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Malorie Marx,Kaylynn,BUBBLE!
Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn! I just watched Phat Ass White Girls 9,with my here today/gone tomorrow/here again fave Malorie Marx.I noticed she's returned,within the last 3 months or so I assume and she's getting work for more interracial companies. Anyway,she had a nice booty before but WOW!that thing is PHAT now!Bubbleliscious!!!!Damn!She gained a f ...
Malorie Marx DP!!
Yeeha!!!! Malorie finally does a DP in James Avalon's Erotic Stories 2:Lovers&Cheaters. Obviously Avalon shoots very stylishly but I was satisfied with the DP(cowgirl),good crotch shot and Malorie actually did quite well,it wasn't a clockwatcher DP at all. I'm sure this was shot awhile ago,but I'd love for some of the gonzo companies t ...
hi, does anyone have a pic or 2 they can post so i can check this girl out? i have an idea who this girl is but just need comfirmation. did she appear in one of nacho's titles? - if so i think this is the girl. many thnks
Malorie Marx doing anal!!!
I always thought Malorie was a super hot chick. She also has a great ass. I never saw her do anal until "Trualy Nice Ass #3." It was awesome! Now that she does anal I think she can be a real star. I hope she shoots for Jules, Skeeter, Red Light District, and Ana/Dia. Darth-Morpheous
Malorie Marx in Chunky Cheerleaders..GOOD!
I was worried,perhaps Malorie,according to Wanker Wang,has ballooned even more than this vid but I hope not.I just watched this and dare I say it contains one of Malories better performances.She's thicker for sure,with a little jiggly cellulite,but not fat or overweight by any means,it's ALL good!This is a very energetic scene,and Malore does seem ...
More ramblings about Malorie Marx&Stuff..
I was going to rent Chubby Cheerleaders with Malorie in it(boy,if being in a Chubby vid isn't the end of your career...)but I rented Wild Cherries from WCP instead.Malorie looks delicious as usual,although I was troubled to see the "date of production"as 3/02,can this be right?Why would you sit on something for almost a year?I may be wron ...
Oh dear,Malorie Marx..
I've seen probably half a dozen newer titles on the shelf with Malorie in them,I don't know if they are recently shot or not.But somewhat true to Wanker Wang's comments it appears she has gained weight,judging by the fact she is in a video titled Chunky Cheerleaders.Ahhh!Anyway,I'm still holding out for some DP action,hoping Jules isn't the only pe ...
Mimi, Trinity, Malorie Marx, Cara Patrick
Not an act of revenge. Just an act of "I'm not Public Storage and don't want to house her shit and the poor girl's got problems but they're not my problems cause blowjobs ain't worth two months of free storage". I didn't get a chance to see her when she came to my office. But I was aware of her recent fattening up from other producti ...