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Judy Star
Does anyone know if Judy Star is still making movies?
Judy Star passed away?
I apologize if this is the wrong place to post speculation, rumour or otherwise, but amongst the adult community in Montreal they are saying that Judy Star has passed away. Anyone here know if there is truth to this news?Edited by - gerbera on Jul 8 2010Edited by - gerbera on Jul 8 2010
Judy star?
I am sorry if I upset anyone but I read a report that Judy Star died a year ago! However, having looked at, I note she hasn't died.Anyone know the facts? Thanks. :)
Judy Star question
I have heard many rumors and am curious as to what happened to Judy Star. Again, was a big fan.
Where is Judy Star and what happened
Second post- was a big fan a while back
A Cum Sucking Whore Named Judy Star
A lesbian who did b/g hardcore appealed to my perverted side, until I watched it. Boring genital closeups, reverse cowgirl, and Erik Everhard in every scene. After the crapfest of Anabolic's Girlgasmic, I am surprised to find a lesbian scene (with Kaylynn ) to be the best on the disc. That's from Nasty Girls 26.
Judy Star is a lesbian.
I saw her doin' with Peter North.As far as I know she fucked Peter three times.At a barn,On a boat with another girl,And on a couch with another man.Her performance was good.Kissing, sucking big cock.She ain't that busty, but she got a beautiful skin and good looking vagina.When the big cock of Peter's is inside of her, It looks good.But I recently ...
movies that have judy star with pink hair
hi i went to a site that has 2 downloadable clips of judy star with pink hair getting it on! is where i found the 2 clips of her. I've never seen a judy starr scene before in my life, but dam.. this women is hot!!!! hey, can any1 id the name of this movie? any1 know what other flicks are around with her in the pin ...
Whats happend to Judy Star???
have not heard or seen any news on Judy in over a year anyone know what she is up to is she still active?
Judy Star Info
Can anyone tell me where i can get as many pics and vids as possible of this little hottie - I love the black hair she is so beautiful
Judy Starr
I heard judy starr is in canada and cant do anymore movie in the US,, is this true?? I could easily see her as playmate of the year in playboy.. Would be sad since shes a perfect 10 Topic Moved by - MLyons on Dec 18 2004
Judy Starr Scene ID
Can anyone ID this Judy Starr scene or any of the other performers? Click here Thanks in advance tdp
I love Judy Starr
OMG, just fell in love with this cute French Canadian performer. Not only she's cute with her 100% natural body but she's also the nastiest with her angel face taking huge cocks in her poop chute. I was a but surprised to see her with dark hair but after a while, you get used to it. She truly deserves to get the pornstar attribute.
Share The Load: Judy Starr & Patrice Petite
AIM had Judy, Patrice and Mark DAVIS on the quarantine list following a scene they apparently were all in together. This movie has just been released and it is Mark ASHLEY in the scene, not DAVIS (bono-ONE has done a review). Is there another Judy/Patrice/Mark DAVIS awaiting issue, or was/is this an error by AIM?
Judy Star
do you guys prefere jusy star in blonde or with black hair ?
Venus, Judy Starr, Cameron James, etc. etc....
Hey Venus, I don't know if this has been discussed in the Forum already, but I'm very happy to see you were cleared from the HIV Quarantine list[It has Venus(white female) which I assume was you]. There was a small group of some of my favorites on the list and you happen to be 1 of them. Also a quick question. Where are you from? and/or W ...
Judy Star and Malezia
It looks like Judy Star and Malezia may be the new couple ! Here they are hanging out in Venice Beach on a sunny afternoon ! Malezia and Judy Star Pic Malezia is in LA to shoot her first two movies for Vivid and Judy came out to do a few more movies for RLD.
Judy Star help
does anyone know what movie these pictures are from? here's the link:
cum sucking whore named judy starr
hey. does any1 know which scenes will be on the new movie "cum sucking whore named judy starr" i seen her in gangbang auditions # 8 i think. and dam.. i like it!
Judy Star in my office tommorrow ( Questions )
Judy Star will be in my office tommorrow. She is scheduled to shoot with Malezia . If you guys have any questions to ask post them here. I can do a video interview with the questions if you want. From what I understand she is a brunette at the moment.
judy star in anabolic/diabolic movies
hey does anybody know if judy star licks ass or gets barfoot in the following anabolic movies gangbang girl 31 gangbang auditions 8 up your ass 19 initiations 9 balls deep 4 and what does she do in this movie thats not from anabolic/diabolic. i dont remember what comapny made this one. but its called gangland 31.
whats a good judy star movie
hi, i'm looking into gettng some judy star vhs's whats a good judy star flick that has her doing gonzo interracial, maybe with more than 1 or 2 men. also, whats a good gonzo movie with judy in general?
id this judy star clip its of judy star getting it on! Edited by - lkdg2832 on Apr 21 2003
judy starr - black hair
i have to agree, from the pics i have seen judy looks better with dark hair. are there any scenes of judy with dark hair??? is she planning to stay brunette>???
judy star
I first saw judy star in buttman and rocco go to montreal , and at christmas i was Reacquainted with her in feeding frenzy and space invaders , both excellent fims /img] -->
Best Judy Starr title
Just enquiring if anyone knows about this star. like how long has she been in porn? also what is her best title to date? looking for anal with fair amount of tease. she looks to have one hell of a butt!!
Judy Star
It's rare that I say I want to fuck a porn star. I love to watch them get fucked, but I rarely get a strong urge to want to do the deed personally. That is until I saw Judy Star. This is weird, because her thighs aren't that thick and her butt isn't that big (yes these are the standards). I've only said this about a few performers over the last ...
Judy Star is one to watch
I just finished watching her Gangbang Audition scene from #8 and I was much impressed with her performance. She is a great dirty talker plus her sexy French Canadian accent is a big turn on. She does it all in this scene--Anal,A2M, Double Anal, DP, and finally swallowing all the loads with a smile. This girls attitude in this scene plus the other t ...