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Kaiya Lynn
I just watched this incredible girl get her ass REAMED out and I mean REAMED baby! So I went online to find some more titles with her and how long she's been in the business, the whole nine yards so to speak when you happen on a performer you start to like. The question is what would be considered her date of birth?IMDb has February 17 1980 while R ...
Scene ID with Kaiya Lynn
Can anyone please tell what movie this clip is fromKaiya Lynn clip
Kaiya Lynn
Hi All,I've just got into Kaiya Lynn in a big way after seeing her in No Swallowing Allowed #11. I can't believe I've slept on such a beauty (not literally!) for so long.She has a great body and such a beautiful face (I love her cute 'lil nose).I almost busted a nut the moment I saw her rimming!Can anyone recommend more movies of her doing DP and r ...
Kaiya Lynn PodCast
In case you missed it ... here it IS!. Fun stuff from a very cool girl.
Hook Me Up With Kaiya Lynn
I've seen Kaiya Lynn's name mentioned twice this week. Being the resident Asiaphile that I am (okay, maybe the second - after DAC !), I could not sleep on this one and found several mouth-watering galleries. Does anyone know if her scenes are any good? Can ya suggest a couple.? "The poor-woman's Mandingo "