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Lisa Marie
Hey everybody, long time lurker face here. Of all my travels on the net this is hands down the forum to ask this question... Does anybody have any info on Lisa Marie? I found a few links off of Google after finding this gallery but it's damn near impossible to find anyt ...
Lisa Marie's DP Scenes?
can anyone list the films where Lisa Marie has done DP? i know two of them: Lewd Conduct #22 & 1 in the pink and 1 in the stink #6. are the others?
Happy Birthday,, Lisa Marie!!!
Happy Birthday to porn star Lisa Marie, who turns 26 today.I've always liked her.Anyone else?
Is Lisa Marie back?
I just saw her in Fetish Fever 2 by Legend. She has black hair now and is slightly heavier, although not fat by any means. However, now she has a very nice bubble butt, which she seems proud of. In this video, she only does a foot fetish scene with a BJ. Anybody know if she is going to be doing more?
Lisa Marie Presley is officially out of control
what a fucking pig she turned out to be
ID This Teen Tugger?
J/O-1J/O-2A bigger cum shot would have been nice, but I think she is so hot and cute, it was still good :)Anyone know who she is?
Lisa Marie is a porn rarity
I was just praising Lisa Marie's scene in White Chicks Licking Black Ass and I just wanted to continue the praise here. She stayed in character through her whole scene and I really appreciate that in a porno. Most girls break character in whatever scene they are in once the dick gets whiped out, but I actually believed Lisa Marie didn't want to suc ...
Lisa Marie is back . . .
and is it just me or do her boobies look bigger? Lisa Marie @ LA Direct Models It looks like she put on a little weight, too. I missed her, so I'm glad she's back in action.
Anyone know the status of Lisa Marie?
One of my all-time faves...haven't seen anything new from her in ages. I think "Bustful of Dollars" was the most recent release and that was a while ago....(her scene wasn't that shit hot either...)
Lisa Marie has never looked better!!
Just saw her in Black Dick in Me POV, and she looked incredible. I have always been a fan of hers, but at times she has looked a little skinny or less than glamorous. Lately, she has been going with some highlights in her hair and a more glossy appearance. Her tits were very perky and her ass was nice and plump. I haven't ever seen her look bet ...
Lisa Marie's 2nd DP
Hi everyone, I just saw the boxcover of 1 in the pink and 1 in the stink #6 and was surprised to see lisa marie's lovely face on it. Release date : 04/25/2005 Links: Front cover Back cover Main page Lisa marie looks very exciting in it, i hope to see it soon !!! Cordially, FoolDaWa Edited by - fooldawa on Mar 21 2005
Lisa Marie's First DP-Lewd Conduct 22
I do not know if this scene is really new or has been sitting on the shelf for a while. After all, I have not seen Lisa Marie in anything in some time and figured that she had quit the biz. Either way, Diabolic has an early trailer for the upcoming Lewd Conduct 22 . And who is it seen in a cowgirl DP in the trailer? Good ole Lisa Marie, who di ...
lisa marie
anybody have any info on her, any pics or clips, best movie etc etc. i just saw her in a cum dumpster vid and she rocks my world! thanks again, legacy [ALL CAPS subject modified by moderator] Edited by - Saki on Jan 6 2005
Lisa Marie Presley: my dad is for sale, $100 mil
But she's keeping Graceland.
Tell me about Lisa Marie
I'm on a Lisa Marie kick right now. I've seen her in Teen Meat 3 and Valley Girls. She's always got a smile, seems down to earth, and never dodges. Anyone else with me on her? What have you seen? Edited by - nipfan on Jun 5 2004