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Boxcover for Ring Of Desire (Gourmet)
Ring Of Desire (Gourmet) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy, Georgina Spelvin, William Margold, Jennifer West, Hillary Summers, Drea, Chris Parker, Hillary Scott, Gena Lee, Diane Martin, Ken Starbuck, John Hollyfield, Carla McKizzick, Billy Joe Brown, Tokyo, Jim Swain, Dusty Reeves, Bill Buck, Wayne Reynolds, Monique Faberge
Studio: Gourmet Video

Directed by: Peter Balakoff
Release date: 1/18/2008
Ring Of Desire (Gourmet) reviews:
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When a desperate girl on the street sells Kevin James a ring that she stole from her father, his (...sexual...) luck changes...and so does everyone else's who comes into possession of the bejeweled band. Such is the case in "Ring of Desire", a good, 1981 release from Peter Balakoff and Gourmet Video. Indeed, the ring finds itself passed around the various corners--and between the assorted characters--of Hollywood, from lawyers to actresses to writers to prostitutes and so on, and whoever owns it at the time finds him- or herself quite lucky ( in "getting lucky"...). With a clever, though simple plot, good acting, a number of shorter sex scenes, and a strong cast, this little fuck-flick from yesteryear is actually a lot of fun and worthy of a watch...particularly for fans of the classics.
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Boxcover for Delicious & All American Girls 2 (Double Feature)
Delicious & All American Girls 2 (Double Feature) 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tom Byron, Paul Thomas, Debi Diamond, Ron Jeremy, Marc Wallice, Blake Palmer, Misty Regan, Desiree Cousteau, Veronica Hart, Shauna Grant, Jerry Butler, Paul Barresi, Karen Summer, R. Bolla, Laurie Smith, Rosa Lee Kimball, Aaron Stuart, George Payne, Gina Martell, Jane Kelton, Michael Gaunt, Nicole Scent, Candida Royalle, Ken Starbuck, Jody Swafford
Studio: Adam & Eve

Directed by: Bill Eagle
Release date: 8/5/2002
Delicious & All American Girls 2 (Double Feature) reviews:
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Casts: DeliciousVeronica Hart, Candida Royalle, Nicole Scent, Desiree Cousteau, Jane Kelton, R. Bolla, Aaron Stuart, Arthur West, Michael Gaunt, Ron Jeremy, George Payne; All American Girls 2Shauna Grant, Shelli Rey, Laurie Smith, Michelle Lee, Gina Martell, Rose Brandon, Jodie Preston, Ron Jeremy, Blake Palmer, Ken Starbuck, Tom Byron. Directors: Philip Drexler Jr. (Delicious); Bill Eagle (All American Girls 2) Production dates: ©1981 (Delicious); ©1983 (All American Girls 2) Lengths: 81 min. (Delicious); 84 min. (All American Girls 2) Extras: A photo gallery for each movie (18 images for Delicious and 30 images for All American Girls 2) and 15 trailers. Audio/visual quality: Overall, the audiovisual quality of the movies is acceptable given their age. Both are shot on film, with minimal scratches and other blemishes in the prints. The colors in Delicious appear somewhat faded with time, and the original editing feels choppy, with too many quick cuts between genital and facial close-ups. The focus and lighting are pretty good, however.
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Boxcover for Cafe Flesh
Cafe Flesh 
(3.5 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Pia Snow, Andrew Nichols, Becky Savage, Kevin James, Tantala Ray, Marie Sharp, Ken Starbuck, Pez D. Spencer, Paul McGibboney, Joey Lennon, Neil Podorecki, Dennis Edwards, Dondi Bastone, Hilly Waters, Autumn True, Elizabeth Anastasia, Polly Ester, Michael Cola, Erica Nile, Angel Selby, D'Elliot Marcussi, Kim Collier, Jeff Conner, Sue Ravan, Terri Copeland, Richard Belzer
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Rinse Dream
Release date: 4/24/2000
Cafe Flesh reviews:
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In a post-nuclear fallout world, what's left of humanity finds itself segregated into two camps--the rare "positives", who are still able to perform sexually, and the "negatives", who fall physically ill if they attempt to partake in even the slightest intimacy. Of course, life isn't roses for either group, as the "positives" are impressed into performing in shady dive bars filled with leering, creepy "negatives", and the "negatives" find themselves desperately yearning for that which they can't attain. Such is the case in "Cafe Flesh", a classic, early-80's, punk-fueled flick from Rinse Dream and VCA.
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Café Flesh A disc review by Flash Movie Specs: Distributor: VCA Run Time: One hour and 13 minutes Rated: X Year of Release: 1982 Director: Rinse Dream Written by: Jerry Stahl (as Herbert W. Day), Rinse Dream Cast: Andrew Nichols, Pia Snow, Herschel Savage (as Paul McGibboney), Marie Sharp, Tantala Ray (as Darcy Nychols), Joey Lennon, Neil Podorecki, Robert Dennis, Kevin James (as Kevin Jay), Ken Starbuck (as Starbuck), Becky Savage Cameo: Richard Belzer (as Richard Bulzer) Disc Specs: Audio: 2.0 English Mono Subtitles: none Video: Pan & Scan, 1.33:1 Video Format: NTSC Regional Code: 0 (All) Disc: Single Sided, Single Layered Special Features: Cast, Photo Gallery, Other Titles, Credits, Internet Synopsis: Five years after the nuclear war of WWIII, 99 of the survivors have become worse than sexually impotent, they get violently ill from sensual touch.
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Café Flesh (1982) Studio VCA Director Rinse Dream Starring Pia Snow, Terri Copeland, Becky Savage, Marie Sharp, Darcy Nichols, Erica Nile, Angel Selby, Kim Collier, Sue Ravan, Andrew Nichols, Paul McGibboney, Joe Lennon, Neil Podorecki, Kevin Jay, Dondi Bastone, and Richard Bulzer Running Time 1:13 DVD Format Single Sided, Single Layer Special Features FMV chapter selection menu, 13-picture photo gallery Themes Porn with a plot, bizarre sex, oral sex, rimming (m -> f), lesbian, hairy bushes If You Liked This DVD, You Should Enjoy Café Flesh 2, DMJ II, New Wave Hookers Video Captures Click for larger size [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> The First Word:  Considered one of the classic adult films, this strange, experimental movie pushed the boundaries of porn at the time.  Men dressed as babies, a rat milkman, a pencil-headed executive, and a nuclear undead await at Café Flesh! What's It About?: A short narrative at the beginning of the movie establishes the story:   In a post-apocalyptic world,
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