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Boxcover for Hardcore Innocence 3
Hardcore Innocence 3 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Maria, Anastasia, Niki Blond, Amanda, Dina Pearl, Monic, Rubin, Maria Ricci, Donatella
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: Toni Ribas
Release date: 1/8/2003
Hardcore Innocence 3 reviews:
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Hardcore Innocence 3 Directed by Toni Ribas Elegant Angel DVD Released late 2001 DVD released early 2003 Cast : Maria Belucci, Nikki Blonde, Anastasia (aka Tunder), Rubin (aka Gabriella), Amanda Twice, Veronica B./Carso (aka Sophie Angel), Pinty Oke (aka ?), Dina Pearl (aka Andrea Csepke), Maria Ricci (aka Blue Eyes, Sylvia Karat), Monic (aka Francesca), Nacho Vidal, Alberto Rey, Franco Teo Roccaforte, Toni Ribas *Note : I was selected to visit Elegant Angel, and spent several days in December 2002 at their facility in Chatsworth, California. The next month I was able to have several private conversations with Toni Ribas at the AAE in Las Vegas. So take the following with as many grains of salt as seem appropriate.* Hardcore Innocence 3 at last makes its long-delayed debut on DVD, and harkens back to an earlier time, in 2000 and 2001, when Toni Ribas and his friend and fellow-Spaniard Nacho Vidal made their movies side by side.
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Boxcover for Best By Private 37: Orgies
Best By Private 37: Orgies 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Ursula Moore, Mike Foster, Sydnee, Andrew Youngman, Sandra, Alice, Cleo, Alberto Rey, Leslie Taylor, Katalin, Steve Holmes, Nick Lang, Alissa, G.G. Summer, Monica Moore, Franco Roccaforte, Ian Scott, Orsi Shine, Choky Ice, Dora Venter, Beatrice, Sophie Angel, Chris Mountain, Thomas Stone, Gina Blonde, Toni Ribas, Michelle Wild, Maria Ricci, Veronica Carso, Claudio Villa, Mandy Bright, Sunny Green, Villa, Claudio, Black Widow, Csoky Ice
Studio: Private

Release date: 1/1/2003
Best By Private 37: Orgies reviews:
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Orgies (2002) 91 min Studio Private Director Various The Women Orsi Shine, C.G.
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Boxcover for Blowjob Impossible 1
Blowjob Impossible 1 
(2.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Carmen, Nacho Vidal, Alberto Rey, Amanda, Dina Pearl, Michaela, Mia Stone, Maria Ricci, Betty Dark
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Nacho Vidal
Release date: 3/22/2002
Blowjob Impossible 1 reviews:
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Blowjob Impossible 1 Directed by Nacho Vidal Digital Sin DVD Released 3/22/2001 DVD released spring 2002 Cast : Claudia Jamson, Amanda Twice, Carmen, Monic, Maria Ricci (aka Blue eyes), Mia Stone, Dina Pearl (aka Andrea Csepke), Betty Dark (aka Brandy), Cindy, Inga, Jean-Michel, Alberto Rey, Tony Ribas, Nacho Vidal Do you like blowjob movies? I dont, since they always frustrate me because Id like to see intercourse after the oral attention. Nacho understands this, and as a performer, he too wants that fucking. So he created a different sort of movie, one in which just a blowjob is impossible, as the girls are so arousing he usually wants, and gets, more. Actually, this series has become a home for his outtakes, castings, and spontaneous moments that dont fit into his more conventionally formatted Killer Pussy and Sexx the Hard Way lines. As such, the Blowjob Impossible movies have a different feel from his other work, and indeed, from most porn. This is clear from the start, as we are launched into a scene before the credits roll.
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CAPSULE'S REVIEW Blowjob Impossible 1 (90 min.) Featuring: Renata Rey, Amanda, Sheila Scott, Carmen, Maria Ricci, Cindy, Mika Shirely, Mia Stone, Dina Pearl, Betty Dark, Jean Fournes, Nancy, and Mary. Synopsis: The central theme is fellatio, but there is much more happening!  Overall: This was not a very good release at all. End of discussion.  DVD Quality: I noticed that the audio quality is awful because you can barely hear what people are saying even when the volume is cranked up. I just don't understand that. The visual quality is hampered by the unsteadiness of the camera, the poor lighting, and other variables. Extras: Please pump more money into the Extras Division since it has not changed for quite awhile. Likes: Mia Stone is a knockout, need I say more! Dislikes: The majority of the women look like skanks to put it lightly.
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Boxcover for Pirate Fetish Machine 1: Colette's Kinky Desires
Pirate Fetish Machine 1: Colette's Kinky Desires 
(4.0 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Silvia, Crystal, Sandra, Cleo, G.G. Summer, Monica Moore, Orsi Shine, Michelle Wild, Maria Ricci
Studio: Private

Directed by: Kovi
Release date: 11/7/2001
Pirate Fetish Machine 1: Colette's Kinky Desires reviews:
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Pirate Fetish Machine: Colettes Kinky Desires Directed by: Kovi Running time (approx) 113mins Michelle Wild is one of the best in the business, sharing her time between glossy productions like this for Private and hard sex Gonzo flicks for the likes of Evil Angel. She has built up a steady reputation and become a firm fan favourite. So understandably, I was keen to see what this girl had to offer. Scene One We watch a stunning blonde in red stockings and PVC as we are gradually introduced to Michelle, arriving on a train in need of a job. At first glance, Michelle did not look anything special pretty yes, but I knew I was in need of a little bit more. Then she crosses a road and is involved in a small accident when the blonde from the photo shoot reverses her car into her. Luckily, Michelle is not hurt, but as way of making the unfortunate incident up to her, the blonde invites her to stay with her, and possibly offer her some modelling work.
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Pirate Fetish Machine: Colette's Kinky Desires by Kovi Private DVD / August 2001/ 113  Minutes   DISC FEATURES   Specifications: - DVD-Video - Single Sided Dual Layer   Aspect Ratio(s): - 4:3   Audio: - English - French - German - Spanish - Italian   Subtitle (s): - Dutch - Danish - Polish - Swedish - Portuguese   Standard Features: - Interactive Menus - Scene Access   Additional Features: - Trailers - Report - Cast Info - Photo Gallery - Production Notes Starring: C.G. Summer, Cleo, Chrystal, Maria Ricci, Michelle Wild, Monica Moore, Orsi Shine, Sandra, and Silvia Synopsis: After leaving her small town to find a job as a housemaid in the big city, Colette (Michelle Wild) gets run over by Beth (Orsi Shine). This leads Colette in the path of highly erotic experiences, which sheds her small town innocence. Overall: Except for the dubbing, this DVD has it all. I highly recommend it! DVD Quality: The visual quality is grainy, but sharp. The audio is terrible since it is dubbed! Extras: This is a gre
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Title : Colette's Kinky Desires Stars : Michelle Wild, Sandra, Monica Moore, Silvia G.G. Summer, Orsi Shine, Maria Ricci, Cleo, Crystal, David Perry, Nacho Vidal Director : Kovi Running Time : 2hrs Review: Colette's Kinky Desires is the 1st entry into a new line from PRIVATE called Pirate Fetish Macine. Let me tell ya its a great one to start off with. Michelle wild plays Colette (she is on the cover) who has a friend Beth (Monica Moore) and she is a photographer. Then the fun starts to happen. As I have started to notice with PRIVATE, usually the boxcover girl has about 3-5 scenes in the movie. This is the case with Michelle Wild. In one of Michelle's scenes she is blindfolded, and gets fucked in the ass nice & hard. Michelle has 4 scenes all of them hot, hot, hot! Monica Moore, Silvia and G.G. Summer are the main supporting sex stars. All of them give great performances. They also wear some really interesting outfits.
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Boxcover for Private Gold 41: Madness
Private Gold 41: Madness 
(3.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Dora, Judith Fox, Agnes, Melody Kord, Gabreilla Tchekan, Soraya Curiel, Suzan Strong, Maria Ricci, Claudia Ricci, Gabriella Tchekan
Studio: Private

Directed by: Pierre Woodman
Release date: 1/24/2001
Private Gold 41: Madness reviews:
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About Us: We are a couple that like to watch a good story, well acted and great sex kind of movie. This is on that basis that weve made our critics. The Story: Well, The title doesnt live up to its name, Madness; you would have been better off with a CD of the band with the same name. Anyway, in here the originality is equal to zero, I wonder how long did it take them to think about this one. A couple in Brazil (supposedly on honeymoon.) is going to get an offer from a man to sleep with his new wife. Not impressive but still you could do something interesting out of it, you maybe, but not them. The acting: Again here very poor quality. (I wonder how do they do if they have to lie to someone) Some get away with all right the major act, forget about it. And here something there is something that make it worst, its the overdubbing. The sex scenes: This is the only thing that save that film, they are all right and different, that makes it more interesting, but the final facial cum at the end of every scene get boring really quick.
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"Madness" -Director: Pierre Woodman -Format: DVD -Production year: April, 2000 -Length: Little over 2 hours -Cast: Melody Kord, Judith Fox, Agnes, Paola, other gorgeous women My Take: Love him or hate him, Pierre Woodman shoots beautiful people in beautiful places having sex. Despite his attempt at making a somewhat intriguing plot, the real focus here is on the action. In particular, he has assembled a cast of virtually unknown, and cover-girl quality women doing nasty things that girls of their caliber shouldn't do (but to our satisfaction). The movie is shot in Puerto Vallerta, and it's absolutely a breezy and tropical backdrop to this movie. There were three women, particulary Judith Fox, that stood out in this movie. Like many of the other actresses, Judith is a bombshell beauty of Hungarian descent, and she has a great scene on a pool overlooking the ocean. She shows great enthusiasm and flexibility throughout her scene. If you love natural, beautiful, yet nasty girls, this is the movie for you.
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