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Wet Load 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Leo Masters, Bo Summers, B.J. Slater, Michael Brawn, Phil Bradley, Erik Houston, Danny Bliss, Glenn McAllister, Alec Campbell
Studio: Jocks

Release date: 2/9/2008
Wet Load reviews:
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The film might more appropriately be titled THE HUNG AND THE HANDSOME. There are five scorching scenes featuring gorgeous man and beautiful boys. It is a rimming lovers dream film. The act of analingus is presented as an end in itself (no pun intended) and is not simply a lubricating prelude to the further action. The scenes with McAllister and Bliss and with McAllister and Summers are outstanding. The scene between Bradley and Brawn is breathtaking. And the other two scenes aint bad either.
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Boxcover for Score
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Scott Davis, Dave Nelson, Leo Masters, Blake Harper, Tuck Johnson, Jason Branch, Paul Dawson, Dave Casino, Jack Stuart, Ethan Wright, Jacob Scott, Andrew Lennox, Mike Radcliffe, Mondo, Steve Rambo, Ray Harley, Carson Cole, Tony Cruz, Erik Holtz, Steve Masters
Studio: Catalina

Release date: 11/12/2001
Score reviews:
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This Catalina story-driven DVD is far from a great sex romp. The story is a Strangers on a Train kind of a deal, and sort of movie about making movies. Nasty movie director Steve Rambo and his financial angel and lover Blake Harper have a relationship that is on the rocks, mainly because film star Jason Branch, who is film score composer Ray Harleys lover, is actually doodling director Steve on the side. Anyway, Ray finds out by looking at the daily rushes (seeing some extra footage of Steve and Jason doing dirt), so Ray arranges for Blake to strangle Jason and Blake has Ray shoot Steve. Confused? Never mind. Weve seen this plot before and of course much better done by Hitchcock, and the same can be said about the man-to-man sex (except for the Hitchcock part. I dont think he ever filmed man-to-man sex. Although, if Psycho had taken a different turn, I really wouldnt have ruled it out for Anthony Perkins.) Sorry if I confuse the issue further. Anyway, a major fault of this DVD for me is that the suck-to-fuck ratio is WAY too high.
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Boxcover for Penetration On Pennsylvania Avenue
Penetration On Pennsylvania Avenue 
(0.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dino Phillips, Seth Black, Patrick Ives, Leo Masters, Dan Dixon, Jeff Mitchell, Sweet William
Studio: XTC Studios

Release date: 10/3/2001
Penetration On Pennsylvania Avenue reviews:
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Someone came up with a clever idea: to parody the white house intern scandal with a gay version of same. Having done that they obviously didn't think they had to do more. What a brilliant opportunity thrown away! Dino Phillips is the President and Seth Black is the new intern. Now I like both of these perfomers, but they just go through the motions here. They don't even attempt to feign interest in one another. It's just let's do it, get the check, and go home. So Dino screws Seth with a huge picture of George Washington on the desk watching it all. There are two additional scenes with white house staff members, but they aren't any better. And there's a final scene with the President's favorite intern, Leo Masters. But once again, the Prez seems indifferent. Maybe, he's worried about the state of the economy. As I said, this could have been a fun film with Seth turning into a Monica Lewinski, attempts to dissuade him...the possibilites are endless! Why didn't anyone pursue them? Because they knew the concept alone would sell this film.
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Boxcover for Stiff Company
Stiff Company 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Emilio Sands, Kody Fields, Danny, Paul Morgan, Rickee, Frankie V., Leo Masters
Studio: Metro

Release date: 4/24/2000
Stiff Company reviews:
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This DVD isn't completely awful. Its biggest flaw is that three of the four scenes couple one guy I really find attractive with one guy I find utterly repulsive, to varying degrees, while the fourth features two handsome-deficient performers. Here's a breakdown: The package: Pretty standard stuff. At least the cast pictured in the artwork actually appears in this title! Stars: Paul Morgan, Emilio Sands, Kody Fields, Frankie V., Leo Masters, Rickee, Danny, and someone who apparently wishes to remain anonymous. To be honest, I don't know who any of these guys are except Paul Morgan and Emilio Sands, and the credits don't match actor to name, so I won't be addressing anyone by their stage name except them. The Menu: Actually kind of nice. It's animated, which is sort of unusual for something done on the cheap. Paul and Emilio appear in the background while a not-bad jazz theme plays, and then the two ugliest cast members rise up in the middle, which totally ruins it. Oh, well.
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