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katie gold/shay weed- missed gonzo era
i always had a thing for katie gold and shay sweet. i liked them before they got implants (i HATE implants) i don't think ive ever seen a more cute blonde "team" than these two. im just kind of sad that katie and shay seemed to be in their porn prime just before the real "gonzo" type films got popular. i kno ...
Mystery Babe of the Week 145: Katie Gold
It's a special day today, so... Walter Burns' Mystery Babes Gallery – Look for mystery babe 145 Before you make your guess, take a moment to read the Mystery Babe Rules. You may also use the list of previous mystery babes to rule out certain guesses you might be tempted to make. Thanks for playing. dragonsbum said:  ...
Katie Gold Underrated?
Hi. I'm new to this great forum. I did a search for Katie and found absolutely nothing. I'm also a member of some other similar sites and Katie's name rarely comes up as a favorite. I just don't get it. This girl is super hot, she does very nasty stuff, and she has not slowed with age. As a matter of fact, I think her scenes are hotter now than ...
Katie Gold Interview posted!
Here's a blast from the past! Here's my Katie Gold interview at: enjoy! as always let me know what you think!
Katie Gold
I understand that Katie Gold has come back to porn. I saw her in Surfer Girls, and I think she is very hot . But when I ran her name through the search here, it listed SO MANY movies. I like high energy, nasty sex. Can anyone recommend one or two movies of her's I should start with? Thanks.
Yay! Katie Gold is Back!
I was so happy to see Katie has come back. I was wondering if anyone knows of any movies she'll be appearing in? She was one of my first porn star crushes. I loved the scene she did with Mark Davis in Booty Duty, it's one of my all-time favorites.
Katie Gold recommendations
With the news about Katie Gold making a comback, I thought it might be interesting to see something from her previous body of work. Anybody got any good scenes/videos they particularly enjoy?
Sweet!!Katie Gold Returns!!!!!
Sweet bit of news I read on lukeford,Katie Gold is apparently coming back.Although some may be distressed to know her first offerings will be for JM Productions.True Katie fans know she could handle the nasty stuff anyway.And FINALLY,she's supposed to do a DP!Although I don't care for the crappy camerawork and consistently lackluster DP's JM usuall ...
Katie Gold Comeback
According to Jeff Steward of JM Productions, Katie Gold is going to make a comeback: Jeff Steward (11/6/03): Do any of you perverts remember Katie Gold? She called me yesterday and is ready to make her come back to porn. HeHe,I cant wait to get this fine piece of ass out here to show her how we make porn now. Don't know if she will be up for ...
Katie Gold left the biz...
I saw her dance and she informed me that she has stopped doing adult videos. Apparently her and Shay Sweet has a falling out of some sort also.
Time flies - Katie Gold is now 25
Cor... Does she have any new titles floating about?
Whatever happened to Katie Gold?
I always loved her scenes and haven't seen her in a new XXX film in a long long time. Anyone know what happened to her? Thanks in advance, Boner Boy