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Boxcover for American Bi 2
American Bi 2 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Frank Towers, John Marcus, Cindy Crawford, Jayna Oso, Jean Val Jean, Kelly Wells, Rebeca Linares, Lee Walters, John Wright, Jayden Holloway, Jaylynn, Tristan Mathews
Studio: Pulse Pictures

Directed by: Kevin Moore
Release date: 10/2/2007
American Bi 2 reviews:
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This is a nice twist on both the standard oral sex movie. The girls normally surprise their man somehow by having another guy join in on the cocksucking. Since most bisexual movies are just gay movies with a few chicks thrown in, this takes the chemistry problem largely out of the equation because one of the guys barely has to interact with the girl. The guys mostly have some nice interaction with the girls, and the girls really help it out by looking to really get into seeing one guy blowing another. The technical aspects are nicely done, but sadly there's no real effort put into the extras. There's also some problems with the cover, as Kevin Moore is not credited anywhere in the movie (Panama Jackson directed it, according to the closing credits), and Carlos is in the two scenes where Jean ValJean is listed on the cover. This is a good movie on a DVD that leaves a bit to be desired.
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Boxcover for Any Man Can Be...Hard Up
Any Man Can Be...Hard Up 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: John Marcus, Jean Val Jean, Justin Wells, Park Wiley, Josh Carter, Jason Crew, Mark Hansford
Studio: HIS & HIS Gold

Directed by: Jim Steel
Release date: 12/5/2006
Any Man Can Be...Hard Up reviews:
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After producing their first production in over ten years with Devil Inside, HIS video returns for another film with Hard Up. If the improvement seen in this video over the previous one is any indication of what is in store for the future, things could be looking up for the studio. There are five scenes in this 75 minute film and while that does seem short compared to other studios, truth be told, you dont need a 2 hour film to put out a hot video. Each scene has its own story and no one scene ties into another one. In the first scene, Jason Crew, wearing only a jock strap, is being sucked off by Mark Hansford who is wearing a matching yellow jock strap. Jason is pretty aggressive here as he grabs Mark by the back of the head forcing his mouth down harder on his dick. The guys lose the jocks and Mark is laying back while Jason sucks on his dick. This blowjob is pretty short as after a minute or two of sucking, Mark blows his load. They move to fucking as Jason is drilling his salt and peppered haired bottom missionary style on the couch.
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Boxcover for Behind the Secret Door
Behind the Secret Door 
(3.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Matthew, Danny Lopez, Brady Martin, John Marcus, Dillon Press, Ben Campezi, Nick Capra, Ty Hudson, Mark Galfione, Branden Star
Studio: Oh Man

Directed by: T.J. Paris
Release date: 3/11/2006
Behind the Secret Door reviews:
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BEHIND THE SECRET DOOR has two things going against it: weak direction and an unattractive cast. The star is Ty Hudson whom to call homely were to compliment. Neither the face nor the chunky hirsute body are appealing. Unfortunately hes in nearly every scene. We see him in front of his computer watching porn (what hes watching seems more enticing than what we are) or hes on the phone calling someone to come over, or hes opening his front door (the secret door). We begin with Ty at the computer and then we cut away to Brad Benton painting a canvas. (Is this what Tys watching or what?) Brad has a technique that would have made Jackson Pollock proud. Hes smearing the paint on with his fingers and then blowing bubbles onto it. John Marcus (old enough to be Brads daddy) comes a-knockin. Brad jumps off the table and they fly together as though driven by a power stronger than lovelust. Soon both are naked. BradIm sorry to sayis getting a bit plump. Too much pizza and beer I suspect. Gone is that slim youthful figure. This is not to say that brad is now unattractive.
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I was maybe halfway through the 105-minute Behind the Screen Door from Oh Man Studios before I realized where the title came from. Scenes did not flow with each other nor did any sort of script. People arriving at the house where the action takes place come thru the front door which happens to be red and is the secret door. Don't worry--the sex is better than the script writing. Despite all of that, there are several hot men offering up some hot activity. Ty Hudson, one of the hot hunky studs on the box cover is the featured star of this flick and appears in 4 of the 5 scenes. The film opens with Ty coming home and sitting down at his computer to watch some porn. We also see Brad Benton painting and blowing bubbles. Yes, it looks as silly as it sounds. John Marcus appears to be scouting the place as if he is ready to rob it. However, all he is doing is working his way around to the area Brad is in. He walks into the room, and within seconds he and Brad are all over each other kissing, groping, etc. Brads clothes come off first and thus John is down sucking his dick.
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Boxcover for Lust Counseling
Lust Counseling 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jason Branch, Jack Ryan, Dante Fox, Brad Benton, John Marcus, Park Wiley, Kent Larson, Josh Williams
Studio: Adonis Pictures

Directed by: Mike Donner
Release date: 6/9/2005
Lust Counseling reviews:
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What an erotic opening! A hand pinches the nipple on a hairy chest as the credits roll by. Two of my favorite performers, Brad Benton and Jack Ryan get out of their car quarreling. Brad is a cute sexy guy (who has a tendency to overact after winning an acting award. He overdoes it here.). Jack is very s-e-x-y. Obviously from their quarreling all is not right with this pair of lovers. Up on a porch, hunky Kent Larsen is getting a blowjob from equally hunky Jason Branch. Two other lovers arrive on the scene: Dante Foxx and John Marcus. Dante has never really rung my chimes, but he does even less here with that stupid tuft of bleached hair on his chin. Its no bigger than a thumbprint and looks as though hes cut himself shaving and stuck a wad of toilet paper on his chin. Older and balding, John does less for me. They call up to Kent and Jason (which doesnt interrupt Kents getting blown). Kent tells them where to find their tent and to go there and take off their clothes. Dante and John have a little spat.
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Boxcover for Tag You're It
Tag You're It 
(3.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Nick Young, John Marcus, Parker Williams, Steven Richards, Dillon Press, Andy Dill, Nick Capra, Tag Adams
Studio: Arena

Release date: 9/15/2004
Tag You're It reviews:
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In the second scene of this DVD, a director tells an actor that he doesnt make videos he makes films with sex scenes. As the leading light of Red Devil Entertainment, Jett Blakk makes films with sex scenes, but when he works for others he makes videos. This is not to say his videos are any less hot than his films. They are just done on a smaller budget and are not as ambitious. Put bluntly, films with sex scenes are art; videos are porn. The filmoops, videoopens with two men already naked on a sofa. They are Ulizes Carpelli and Antonio York. Ulizes is a chunky guy with a shaved head and goatee. Antonio is a slender hairy bear. Now bears with big bellies do nothing for me, but slender bears with an attractive fan-shaped hair pattern on their torsos get my blood pumping you-know-where. Antonio is such a bear. The facethough not unattractiveis craggy and pockmarked, but the body. Grrr! He and Ulizes suck dick until it's time to get anal.
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The Plot Poor Tag Adams cant get any respect. All he wants to do is be a big porn star, but nobody will listen to him. Instead, hes stuck being a gopher on a porn set, and watching the sex from a distance. This movie starts with 2 actors having sex while theyre being filmed for a porno. Neither of them is what I would call conventionally attractive. But I wouldnt kick them out of bed, either. One is bald, goateed, and has a lightly hairy chest. The other has nice furry pecs, and big round nipples. Were off to a decent start. In the next scene, one of the actors of the porno being filmed shows up and demands to be paid more than what he originally agreed to. The director is furious, but what can he do? Without the actor, there is no movie. The actor (who is a bitchy little twink) then demands a blowjob, and the director again has little choice but to agree. They end up fucking, but ultimately the pair generates very little heat. The bitchy twink does shoot a very nice load, however, and the age difference between the 2 men was somewhat of a turn on for me.
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