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Boxcover for Best Of Suite 703 3
Best Of Suite 703 3 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Brad Benton, Justin Wells, Ken Mack, Lex Sabre, Tommy Blade, Logan Robbins, Jude Collin, Brodie Newport, Lucas Knowles, Jeremy Lange, Robby Ireland
Studio: Suite 703

Directed by: Jim Steel
Release date: 1/26/2009
Best Of Suite 703 3 reviews:
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Another volume in the hot fantasy series by Suite 703! There's no fooling around here, the stories are short and to the point and the main focus is on the hot guys and man on man action! From the office coworker to your jogging buddy, these guys will get you off!
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Boxcover for Any Man Can Be...Hard Up
Any Man Can Be...Hard Up 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: John Marcus, Jean Val Jean, Justin Wells, Park Wiley, Josh Carter, Jason Crew, Mark Hansford
Studio: HIS & HIS Gold

Directed by: Jim Steel
Release date: 12/5/2006
Any Man Can Be...Hard Up reviews:
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After producing their first production in over ten years with Devil Inside, HIS video returns for another film with Hard Up. If the improvement seen in this video over the previous one is any indication of what is in store for the future, things could be looking up for the studio. There are five scenes in this 75 minute film and while that does seem short compared to other studios, truth be told, you dont need a 2 hour film to put out a hot video. Each scene has its own story and no one scene ties into another one. In the first scene, Jason Crew, wearing only a jock strap, is being sucked off by Mark Hansford who is wearing a matching yellow jock strap. Jason is pretty aggressive here as he grabs Mark by the back of the head forcing his mouth down harder on his dick. The guys lose the jocks and Mark is laying back while Jason sucks on his dick. This blowjob is pretty short as after a minute or two of sucking, Mark blows his load. They move to fucking as Jason is drilling his salt and peppered haired bottom missionary style on the couch.
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Boxcover for Booty Thief
Booty Thief 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Justin Wells, Nick Capra, Brett Matthews, Marcos Pirelli, Kris Anthony, Scott Wilder, Adrian Troy, Mark Galfione
Studio: Arena

Directed by: Michael Zen
Release date: 10/4/2006
Booty Thief reviews:
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Michael Zens Booty Thief from Arena features four scenes during the ninety-minute film Taking place in Palm Springs, it opens with five minutes of footage that appears to be their photo shoots with captions giving information about the models. This would seem to be more appropriate for the extras section instead of the preliminary portion of the film. After the photo shoot and accompanying captions, the credit start rolling and we see Nick Capra as a burglar entering a dark room to work a little bit of his trade. He stumbles upon a sleeping Justin Wells. Nick allows Justin to turn on the light and Justin recognizes him as the West Hollywood burglar. Nick tells him he ventured over to Palm Springs for a party to hit. Justin offers to pay him for sex, but Nick lets him know that he is straight with a girlfriend and he is interested in booty as in loot/cash/goods. Justin proceeds to share stories with Nick of Palm Springs parties and events. In the first story, Justin tells him about some producers having a bet as to who could seduce the gardener.
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Boxcover for Holier Than Thou
Holier Than Thou 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Justin Wells, Eddie Stone, Josh Carter, Jason Crew, Zackary Pierce, Kyle Aames, Brant Moore, Damon Phoenix, Clay Anderson
Studio: Adonis Pictures

Directed by: Mike Donner
Release date: 9/1/2006
Holier Than Thou reviews:
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Priests picking up young street hustlers! Priests getting it on with fellow seminarians! These things dont happen in real life, do they? Well for all of you who missed the amorous groping of your local clergyman or for those of you who wish to relive the experience, HOLIER THAN THOU is just for you. The film opens with Justin Wells giving us a delightful view of his naked ass as he approaches a private altar, bends over to kiss a crucifix, and then puts on his clerical black and priestly collar. Thus attired, good priest Justin is off on his midnight crusade to save a soul. As he drives along he spies young hustler (Jason Crew) waiting for a john. Quickly removing his clerical collar, Justin picks him up and asks if he knows of any place they can go. Jason does. It appears to be a deserted warehouse. Arriving there, Justin plants some passionate kisses on the pretty young hustler and is soon feeding the slender young beauty a long knobby cock. Justins cock responds to Jasons pierced tongue.
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Boxcover for Running Wild (Adonis Pictures)
Running Wild (Adonis Pictures) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Anthony Shaw, Justin Wells, Nick Capra, Bobby Williams, Corbin Michaels
Studio: Adonis Pictures

Directed by: Michael Zen
Release date: 8/12/2005
Running Wild (Adonis Pictures) reviews:
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Hunky Justin Wells is having a series of dreams. (If I had them they would be wet dreams.) He is jogging and passes several hot guys who then go on to have sex with others. Luckily their sex is included in the dream. The first guy Justin jogs by is young Bobby Williams. His pairing is with the delightful Brad Benton. From adorable twink with a voracious sexual appetite, Brad has become a young stud with a voracious sexual appetite. (Could anything be more fun than having sex with Brad Benton? Well, having sex with Brad Benton and all the other guys in this film would qualify.) Brad is soaking in a hot tub when we first see him. He motions for Bobby to join him. As Brad rises up from the water to pull off Bobbys briefs we see that Brad has already sprung a boner. These two dream boys suck and rim until Bobby says hes cold and wants to go indoors. (How could anyone get cold with Brad Benton even in Antarctica?) Lying on plush pillows on the floor, their lovemaking continues with each fucking the other. Justin next passes Corbin Michaels as an UPS deliveryman.
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Boxcover for Carnal Haze
Carnal Haze 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Johnny Cage, Anthony Shaw, Jason Ridge, Justin Wells, Buck McCall
Studio: Jet Set

Release date: 4/2/2004
Carnal Haze reviews:
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Behind a pair of automatic gates stands the frat house and grounds. The incredible Eric Rio emerges shirtless from the house and goes to open the gates. This guy is built like the proverbial brick shithouse, gorgeously muscled, handsome as a matinee idol. He opens the gates to admit frat bro Anthony Shaw. I almost didnt recognize Anthony as he has cut his flowing locks to opt for a college-cut in this one. To pay for his oversightand before they even get to the houseAnthony must open his mouth and his ass for the incomparable Eric. They strip completely naked by a splashing fountain and Anthony falls to his knees in worship. You have a beautiful cock, he declares admiringly before swallowing that thick uncut throbber. As always, Anthony proves himself to be one of the hottest bottoms in the business. When they cum Anthony shoots not one but perhaps three loads. Its difficult to be certain, as the cum shots are looped. Im not certain that some of the action wasnt looped also as I kept getting a feeling of déjà vu.
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Boxcover for Sexual Urban Legends
Sexual Urban Legends 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Chad Hunt, Brad Benton, Andy Hunter, Alan Gregory, Jason Ridge, Justin Wells, Nick Capra, Cade Devlin
Studio: All Worlds Video

Release date: 3/5/2004
Sexual Urban Legends reviews:
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Jett Blakk, the founder and director of Red Devil Entertainment, has taken his writing, directing, and videography talents over to All Worlds for a fun film called SEXUAL URBAN LEGENDS. He has also taken along Jason Ridgea Red Devil Exclusiveand Nick Capra, one of his favorite Red Devil performers. Those of us who know the film URBAN LEGENDS know that we can expect stories ending in a way the characters little suspect, but the audience anticipates. The difference, of course, is that the tales in URBAN LEGENDS end in a grisly manner. Here the endings are often hilarious. The film is divided into four legends: Surprise Party, Australian Beer, Holiday Nightmare, and The Silver Spoon. Each are introduced by a different cute performer who doesn't (alas) take part in the action. In Surprise Party, the first of our legends, we find Brad Bentons father leaving on a business trip. He apologizes to his son for leaving him on his birthday and admonishes him not to have any GIRLS over. Something Brad has no intention of doing.
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