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JUSTINE JOLI Reinvents Food Pyramid for Clips4Sale
Monday, May 12th, 2014Justine JoliFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEJustine Joli Reinvents the Food Pyramid for Clips4Sale Store (Hollywood, CA) Justine Joli has always had a love of food from spending her summers on farms in Missouri and Colorado to her days of working in fast food management, before she entered adult. Now, she’s bringing her love of foo ...
Justine Joli just gets hotter as the years pass
I must admit I wasn't really a big Justine Joli fan when she was younger. But I watched a few of her recent movies over the weekend, and it's a wonder I can walk this morning!Justine just gets hotter as the years pass. She's now maturing into a very curvy hottie, with the pinkest pussy I have ever seen.LONG MAY SHE REIGN!
Swan=Justine Joli
I noticed that today on iafd. I have some Swan old videos to watch to get my jolis.
I'm disappointed with 'Justine Joli: Lost'
I'm a big fan of Justine Joli, and was very much looking forward to her new, all-girl release from Triangle Films, ''Justine Joli: Lost'.However, I am very disappointed. Justine looks hot, and the other girls look hot too. It's just there is very little visible oral on screen. We see the girls munching at a distance, and from side angles. But we ve ...
Justine Joli Take Her For A Ride
Hey Friends, Fans and everyone in between- Tomorrow, Saturday June 19th is the closing of my solo show "Melting Flesh". If you have missed in the past 4 weeks, this will be your last time to see it. Fuse Gallery is open from 3-8pm, so go check it out. 93 Second ave, btwn 5-6 street, in the back of Lit. And I will be there with Justine ...
Satine Poenix,Sash Grey and Justine Joli at play
12 Which characters have the girls chosen and why? Sasha’s part-demon, in her own words, "”Cause that’s cool–duh!" and a wizard for reasons unclear to me because what she really seems to enjoy is hitting things with a crowbar.Kimberly Kane is a barbarian because then that means she gets to rage once a day and there ...
Is Justine Joli a real lesbian?
Or is she bisexual? I've not found one movie in which she has sex with a guy.Thanks.
Justine Joli B/G scenes?
I only know of one and its in either Tristan Taormino's House of Ass or Chemistry vol. 1. Any sugestions for where to find DVD's with her in B/G scenes in them? She is a beautiful red head. I've seen her in Tristan Taormino Vivid Ed titles but only with girls.Topic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Oct 13 2009
Justine Joli (Swan) DVDs titles recommendation ?
Hi there,is there anyone amongst who is a fan of Justine Joli (Swan) and could me help in choosing some DVDs/titles with this lady. ? :I bought several years ago the 2 first Justine titles by Andrew Blake (one of the two is titled "Justine").and another great one (IMHO) which also features one of my fav', the cute Ander Page :Dark Side [S ...
Justine Joli just became a Penthouse Pet.
Congratulations Justine!!!Now all you need to do, is some Hardcore Gonzo porn. Something along the lines of Jules Jordans Flesh Hunter series. And your porn star status should be cemented in for good.Congrats!Oh, and I love the Redhair by the way.
Justine Joli podcast
swan swan hummingbird ...I was really surprised by Miss Joli's wacky exuberance. This is one of the most fun podcasts. Check it out.And don't sleep on Tommy Pistol, either ...Edited by - skronker on Sep 5 2007
Justine Joli Entry in Wikipedia
I somehow wound up surfing through Wikipedia and came across Justine Joli's page - - What caught my eye was the following sentences: "Her material as of 2005 has always been solo or girl-girl in content. To date she has done only one boy-girl scene." Does anybody know where I might find this sc ...
Happy Birthday Justine Joli
Hottie Justine Joli is 26 today.
Justine Joli ass play?
Does it exist? has she ever taken something in that nice rear of hears on film? finger, plug, baseball bat ;) ? Also looking for (preferably websites with...) nice dildoing movies with her.
Ron Jeremy & Justine Joli in Albuquerque, NM
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday September 26, 2005 Ron Jeremy & Justine Joli Meet & Greet Set for Oct. 7th in Albuquerque, NM. (Valencia, CA) Pipedream & Metro contract star Ron Jeremy and Ninn Worx Spokes model Justine Joli head to Albuquerque NM Friday October 7th for a day of live radio interviews, an in-store appearance at Cas ...
Justine Joli's (Swan's) asshole
I'd like to find some scenes that feature good close-up shots of [sadly lez-only] Justine's anus, preferably in an ass-up or "69-with-her-on-top" position. I imagine her Andrew Blake appearances might be the place to start my search, but, I thought I'd see if anyone here could point me to a particular film or two that showcase - with a z ...