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Katsuni Official Thread
While browsing through the Twitterverse I came across a post form Nica Noelle saying she just booked Katsuni for a scene for Sweeheart Video."I'm excited! Just booked Katsuni! She's been unattainable for soooo long."Then a few posts later."Yep! She's a free agent!"She's no longer listed as a contract gril on the Spiegler Girls' ...
Manuel Ferrara and Kastuni DP
These two are great together, but I've yet to see them do DP. Are there any movies featuring Manuel and some other dude making Katsuni airtight? I've love to see that.
Katsumi Must Be In The Next Big Wet Asses Film!!!
Her & Mark Ashley should do a BWA scene soon.Mark's touch was missing from BWA #11.Topic Moved by - hardware on Jun 30 2007
Katsumi changing her name
I just read that Katsumi is going to change her performer name to Katsuni I think it's because her company (Digital playground) wants to copywright her name, and there is some stupid vietnamese nail salon chain called Katsumi. I don't think that Katsuni doesn't sound as good as Katsumi. I wish that that fucking nail salon chain could change ...
Katsumi is a Digital Playground Girl!!
Congrats to a beautiful woman
Katsumi implants!
Oh I can't believe it! Check her myspace profile if you don't believe...
Katsumi Interview
Check this out, this is about as hott as it gets. FYI-- Katsumi is French and Vietnamese so her answers have a bit of that "Frenglish/vietnamese" flavor, which I personally find pretty fucking hott. "10 Questions with Da Burglar" -- Katsumi Edition 1a) Katsumi, Clearly you are one of the most beautiful women in porn...ha ...
Katsumi wants to get implants - Yes/No?
Katsumi has informed me that she's contemplating getting breast implants. I have told her what I thought this might do to her career here in the U.S. However, for the purposes of this forum, I will withhold MY opinion for now in order to allow you all to let her know what you think. So .... what do you think??? SHYLOCK "Pat ...
Katsumi Starring in Perfection "Erotique"
Black Magic Media Group ltd. is proud to presents the newest production and release from the “Perfection” serie : Erotique Two times AVN Winner and world star Katsumi, in a leading part in the ”Perfection” label from Black Magic Media Group Ltd. In a new hardcore scene, shot on a nice location, Katsumi will give herself ...
Katsumi in "Perfection, Erotique"
English Pressrelease : After the succesful release from “Perfection : Porn Angels” with Silvia Saint and Angel Dark, director Dennis Black Magic will shoot “Perfection : Erotique “ with 2 times AVN actress Winner Katsumi for the “Perfection” series part 2. To see more about "Perfection, Porn Angels&q ...
About Katsumi's boobs
Hi, Does anybody knows about Katsumi's breast surgery ? Has she already done it or not ?
Nacho and Katsumi on TV
Hey, Flipping channels last night, I almost spat out my cap'n crunch when who do I see on Mexican TV but Katsumi and madman Nacho sitting on a talkshow couch promoting an erotic film festival in Mexico City. Nacho's hair was different again, longer and blondish?, Katsumi was as beautiful as ever, she wore an earpiece for the translator and spok ...
Katsumi's Best American Movies?
I would like to add a few of her US movies to my collection and was surprised to find she had made so many. On Friday I missed one of her euro movies on 'Sexview' which was a shame (Sottopaf Et Saccapine). Some recommendations would be appreciated. As a guide, any scenes where she is wearing stockings count double Thanks in advance, ...
Katsumi - remember her?
I remember first seeing the petite and pretty Katsumi in Breakin 'Em In #5 by RLD. Since then I made a mental note to keep an eye out for here - especially if someone was smart enough to cast her in a BJ DVD. I recently watched her in 'BiggZ And The Beauties 3' and I have to admit, this girl is simply amazing. Katsumi completely, balls deep, deepth ...
"Katsumi" - erotic in the dark.
Dear Members, Have you seen the recent DVD release "L'Affaire Katsumi" (NTSC) on VMD directed by Alain Payet ? I note there is a mention of "Wicked Pictures" at the bottom of the back cover. Maybe this movie has been out for a while in the USA on another label ? The part of the film at about 1 hour - 11 mins is tr ...