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Boxcover for Deep Water: Beach Patrol
Deep Water: Beach Patrol 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Ray Dragon, Marc Sterling, Tony Bishop, Derrick Hanson, Chuck Scott, Zackary Pierce, George Glass, Dylan West, Mason Wyler, Eryk Elliott
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Joe Gage
Release date: 5/15/2006
Deep Water: Beach Patrol reviews:
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There were those who watched BAYWATCH for the gals and those who watched it for the guys. I admit to being one of the latter. The guys on that show fueled many a fantasy in spite of the fact that they came across on the show as horribly hetero. Joe Gage has now changed all that by giving us a version where male lifeguards are either gay or at least bi-curious. Mason Wyler, the beautiful blond, who stole the scenes he was in in CLOSED SET is wisely given the cover in this one and appears in the first scene. He and another cute young stud (Eryk Elliott) are seated on the sofa in that age-old tradition straight guys have of watching sports on TV. The uninvited Dylan West appears at the door. They dont want to let him in as Eryk says he means trouble. But Dylan barges in anyway. Events play into Dylans hands (pun intended) when the cable goes off and he gets them to put on a straight porn tape hes brought along. He then insinuates himself between the two pretty lads.
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Boxcover for Beyond Perfect
Beyond Perfect 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Chad Thomas, Marcus Iron, Danny Lopez, Brad Benton, Brad Patton, Marc Sterling, Jason Kingsley, Pete Ross, Jason Crew, Timmy Thomas, Andy Briggs, Justin Gemini, Adam North, Joe Cage
Studio: Buck Shot

Directed by: Jerry Douglas
Release date: 1/7/2006
Beyond Perfect reviews:
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Synopsis This is a DVD with a decent plot that doesnt get in the way of some hot sex. Larry (Brad Patton) and Ron (Jason Kingsley) have found their perfect 3-year relationship is getting stale, so they visit a couples counselor, well played by veteran director and former professional actor Joe Gage, in a non-sexual role. First they relate how they met in a sex club, then their separate adventures. Then they meet their new neighbors, who introduce them to the joys of versatility. In the final scene, Larry and Ron realize they can save their relationship by giving up their cherries to each other. Scene 1 Larry returns home to find Ron fucking someone else in their bedroom. So its off to see counselor Gage, who asks them how they met. They proceed to give different versions of how it was love at first sight for both of them, when their eyes met across a crowded sex club.
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Boxcover for Back To Barstow
Back To Barstow 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Troy Banner, Marc Sterling, Todd Maxwell
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 12/3/2004
Back To Barstow reviews:
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Mike Bailey has come back to Barstow and the town is a-buzz. The beguiling Joey Russo who has appeared in secondary roles in previous Titan films and was unforgettable in their ManPlay 16 plays Mike. He plans to stop and visit his friend Fyerfli who is staying at his friend Ruthies until his trailer is repaired. (Fret not, we never meet Ruthie.) But as Joey parks his pickup across the street he sees Tyler Boots striding purposefully toward the front door. Tyler has come to see his girlfriend Ruthie. Tyler is a big boy and the black eye he sports makes him seems both ultra straight and tough as steel. Fyerfli, who is horny after perusing an erotic magazine, invites him in and offers him a beer. Hoping to get Tyler aroused, Fyerfli hands him a beer and the magazine. The pictures soon have the desired effect and Fyerfli suggests he make himself comfortable. Go ahead, Buddy, Take it out. Jack it. Tyler gives him an angry look.
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Boxcover for Mens Room: Bakersfield Station
Mens Room: Bakersfield Station 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Lex Kyler, Matt Majors, Abram Rodriguez, Andy Dill, Danny Vox, Alex Leon, Marc Sterling, Kent Larson
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 9/3/2004
Mens Room: Bakersfield Station reviews:
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The usual co-directors Brian Mills and Harold Creg have decided to just man the cameras on this one and hand the directorial reins over to legendary director Joe Gage. The setting is the mens room at the Bakersfield bus station, a locale according to this film that sees a great deal of action. (Little did I know this when I visited friends in that town.) The action begins when Danny Vox, a hirsute little sex pig that has become a regular with Titan, gets off the bus and enters the T room. He takes a lengthy piss. Matt Majors and Kent Larson enter and Danny watches as these two engage in a pissing contest. Each pisses as though they have just finished six beers each and have been holding it for two days. (The distance that Matt achieves must surely place him in the Guinness Book of Records.) Matt Majors looks like a pro-football player: handsome face, great build, lightly haired chest, and a big dick with a plum-shaped head. (Its a dick one could pick out of a line up.) Kent also has a great build, a mustache and goatee adorn his handsome face.
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