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Boxcover for 100% Real Swingers: Kentucky Old Glory
100% Real Swingers: Kentucky Old Glory 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: John, Tyler, Jake, Nichole, Gianna, Kiska, Phil Varone
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: Phil Varone
Release date: 6/24/2014
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100% Real Swingers: Kentucky Old Glory reviews:
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This is a very fun installment for Phil Varone's amateur series. Phil's ego is reigned in pretty well in this one, and a nearly hour long orgy and some fun sex games makes the action a lot of fun. The technical aspects are pretty average for amateur porn, and as usual with this series there's no effort put into the extras. If you're an amateur porn fan, make sure you check this one out.
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Boxcover for Private Man 5: Gay Culture
Private Man 5: Gay Culture 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Leo, Steven, John, Dennis, Beni, Rossi, Creecry
Studio: Private Man

Directed by: Sebastiano Brogi
Release date: 7/18/2003
Private Man 5: Gay Culture reviews:
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I have been a devoted champion of Private Mans foray into gay porn, so I am greatly saddened to see that their fifth film in this line has deteriorated both in the production values and in the direction. Everything was here to make a fine film. But they screwed it up. The lighting is often garish, the camera often out of focus, and the director has employed a disastrous technique of switching in and out of to black & white during the sex scenes. Whether or not this is some perverse Brechtian nonsense of audience alienation or an attempt to cut costs by using up a stock of old black and white film, the result keeps us from getting involved in the action. As the film opens we see a young man seated behind a desk getting a blowjob from someone. All we see is long hair. Is this a female secretary taking dicktation? The buzzer rings and a female voice tells the blowjob-recipient that his grandson is outside. Grandson? This guy is barely twenty and he has a grandson? When the grandson enters we discover he is in the 18-23 year old range.
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Boxcover for Lost Footage 2
Lost Footage 2 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: John, Stephanie, Heather
Studio: Shot At Home

Release date: 5/27/2003
Lost Footage 2 reviews:
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Running Time: 59 min. Production Date: 2003 (although the disclaimer states the scenes were filmed pre - July 3, 1995) Director: None credited Cast: Stephanie, John, Heather, and John (with the guys names thanks to the Shot at Home website) Initial Expectations: Ive really liked what Ive seen from Shot at Home so far, so Im going in with high expectations once again. Initial Reaction: I love the voyeuristic aspect of this feature, but the camera work often felt amateurish even for amateur porn. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting to indulge their more voyeuristic side Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting high quality technical aspects, nasty sex, or to see the girl a lot Audio /Video Quality: Although this feature contains extra footage from two completely different productions, the technical aspects are very consistent. The audio is clear and pretty well balanced. Theres a little background noise in the form of a television, but it actually enhances the scene rather than drawing away from it. The video is extremely different.
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Boxcover for Between The Lines
Between The Lines 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jessica, Bob, Monika, Meridian, John, Julian St. Jox, Camilla, Robert Rosenberg, George, Nancy Lee, Freddy, Peter Rain, Rein Hard, Sandra Russo, Aneta, Nikol, Jan Jonas, Jakub, Jessica Dee
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Richard Mailer
Release date: 3/26/2003
Between The Lines reviews:
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Pass this one up. Thats all I can tell you. It may have been better being that its from overseas, but the editing is bad, the sex is luke-warm at best, and whatever story that is in this is not to be found. There are some beautiful women taking it anally and in many different positions, but this is about what you may find watching Skinamax late at night (just with the penetration shots added in). Skip it.
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Boxcover for Private Man 2: Gambler's Delight
Private Man 2: Gambler's Delight 
(4.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: John, Peter, Lulu, Sandor, Ferenc, Gabor, Adam, Antony
Studio: Private Man

Release date: 12/14/2002
Private Man 2: Gambler's Delight reviews:
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A big dick up to Private Man for releasing a great dvd with plenty of extras and plenty of hot Hungarian men! Not only are the production values high for the film itself I was even impressed with the credits and the supplemental trailers! Theyve really gone all out to make them theatrical in every way. My only slight problem with the film though is that the English dubbing just quite isnt right. And offering a multitude of languages to choose from, and subtitles, I found it odd that the selection for their native tongue wasnt an option. Id much preferred to have watched it in Hungarian with English subtitles. In any case though this was one hot fuck flick! Oh, and the guys featured on the cover are much younger appearing in the film, and that by no means is bad. Theyre all young, hung, and ready to play! It begins with Adam, a cute blonde and one of my favorites of the bunch, Norbert, a small, thin, dark haired boy, Sandor, a stocky, pudgey sort of fellow and Peter, another blondish cutey all playing a game of cards.
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After being given the option of choosing every language from Italian to Swedish in which to view this DVD, I perversely chose English. That done I was greeted with a montage of playing cards and the bouncy strains of Scott Joplins Maple Leaf Rag. Guess they still remember The Sting in Eastern Europe. The plot doesnt follow this other Redford-Newman buddy pic. (Butch and Sundance were pretty close, too. Hollywood producers are so clueless) in fact the plot here is nothing to worry your pretty little head about. The bodies, on the other hand, are certain to worry another part of your anatomy. It begins with four guys playing five-card draw. One of the guysa young one and my favoriteis winning big time. One of the guys is a big loser (for now at least). A fifth guy enters just as the game is breaking up. The big winnermy future boyfrienddoesnt want to play anymore. (Cards, that is.) He has another game in mind with the newcomer and the dark blond who was the dealer. This game begins with everyone sucking tongues.
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Boxcover for European Virgins
European Virgins 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: John, Alex, Mimi, Lucy, Mandy, Margo, Lydia, Jean, Santana
Studio: Metro

Release date: 10/9/2002
European Virgins reviews:
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CAPSULE'S REVIEW  European Virgins ( 86 min.) Featuring: Mandy, Mimi, Margo, Lydia, and Lucy Synopsis: It's gonzo European style! Overall: Playhouse continues to deliver average products. In "European Virgins," the scenes are tame compared to the European standards set by big names like Rocco and Christoph Clark. The settings and quality of women are similar to early Magma DVD productions.  DVD Quality: It's average with minor video breakup.  Extras: It includes a non-full sized photo gallery. Likes: Mandy and Lydia Dislikes: Mimi and Margo SEX HIGHLIGHTS:   Playhouse showcases unknown or new European talent.
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Boxcover for Screwed (Body Shoppe)
Screwed (Body Shoppe) 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Bobby, John, Jason, Shawn, Greg, Calvin, Remy, Pepper, Ken, Bryce, Neal
Studio: Body Shoppe

Release date: 8/12/2002
Screwed (Body Shoppe) reviews:
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There is one scene in this that is quite good, and one that had potential if they had properly exploited it, but the rest is pretty dull. The good scene is with Bryce London and a youngster known only as Neal. Now the whole concept of this film is straight guys giving up their virginity. Certainly if anyone could seduce a straight, it is Bryce. As Ive mention in other reviews he is handsome, built, and sucks a mean dick. He can also fuck. Neal is very cute. When Bryce first touches his leg he removes the hand. Next time, he doesnt. (Enough coyness.) Bryce leans over to suck the kids cock. In no time at all, Bryce maneuvers into a sixty-nine position and Neal starts sucking Bryce with no hesitation whatsoever. Either this kid has done this before, or its a remarkable natural talent. Nor does he hesitate to give Bryce a super rim job. Bryce sticks his tongue up Neals hole as well. Bruce then inserts his dick. Ive never done this before, Neal says with a slight smirk that would have done Clinton proud denying anything went on the oval office.
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Boxcover for ManPlay MP-001
ManPlay MP-001 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Joey, John, Michael, Johnny, Tony, Josh, Guy, Joeboy, Billy Wild
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 11/27/2001
ManPlay MP-001 reviews:
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Starring Michael Fallon, Joey Verro, Johhny Doom, Tony Greene, Joeboy, Josh, John Truitt, Billy Wild and Guy Director is uncredited I can barely contain my excitement over Titan Men's production of MANPLAY 1 (and its followups). If this is what the world of amateur video is coming to, then, I'll be there for the next thrilling installments. Titan Men's dvd boasts one of the best quality pictures it has been my self-pleasured priviledge to encounter. If the video harkens back to the world of Joe Gage classics, all the mroe power to the people behind and in front of the cameras. MANPLAY 1 bears a striking resemeblance to such underground classics as Gage's CLOSED SET and ORGY, minus the adult action stars (Richard Locke, i.e.) of its forebarers, er - forebearers. There of course is no plot, this is a gang-busting gang-banger of a video! Loads of men, loads of sex and loads of loads is what you get when you pop this baby into the player. Most of the pleasure comes from watching lithe John Truitt working his way through what seems to be every other man on the set.
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Boxcover for Euro Teens
Euro Teens 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Danny, John, Monique, Petra, Dana, Claire, Mary, Louis
Studio: Metro

Release date: 11/1/2001
Euro Teens reviews:
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Euro Teens Metro/Playhouse Produced 1/8/01 Released 8/28/01 Produced (directed?) by Paul Sky Cast : Dana, Monique, Petra, Clair, Mary (aka Alice), John, Louis, Danny This is labeled as the Hard Version. I dont know whether there is also a soft one. If you are accustomed to animated menus and similar niceties, just forget about it. This is a barebones DVD, and the cheapness extends to frequent excessive pixellation. We begin by seeing Dana (or is it Monique?) sitting on a couch, where an interesting, revealing leopard skin print outfit. Shes not a teen by any means, but is an average looking brunette. Shes quickly joined by Monique (or Dana), a cute n curvy blonde in a tiger skin bikini, and with a prominent tattoo on her upper right arm. I cant place the blonde exactly, but I think shes been in a Killer Pussy edition. Dana and Monique fool around with each other rather tamely, before the brunette leads the blonde into a bedroom. Here, the brunette lies on her back so the blonde can apply a vibrator to her naughty areas.
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Boxcover for Fresh Euro Flesh 3
Fresh Euro Flesh 3 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Nick, John, Isabelle, Frank, Monica, Julia, Brigette, Lex, Synthia
Studio: Odyssey

Release date: 5/22/2001
Fresh Euro Flesh 3 reviews:
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Starring: Isabel, Monica Rosi, Julia Red, Brigitte, Synthia, Frank, Nick, Karl, Lex, John Pros: nice bodies, nice locations, semi erotic feel, good chick ID Cons: not much personality, hard to watch in a single viewing, did that guy spill some paint on his penis? Overall: FEF3 is composed of 5 female/male sex scenes. Each scene is shot within a nice house and begins with the girls showing a teasing look at parts of their bodies. Isabel, Julia, and Synthia do anal. Each scene culminates in a facial. My overall feeling is that this DVD comes better in spurts (die I say spurts? must have been a Freudian slip). Each scene is a pleasure to watch, but it is difficult to sit throughout the entire DVD. The main reason behind this is that not much personality is reflected in the DVD. In fact, I am not sure if a single word was uttered other than "OH Yeah!". This doesn't always bother me, especially in a title that is trying to be somewhat erotic.
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