Alba, Esmeralda Berg, Erik Kovak, Andrea Albani, Pietro Cattani, Tiziano Cortese, Daniele Della Valle, Marco Ramazzotti, Ettore Tosi, Roberto Volta
Studio: LKP

Directed by: Lucas Kazan
Release date: 6/7/2000
Hotel Italia reviews:
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HOTEL ITALIA (87 minutes) Directed by Lucas Kazan International Media Distributors (IMD), 1999 Cast: Dario DAlba, Ettore Tosi, Pietro Cattani, Erik Kovak, Marian, Marco Ramazzotti, Daniele Della Valle, Roberto Volta, Andrea Albani, Titiano Cortese REPORT CARD: A Talk about wander-lust! The gay porn travelogue has certainly come a long way. First it was Bjorn, then Bel Ami, and then, suddenly, everyone was getting into the act--making these lush, postcard-like videos, featuring great locales as well as lots of hot fucking and sucking. Since I didnt know IMD or Lucas Kazan before this film I had only mild expectations--but Im happy to report that Hotel Italia offers both the heat and the beauty youd expect from any of the major players. Its a terrific mix of scenery and solid action. In addition to the great cast of sexy Italian hunks, Kazan offers up a gorgeous portrait of smalltown Italy. Maybe Ive watched The Talented Mr. Ripley too many times, but no porn film has ever made me dream of travel this much...
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Boxcover for Up and Cummers 64
Up and Cummers 64 
(3.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Randy West, Mr. Marcus, Charmane, April Flowers, Juelie, Marian, Peter Zupp
Studio: New Machine

Directed by: Randy West
Release date: 4/24/2000
Up and Cummers 64 reviews:
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Up And Cummers 64 (2000) Studio New Machine Genre Pro-Am/Debutantes Director Randy West Starring April Flowers, Mariah, Juelie, Charmane, Randy West, and Mr.
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Up & Cummers 64 (2000) Director: Randy West Starring: April Flowers, Mariah, Charmain Star, Juelie, Mr. Marcus, Peter Zupp & Randy West Special Features: Chapters, Photo Galleria, Trailers, Fetish Menu & Websites Category: All Sex, Gonzo, Amateur Company: New Machine -When I got more & more into porn & explored it a lot more, which was in 2000, I found the Up & Cummers series. This series has a lot of great, special and dull, boring moments. These movies are good for 1-2 great scenes with 1-2 great females. Nothing more, nothing less. Randy West finds new females & he works with them! I like this series alot. Not the greatest, but they have loads of moments & great scenes that you would want to dub on your home-made 'favorite XXX scenes' compilations on VHS or DVD, even! For these Up & Cummers reviews that I will give you all to read, I won't give the usual VictoriO (thorough, obsessive-like) review. I'll point out my favorite moments & so forth. Actually, these films I've seen years ago, but I decided to rent them on DVD so I can give out the proper reviews.
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