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Mari Possa
Did Mari Possa retire? Did she ever do films for anybody but Seymore Butts?
Seymore Butts and Mari Possa
Again, PLEASE excuse me for being out of touch.On the so-called reality show Family Business he came home one day and discovered that she'd moved out and dumped him. Where can I read ALL the sorted details? Thanks.
Latest on Mari possa?
Does anyone know any recent news with her pertaining to porn ? She hasn't been in a scene for about two years, and recently she broke up with seymore, and I'm curious if she's left the biz altogether or is planning make another run. I get the feeling from reading her past interviews that she'd be more interested in the contract route if she indeed ...
Is Mari Possa still in the industry?
I was just wondering if she was still in the industry. Last year she was an Adam & Eve contract star for a few months and then I heard she went back to Seymore Butts and got out of her contract (with some legal disputes). I haven't heard anything about her lately and have not seen a picture of her from the AVN show. Any word on her?
What's new with Mari Possa?
Does anyone know what mari is up to right now? She signed on as a contract girl for Adam, and Eve in january, although I haven't seen any new releases from her since then. Does anyone know of any? Thanks!
Mari Possa Joins Genesis Editorial Staff
Class in Session: Possa Pens Lessons in Lust (Chatsworth, CA) Mari Possa has already captured the hearts, minds and crotches of porn fans across the globe with her good looks and fantastic sexual energy. Her next venture will target the regions above the neck and will focus on Mari’s skills as a writer. The young Latina beauty has been ad ...
What's new with Mari Possa?
What's up with Mari Possa nowadays? Seems lke she's not doing many films, nor modelling now. I keep searhcing for new films, and I keep seeing the same 10 ro so films listed. And almost all of them are with Seymour. Thanks, ---GODFATHER
Chat With "Tushy Girl" Mari Possa Tonight
Go To and Register to Chat Chat Stars at 11:30pm/8:30pm Right After Family Business Be There!!! I'm Just a Lonely Boy Edited by - Silent Jay on Mar 5 2004
Seymore Butts fave ASSistant: Mari Possa
by April Storm VAN NUYS, CA - Not long ago in an office in the heart of the porn capital of the world a sweet little receptionist worked for one of the adult industry's more popular and sometimes controversial companies, Seymore, Inc. For 3 years this 5' 2" Latina with beautiful long light brown hair and 'green' eyes learned the ins and ou ...
Mari Possa - Seymore's New ASSistant
SHE PUTS THE 'ASS' IN ASSISTANT Introducing Mari Possa - Seymour Butts' Favorite ASSistant Source: Press Release By: April Storm Editor's Note: God bless April Storm! The one woman publicity team has been up to her pretty eyeballs promoting the beejeebers out of a number of her friends and clients. Today she takes a moment to te ...
Seymore Butts signs Avy Scott and Mari Possa
By Scott Ross and CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Seymore Butts has signed two new female performers, Avy Scott and newcomer Mari Possa, as Tushy Girls. Avy Scott , who has never performed anal scenes before, has signed an anal-exclusive one-year contract with Butts. She is free to perform for other companies for other types of sexual scenes. ...