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Boxcover for Blowjob (Smash 4-Pack)
Blowjob (Smash 4-Pack) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Anita, Melanie, Jacqueline, Reka, Kathy, Victoria, Monica, Lolita, Amanda, Judy, Caroline Cage, Vanda, Betty, Annie, Nikky, Lilith, Johanna, Evelyn, Dia, Cora, Sheryl, Black Diamond, Tera Bond, Simony, Asmaret, Claudia Ferrari, Angelica Crow, Yasmine Gold, Barbara Hang, Liz Honey, Sylvi, Electra, Lotti, Gloria Venus, Honey Winter, Anett, Nikky Blond, Noemie, Kitty Sexx
Studio: Smash Pictures

Release date: 8/7/2008
Blowjob (Smash 4-Pack) reviews:
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This is a great box set for oral sex fans, especially when you consider the price. You get four movies lasting over eight hours with a nice mix of blowjob scenes. The technical aspects are nicely done and there's even some nice effort put into the extras on each DVD. This is a great box set.
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Boxcover for Private Movies 22: Lady of the Rings 2
Private Movies 22: Lady of the Rings 2 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Silvia Saint, Johanna, Lara Stevens, Liliane Tiger, Simony Diamond, Saana, Vyona
Studio: Private

Directed by: Frank Thring
Release date: 11/28/2005
Private Movies 22: Lady of the Rings 2 reviews:
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I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I feel it in my balls! Lady of the Rings 2 is finally here - the second and final instalment in Privates homage to The Lord of the Rings. [Cue heroic, stirring, very loud orchestral music] The opening sequence is a short visual recap of the erotic events in Lady of the Rings, Part 1. We see lovely soft-focus footage of strangely familiar New Zealand landscapes, and then a collection of short scenes from the first movie. There is a voiceover from the same bird that usually pops up doing the English voiceovers in Private trailers and BTS segments.
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Boxcover for Private Movies 21: Lady of the Rings
Private Movies 21: Lady of the Rings 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tia, Silvia Saint, Alex, Valentina Velasquez, Johanna, George Uhl, Clark, Lara Stevens, Lauro Giotto, Ricardo Bell, Liliane Tiger, Simony Diamond, Saana, Gina B., Jay Lassiter, Kevin Solo, Chuck Lords, Christin
Studio: Private

Directed by: Frank Thring
Release date: 10/8/2005
Private Movies 21: Lady of the Rings reviews:
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This movie is a faithful reproduction of JRR Tolkiens literary masterpiece Lord of the Rings. Just joking! I have always been a fan of the parody genre of porn. Not only do I like to have a good laugh during sex, but it is also handy to have a few parody tapes in your porn collection to minimise embarrassing discoveries of your porn stash. You see, I learnt early to always put the porn parodies on top of my stash so that if my mother or someone else happened across the stash, I can laugh nervously and say it is a simple light-hearted sex comedy take-off of my favourite movie/tv show/book which I had to buy out of curiosity. I could then quickly shut the sock draw and change the subject. You cant do that with a title like Cumfart Cocktails or One in the Pink and One in the Stink. Lady of the Rings now sits proudly on the top of my porn stash.
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Boxcover for Down Your Throat 4 (Smash Pictures)
Down Your Throat 4 (Smash Pictures) 
(3.5 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Katy, Reka, Vanda, Betty, Johanna, Thomas Stone, Evelin, Claudia Ferrari, Angelina Crow, Lilit, Vanessa Hill, Lotti, Kitty Sixx, Gloria Venus, Honey Winter, Anett, Alan Parrish, Angela Winter
Studio: Smash Pictures

Directed by: Zora Banks, Frank Thring
Release date: 1/20/2005
Previews: Movie Trailer
Down Your Throat 4 (Smash Pictures) reviews:
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Down Your Throat is one of the better blowjob-only series on the market, and Volume #4 is no exception. This is a Euro production, which normally is a red flag for me. But the standard camera eyeballing by the girls is kept to a minimum, the girls are mostly all yummy, and they all seem to be into their oral action. There are good sets in all the scenes, and the music seems just about right for an all knobber flick. Some of the scenes include the guys fingering the girls as well as some 69. The short vignettes at the beginning of each scene add nothing. But the girls, again, are basically all attractive. The Euro girls, in order, are Vanda Vitus, Lilit, Evelin and Kati (in a 2 on 1), Lotti, Honey Winter, Vanessa Hill, Gloria Venus (a 1 on 2 with some cumswapping), Anett, Claudia Ferrari, Reka, Betty and Thundy (another 2 on 1), Angelina Crow, and Kitty Sixx. Theres a good mix of blondes, brunettes and redheads. All the scenes end in facials, and none of the girls seem to mind.
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Okay, so maybe you have read my review of Killer Grip. In that review, I talked about how hot the women were and how much I hoped that they took dick in the ass and pussy. When I popped this title in I was shocked to see that 90 of that cast was in this title as well. I sat on the edge of my seat waiting for the action to heat up, but unfortunately this was 100 felatio. This is far from my genre, Im not an oral fan, and I damn sure like sex in my titles. It appears that this title, Stocking Secrets and Killer Grip stay true to their name. If you are a true genre fan, cop these titles, if you like sex, Id steer clear. You most likely will be disappointed.
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The Little Details Running Time: 132 min. Production Date: 12 / 10, 11, 17 / 2004 Director: Frank Thring and Zora Banx Cast: Vanda, Clark, Lilit, Thomas Stone, Evelin, Kati, Alan Perrish, Lotti, Alex, Honey Winter, Franky, Vanessa Hill, Gloria Venus, Ricky, Thomas, Anett, Lucky, Claudia Ferrari, Reka, Sisi, Betty, Thundy, Angelina Crow, and Kitty Sixx The Short Story Initial Expectations: Although Im not really a fan of oral movies, this series has been pretty good. Im going in with a bit of hope as well as a little apprehension due to it being an oral movie. Initial Reaction: Its okay. Who Should Watch It : Blowjob fans Who Should Avoid It: Swallowing and deep throat fans The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects vary a bit from scene to scene. The audio has a few problems, such as almost completely disappearing for one scene and having a few background noises in others. The video is pretty good. It has just enough grain to give it a soft feeling that almost seems a little artistic.
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Boxcover for Private Classics: Private Stories 6
Private Classics: Private Stories 6 
(2.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Nicolette, Coral, Anita Dark, Nikita, Andy, Sophie Call, Johanna, Beata, Queen Victoria
Studio: Private

Release date: 2/24/2004
Private Classics: Private Stories 6 reviews:
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This is one of those videos that, at least from a marketing standpoint, wants to be something special. Something more than just five fuck scenes. These are stories... It's just five fuck scenes, people. Straight sex. Some pretty locales. Nice color photography. The girls are okay looking. The guys--whatever. Scene 1: "Stockholm" - three guys on a roof of a building lure two girls up. Gang-bang ensues. There's some nice photography of fireworks going off in the background. Scene 2: "The Money or Your Body" two girls show up at a nightclub. They meet a guy. Another guy shows up. Fucking begins. Scene 3: "Real Service" Guy rents a room. Takes a shower, hooks up with chambermaid, fucks her. Scene 4: "Wine and Women" two hot girls in what looks like a wine cellar.
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Title: Private Stories no. 6 Cast: Anita Dark, Queen Victoria, Sophie Call, Johanna, Nicolette, Andy, Nikita, Beata, Coral Director: VariousDate Of Production: 2/04Duration:1:00:00 Whats Happening?: Straight, Lez, group sex, anal, double penetration, facials Scene One ("Stockholm"): Andy, Nicolette, Hakan, Riny & Zenza Raggi I know this is called Private Stories but don't expect much of a story here. This goes right into the fucking. The guys stand up on a hillside next to a neon sign watching fireworks. They yell down the hill asking the girls to join them. I would do a play by play but I don't know who either of these girls are. One is brunette and one is blonde. Neither one did it for me look wise. This scene suffers from piss-poor editing and very bad lighting. Even if there was some good action here you couldn't get a good look at it.
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Boxcover for Transsexual Heart Breakers 5
Transsexual Heart Breakers 5 
(0.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Angel, Honey Love, Gia Darling, Johanna
Studio: Avalon

Release date: 5/10/2001
Transsexual Heart Breakers 5 reviews:
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TS Performer Looks Rating : 1.0 Starring Gia Darling, Johanna, Honey Love, and Angel. -Gia Darling introduces each scene SCENE ONE : Johanna (TS) and Dirk. She walks in, and the guy sucks her cock right away, while he removes his shirt. He kisses her tits and she gives him a bj, then she gets fucked and does some fucking. Dirk fucks her again and she cums followed by him cumming on her thigh, though it takes him awhile. --Johanna is a decent looking she-male, who was in Rogue Adventures 7, where she also looked better. This scene is good, but not great, theres some good action, but its just not the greatest. SCENE TWO : Honey Love and Dirk. Dirk gives her a bj and she gives him one. She fucks him and he fucks her. She cums as he fucks her, and then he cums. --Honey Love is a below average she-male, in the looks department, with a big dick. She does some fucking and gets fucked. But the fact that she doesnt look all that good makes this a below average scene. She wears a one-piece outfit throughout the scene to probably hide some scars.
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Boxcover for Private Gold 3: Chase, The
Private Gold 3: Chase, The 
(1.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Kristina, Jan Hedin, Holly Black, Elone, Johanna, Cherette
Studio: Private

Directed by: Jane Waters
Release date: 4/4/2001
Private Gold 3: Chase, The reviews:
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Private have a really good collection under many different banners. This is in the Gold collection and I really wasn't all that impressed. All is forgiveable since this is a pretty old title. The girls are not really up to Private standard, the sex is just okay, and the attempt at a plot is just hilarious. The sex scenes are very mediocre, but there is a fairly okay scene in the middle of the film, as well as the orgy at the end.
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