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Boxcover for Private Xtreme: DP Factory
Private Xtreme: DP Factory 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Destiny, Scotti Andrews, Donna Marie, Karla Romano, Sabrina White, Misty Mild, Claire Brown, Eve Mendes, Helena Sweet, Chantelle Stevens
Studio: Private

Release date: 6/25/2007
Private Xtreme: DP Factory reviews:
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Private Xtreme DP Factory is mostly shot in a plain overlit room with a red mat. Add a woman and two guys, the same basic sex positions in each scene, and you have the rundown on this dvd. The first scene is actually the hottest and doesn't follow the pattern, but it also doesn't have the tauted DP either.
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Boxcover for Private Bukkake 5: Sperm Sessions
Private Bukkake 5: Sperm Sessions 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Karla Romano, Sabrina White, Chantelle Steves, Claire Brown
Studio: Private

Release date: 9/25/2005
Private Bukkake 5: Sperm Sessions reviews:
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More like an orchestrated orgy than a bukkake, this group grope features better than average looking talent -- on both sides of the gender spectrum -- and some interesting combinations of performers, but horrible and repetitive guy-yack, and a totally lackluster cum shot finish. Yawn.
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Boxcover for Pirate Fetish Machine 20: Masturbatrix
Pirate Fetish Machine 20: Masturbatrix 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Kathy Anderson, Lara Stevens, Ricardo Bell, Kitty Sixx, Vyona, Karla Romano, Honey Winter, James Bell, Kathy Blue, Leslie Brown, Leslie Mann
Studio: Private

Directed by: Frank Thring
Release date: 7/17/2005
Pirate Fetish Machine 20: Masturbatrix reviews:
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Pirate Fetish Machine: Masturbatrix Studio: Private Director: Frank Thring Category: Fetish Starring: Kathy Anderson, Lara Stevens, Ricardo Bell, Kitty Sixx, Vyona, Karla Romano, Honey Winter, James Bell, Kathy Blue, Leslie Brown, Leslie Mann Synopsis With the fetish machine title you can find a lot of fantasy and leather being the ones in the cover the coolest ones, (I miss the ones in the Fashionistas show in Vegas, specially the one of the white bride) the sex in this title is not the hardest or the most, impressive but is not bad and keep you awake at the very least..... Scene 1- Kathy Anderson, Kathy Blue, Vyona After a visit to the Psycologist, Silvia, (Kitty Sixx) is back to business, her business, her face resembles the one of a legaly blonde that I know, while she masturbates, she imagine this weird, but cool scenario with three girls and a guy as a patient, the nurses are the two Kathys, whose outfits, are the ones on the cover, a red leahter dress and a blue one, the third girl, Vyona, doesn't have one, not sure is another patient or what, but she can suck dic
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Boxcover for RSVP (DVSX)
(3.7 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Natalia, Red, James, Guy, Alicia Rhodes, Jazz Duro, Steve Hooper, Poppy Morgan, Summer Raine, Lolly Badcock, McKenzie Lee, Karla Romano, Mick Smith
Studio: DVSX

Directed by: Kat Slater
Release date: 12/24/2004
RSVP (DVSX) reviews:
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Prologue Kat Slater has made her way from Hustler to DVSX and back to Hustler again. During her pit stop at DVSX she produced this title, of which the only thing I know is that it has Alicia Rhodes and is presumably about a party or parties. That should translate into a sex party and could be interesting, especially with the way that Kat breaks down the fourth wall and gets involved with the shenanigans. Kat Slater is waiting for a ride to her friends' house in England. She's rubbing her pussy through her pants while pondering the action that she's going to be a part of. She walks in on the guys playing foosball and tells them she's got chicks coming for them. Poppy Morgan, Summer Raine and Lolly Badcock arrive and they're ready to rock. They meet the guys and there are hugs all around. Four guys and three women mean there's going to be some doubling up somewhere. Kat gets them to play strip foosball. It's fun and gets pretty rowdy as the participants lose their clothing.
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First thing I thought of when I saw the pink box cover with all the pretty girls is this is pretty girly even for Kris Slater. Then I looked closer and realised that it's Kat Slater's RSVP and I have no idea who she is. Must be a new director at DVSX. We open the movie with Kat rubbing her crotch through her jeans and then crashing a house with a bunch of boys playing a game of foosball. Guess we're in Europe, probably Britain judging from the shitty weather as Poppy Morgan and some other girls join the group. The foosball game becomes a game of strip foosball. Summer Raine: Uncircumcised schlongs a plenty. Summer separates from the group with two guys. She looks like a shorter younger version of Bridgitte Nielsen. Hell I probably think any blonde crewcut chick looks like Brigitte. Regular natural body like a pixie. Anyway Summer has a perky personality. Decent blowjob action. You get the requisite DP. Big loads dumped on her face and shoulder. I should mention that the video is different from most DVSX movies. Maybe it's a PAL conversion.It's a different look. Very good scene.
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Ok here we have the latest from Kat Slater and I'm always glad to put a DVSX release into the player, knowing the picture will look good and then it's up to the ladies, gents, and the director to hold up their end. We have some lovely girls in this one, Poppy Morgan and Alicia Rhodes are probably the most known but I also see a new girl I got to meet in Las Vegas, McKenzie Lee and she is really a stunner so look out for her in this one. Before we get to the first scene we watch Kat rubbing over her jeans in the area one would find the pussy! Kat has invited some friends over and there they are arriving. Inside the guys are playing some foosball and then with the news girls are also going to be on the menu the spirits raise along with a few other things. Well the girls start piling out of the minivan and their names are listed so be quick and these girls are English so the sexy accent accompanies them. We are in Yorkshire which isn't in the US for those geographically interested. The girls head inside and we get lots of hugging and conversation which isn't understandable,lol.
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