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keeani lei
i just saw that today is her b-day. she doesnt seem to be active anymore (boo-hoo) but damn, she was definitely one of my favorites, so smooches and have a great birthday...
Searching for movie titles (Keeani Lei and French)
Hello, could anyone of you tell me to which movies this following scenes belongs? Up to now I've been desperately trying to find out - without success. I'm grateful for every advice.Scene 1She has a role in Oriental Orgy World. Is this helpful?Scene 2Edited by - moensch on Feb 1 2010
Keeani Lei = retired?
I haven't seen any new movies in months, and none so far this year. Is she retired from porn?
Keeani Lei appreciation thread
Hey All,It's been a while since I saw a movie with Keeani Lei. I've seen her doing a couple of girl/girl movies, but have not seen her in her former glory.I miss her very much and thought if there is anyone else out there who shares my enthusiasm and wishes she still did as many movies like the ones she used to a couple of years ago, please share y ...
Keeani Lei
I just wanted to say that I've been a fan of Keeani's since I saw her in Up Your Ass #24, which was a good couple of years ago now. Since then, she has gone from strength to strength doing spectacular scenes with a spectacular attitude for such a little cutie. I'm just curious why she wasn't at this year's AVN and more so not nominated.Also, if any ...
Welcome Keeani Lei To ADT
WE have a new star with us here on ADT the sexxxy Keeani Lei if you have not seen her work your missing out on some great sex she is a one of a kind beauty ..... so please welcome her to ADT dan
Keeani Lei vs. Kat
I've noticed they look quite similar. Both have a tiny body and a cute face.Both take it up the ass, swallow and are quite open for everything.Keeani Lei is cute and sexy, but Kat is just awesome.So: Kat!
Keeani Lei
Man this lil asian whore sure rocks my world!Would love to see her in a GangBang from RLD or Anabolic...A man can dream right???
Happy Birthday Keeani Lei
Keeani Lei's Birthday is Today so take the time to wish her a happy one she deserves to be spoiled and Spanked on her special day Happy Happy Birthday Keeani Lei Dan
IWAdult interviews Keeani Lei in March 1 issue
The March 1 issue of IWAdult has been posted. In this issue we have an interview with Asian super star Keeani Lei and 20 DVD reviews including our Pick of the Week – Tristan Taormino’s CHEMISTRY 2. Keeani Lei & Reviews Thanks for reading. PICK OF THE WEEK - Chemistry 2 (Vivid) Title: 1 Dick 2 Chicks 6 (Red Light District ...