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Boxcover for Mens Room: Bakersfield Station
Mens Room: Bakersfield Station 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Lex Kyler, Matt Majors, Abram Rodriguez, Andy Dill, Danny Vox, Alex Leon, Marc Sterling, Kent Larson
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 9/3/2004
Mens Room: Bakersfield Station reviews:
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The usual co-directors Brian Mills and Harold Creg have decided to just man the cameras on this one and hand the directorial reins over to legendary director Joe Gage. The setting is the mens room at the Bakersfield bus station, a locale according to this film that sees a great deal of action. (Little did I know this when I visited friends in that town.) The action begins when Danny Vox, a hirsute little sex pig that has become a regular with Titan, gets off the bus and enters the T room. He takes a lengthy piss. Matt Majors and Kent Larson enter and Danny watches as these two engage in a pissing contest. Each pisses as though they have just finished six beers each and have been holding it for two days. (The distance that Matt achieves must surely place him in the Guinness Book of Records.) Matt Majors looks like a pro-football player: handsome face, great build, lightly haired chest, and a big dick with a plum-shaped head. (Its a dick one could pick out of a line up.) Kent also has a great build, a mustache and goatee adorn his handsome face.
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Boxcover for Bustin' Ass (Factory Video)
Bustin' Ass (Factory Video) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Steve Pierce, Lex Kyler, Brad Davis
Studio: Factory Video

Release date: 6/24/2003
Bustin' Ass (Factory Video) reviews:
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Only two of the three scenes are watchable and theres better stuff out there. The first scene is the one that is of most interest. It features Steve Pierce and Seth Handler. Steve is pierced and Seth is a handler. In fact both of these guys are pierced. In addition to nipples both have Prince Alberts in their pricks. Steve has a simple PA; Seth has an oversized one. (When Steve sucks Seths dick you can hear it clink against his teeth. Seth eventually takes it out so Steve can suck with ease.) Seth also has a guiche under his balls. Neither performer is looking good. Steve has grown a mustache that makes him look like Hitler on a bad day. Seth is scruffya poor mans Bruce Willis. The cocksucking goes on for twelve minutes. It is not until then that Steve begins to show off his notable elastic anus. This is illustrated first with a large dildo that Seth lubricates with spit. Anal balls follow the dildo. Seths dick is next. After fucking for a while (Steve probably doesnt even feel this) Seth inserts a dildo along with his prick.
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Boxcover for Customer Service (Asian Guys)
Customer Service (Asian Guys) 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Lex Kyler, Sam Carson
Studio: Asian Guys

Release date: 4/2/2003
Customer Service (Asian Guys) reviews:
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If you are under the delusion that Orientals have small cocks, this DVD will change your mind once and for all. The setting is a Thai restaurant. I see a waiter bring a glass of water but nothing else, There is, however, plenty of meat consumed here. We see a handsome youth enter the restaurant. He is taken to a table. When the waiter returns with a glass of water he is wearing only an apron and white semi-transparent bikini briefs. The waiter is small and skinny but what we see in outline in those briefs is enormous. The youthful customer is quite taken with it and soon has it out of its confinement. My, God but thats a big dick! The waiter probably only weighs 115 tops, 25 pounds of which is that dick. The cute young customer can only take part of it in his mouth. It is at this point that another customer enters. The newcomer is in his teens. Very young and baby-faced. He watches from the next table.
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Boxcover for Equestrian Club, The
Equestrian Club, The 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Eric Evans, Steve Cannon, Kody Fields, Eric York, Seth Black, Scott Davis, Carlos, Dino Dimarco, Lex Kyler, Trent Andrews, Hagen Stone, Rick Valenz
Studio: Oh Man

Directed by: Bruno Riccelli
Release date: 5/18/2000
Equestrian Club, The reviews:
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 THE EQUESTRIAN CLUB Directed by Bruno Riccelli Would you like to go for a ride? Laissez les bon temps rouler! Lex Kyler, Carlos, Kody Fields, Seth Black, Scott Davis, Hagen Stone, Steve Cannon, Dino DiMarco, Eric York and Eric Evans Get out the Blue Ribbons! OH MAN! Studios The Equestrian Club invites you to go for a ride with eleven thoroughbred studs going through their paces under the reins of director Bruno Riccelli, so, saddle up and enjoy the ride! The Equestrian Club takes the viewer behind the scenes, into the tack rooms and stables at an over-sexed horse show, where the guys ride each other as well as they ride their faithful steeds. While watching a horse show, insert hung joke of your choice here, Carlos and Lex Kyler cant contain their lust, so they trot off to the empty stable. Keen horse sense tells Kody Fields, Seth Black and Scott Davis that somethings up, and they go off to investigate. Well, something is up indeed, as Carlos and Kyler are horsing around in the stall.
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Boxcover for Glory Holes of San Francisco
Glory Holes of San Francisco 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Vince Bandero, Malleek, Sky Thompson, Blake Harper, Lex Kyler, Jason Branch, Marcus Iron, Nichols, Mike, Ace Dickson
Studio: Oh Man

Release date: 4/24/2000
Glory Holes of San Francisco reviews:
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Don't let the title fool you. While there is plenty of glory hole action here, there is also a lot of very hot ass packin. Each scene is introduced by a god-awful drag queen, Ms. Gloria Hole. Apparently, Ms. Hole is writing a book about glory holes and is running around San Fran doing "research". The first scene finds Marcus Iron and Vince Bandero meeting up for some glory hole action. After some nice cock sucking, Marcus proceeds to slide his tongue, as well as a couple of fingers up Vince's ass. Just as we think Vince is going to ride Marcus's balony pony, the tables are turned and Vince rims Marcus's lucious ass. It's finally time for the fuckin, and Vince fucks Marcus nice and hard. Marcus looks so cute with a big dick up his ass. All in all, a great scene. Scene 2 is another gem. Blake Harper starts the scene kneeling before a glory hole sucking a nice long one. There is some great camera work here, and it is obvious that Blake enjoys slurpin on this rod.
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