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does anyone have news from Julie Night?
I wanted to book her but havent seen/heard anything from her in a good year or 2...anyone knows if she s till around? thanks!
Best Julie Night Scenes?
I'm in love Julie Night. She's just so incredibly nasty, she's everything i could ever want in a woman. I was wondering if you guys could help me out with finding her best scenes, and by best scenes i mean her nastiest, most depraved, bizarre, extreme, wild, and hardcore scenes. I'm looking for all the 'circus act' stuff and whatnot. I want to see ...
Julie Night shooting again?
Is Julie Night shooting again?I thought she left about four years ago but she's appeared in Jay Sin videos so far this year, neither of which seem likely to be such old footage. Julie is also in the cast of Bobbi Starr's "One" which I assume is also original footage.Does anyone know what's up?
Julie Night @ Valley Babes XXX agency
Julie Night is at the Valley Babes XXX agency.
Bella + Julie Night
Quite possibly the first porn i've ever seen shot with a fisheye lens. Me likey.
Cursive meets Taryn, Inari Vachs and Julie Night!
(And NO, it was not the rock band Cursive that met these girls, just to clarify one thing. ) WHEW! Call it a triple threat for the month of May. Three big-name porn girls. One from the old school, two from the new. All three whose kick-ass dance performances I highly recommend checking out when they cum to a strip club near you! And I’ll s ...
Julie Night Now Dancing on Tour!
Julie Night doesn't have too many "firsts" left. She's delightfully dirty, and she's performed famous feats of debauchery in hundreds of adult films, but this week you can catch her in her FIRST EVER feature-dancing gig! This week, through January 17th, 2006, Julie Night is performing two shows nightly at the Market Street Cinema in San F ...
Julie Night?
What's she up to? I haven't seen nor heard anything for a while.
Julie Night = Quiet
Julie's one of my fav performers but there doesn't seem to have been much chat about her recently. Is she still active? Has she got any good titles coming out? Thanks
Happy Birthday Julie Night!
I think it was Friday, but better late than never. Somehow, I imagine all the candles on your birthday cake ended up dripping on your body -- but why would I think that? Hope you had a good one, baby! Edited by - skronker on Jul 5 2005
Julie Night is very cute.
She reminds me of the quirky, independent minded girls I fell in love with in high school. They'd carry their books with a hug and argue pleasantly with the P.O.D. teachers, until the teachers' blood was boiling. It hurts my heart to see Julie in some of the pornographic productions she's volunteered for, though. Stuff like 'Mouthmeat' and 'Slap ...
Julie Night has a new website!
A plug for my favorite porn star. I just stumbled across it today at Looks to be somewhat under construction. But the monthly hit is only $20.
Julie Night recommendations??
Hey Folks, I'm backtracking and filling in on a few starlets, and she is my latest project... I was wondering if you had any recommendations on her hottest scenes? Just the other day I saw her pulling out a fistful of her hair during a scene and I thought this girl is really hot and over the top! Besides getting smacked by paintballs, what el ...
Julie Night
I'm looking for information about Julie Night or how to get a hold of her via email or website. I've got a list of her movies, but would love any help anyone can give me. Thanks
julie night she reminds me of jewel denyle
like jewel,julie does some of the best rough sex scenes i have seen.she seems to love doing girls or guys and can be dominant or submissive.her scene with ashley blue in the movie girl crazy 1,and it was a really hot and nasty reminds me of jewel denyle"s seen with sydnee steel,in the movie dark angels.both were submissive in those sc ...
Julie Night interview
Was mailed this today from the Julie Night yahoo club. It's an interview she just did with Gene Ross. Looks as if julie may be toning it down just a little. Personally I'm not really a circus act fan so even though I love her nasty it would be great seeing Julie try other things such as comedy,which I think she would rock at, and features. She dese ...
Help Out Mason - Bid on a Date with Julie Night
Mason's dog Speck needs an emergency operation that she can't afford. If you want to help there are a few ways you can. Mason is offering a buy 2 get 1 free movie deal on her website. You can also donate thru paypal. Or bid on a date with Julie Night. details here
Mason & Julie Night
Just seen Mason's "Sexual Disorder". Loved seeing the extras especially the home movie & the interview. Is Mason & Julie an item? Do they live together? Lovers? It comes off to me Mason being totally obsessed with Julie Night. Still wondering what Mason looks like.
julie night swallow...
I have seen a trailer in which the pornostar julie night swallow cum by many black and white cocks. In the background there is a white sofa and the floor has the green moquette. can someone tell me the title of the film? I thank in advance all those wanted to help me. Topic Moved by - DenverDon on Aug 7 2003
Mason and Julie Night Chat Transcript
The chat night of February 19, 2003 will go down in porn history as Mason's last day with Elegant Angel (and Julie's first time in the Adult DVD Talk chat room :) Many interesting things were revealed that night - Mason wants to shoot a documentary on porn, Julie's fantasies aren't for US distribution, and Den of was the person who initial ...
Chat with Mason and Julie Night
Tonight, Feb. 19th, at 7pm PT Mason and Julie Night will be our chat room guests of honor. We'll be chatting about their latest Elegant Angel release, Mason's Dirty Trixxx 2. So do your "homework" and come to the chat room with your questions ready! For more on Dirty Trixxx 2 see this discussion, Den's review, Rog's review, and MLyo ...
Julie Night Pic via email
Anyone else get an email from: with a picture of Julie Night with another womans' fist in her ass?