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Your Thoughts On Joey Silvera
I know there was a thread about Jules JOrdan a while back which caught my attention. Seeing I'd like to also see thoughts on Silvera as they are my two favourite directors. I think his movies are great. My favourite line is Service Animals. It seems he's knows how to bring out the wild and crazy side in the girls/performances. His scenes seem to ...
Who can name this Joey Silvera movie?
The only scene I can remember is with Joey, and a young girl with long legs, and a nice ass. I believe the girl was wearing daisy dukes and had long dark curly hair. Joey, I think, is a professor at the local college in the movie. In this scene, he has a female student in his class/office. As Joey checks out her ass, she stands on a stage in fr ...
Joey Silvera's Series
I am a fan of Joey Silvera's movies....but one thing I don't like is shit like guys using dildos on them selfs. There should be a warning label of some sort. That shit is not cool, no I am not against homosexuality are what ever. I just dont swing that's kills a hard on like crack kills brain cells.
Joey Silvera's Birthday !
Joey turns 60 today , he is one of the most influential guys in porn and had a huge hand in changing the style from the mid 90's . He Started with being a great performer in the mid 70's , good actor and a great sense of humor , but it's movies that are hugely significant . He did some nice work with Rosebud , but quickly joined with Evil Angel , c ...
Need help finding Joey Silvera scene.
I can't remember much about this scene except Joey Silvera and some women in a tub or jacuzzi. I'm looking for the scene or just the name of his costar. Sorry if the description is not enough.
From Director, Joey Silvera...I Love Black...
HERE for a preview.Edited by - astroknight on Sep 14 2011
Looking for a 1990's porn with Joey Silvera
Howdy All. I hope you can help me out with this as my best friend Google has not been much assistance lately.Back in high school I found one of my step-father's flicks, liked it a lot, and haven't been able to find it again.This is what I can recall from it:Opening scene is situated in a house with a woman preparing for a party or something. She ...
Looking for a Joey SIlvera porn set in a clinic
He plays a patient in a hospital, with these nurses who trease and taunt him. One is a stunning balck girl with long curly black hair, and the other a blonde. The title (at least in Ontario, circa '94) had the word 'bank' or 'spermbank'.
Has Joey Silvera Discontinued Service Animals ?
This way my favourite line of his,and as I was checking the last one he made was in 2006. Seem like he is focusing on other things (strap on etc).Does anybody know if hes planning to make another NEW Service Animals movie?
girls for joey silvera's face fucking inc
girls i'd like to see in joey silvera's face fucking inc.shyla stylezcandy mansonrachel starrteagan presleyvelicity vonjasmine byrneriley evansnautica thornsavannah gold
Wanted: Joey Silvera's Fashion Sluts 9
Willing to buy or trade.DVD's for tradeAss Cleavage 3Cheyenne: Up Close and PersonalFull Service 3Guy Capo's Sex, Drugs and Rock & RollHitting It From BehindJack's playground 1 and 27Jack's POV 6Naughty College School Girls 6Pussyman's International Butt Babes 2Ready, Wet, Go 1 and 2Sinful CreationsShare the Load 3Tera Patrick AKA Filthy WhoreT ...
Black Power - Joey Silvera
Hi folks. Can anyone out there tell me whether Black Power is a compilation DVD from Joey or is this a collection of new/unreleased scenes? Thanks a lot.
Face Fucking, Inc from Joey Silvera and EA
Sasha Grey Bobbi Star Un Fucking Believable scenes. I am almost speechless.
Joey Silvera's Face Fucking Inc.
Is this film a kind of compilation or best of? Is it a all-oral release? Maybe Tricia could help! Thanks in advance!
Happy 55'th Birthday Joey Silvera :o)
Happy Birthday man and many more :)
Joey Silvera - he just gets better!
Just finished watching Service Animals 24. Joey has delivered once again. This guy just continues to put out great stuff. I love the way he puts himself in his films. Loved the blowjob scene he had with Aubrey Addams. He's got that "dirty old man" instinct in him. I've been watching his videos for years, has he ever done an inte ...
Joey Silvera's "Storm Squirters" from Evil Angel
(Hopefully Tricia won’t get mad that I neeched her in the report of this release... ) Trailer and front and back box cover can be found here. Director: Joey Silvera Cast list (judging by the box cover, as the website has yet to list it): Cytherea, Flower Tucci, Missy Monroe, Angela Stone, Lexi Love, Kinzie Kenner, Annie Cruz, Kee ...
Joey Silvera 's Black Cock Addiction trailer
The trailer up and it looks damn good , Gianna and Naomi look fantastic , another must get from joey Click here Edited by - drop a load on Mar 24 2006
Joey Silvera or Jules Jordan
Best Director Who has the better body of work for the last 3 years? my vote goes to Joey
F/m strap-on sex scenes & Joey Silvera's DVDs?
Besides the Strap Attack DVDs which other Joey Silvera's movies (Evil Angel) contain F/m strap-on sex scenes in them? alexl467
Joey Silvera presents "Hellcats #9" Trailer!
Yep, you can see it over at Evil Angel right HERE! For all you Gianna fans, this is a must have. And Taryn Thomas is also in it... JJFreek
Joey Silvera's Please! and Hellcats series
Which of these is rougher? I am a big fan of Service Animals series, and I understand that neither of these will really compare, but I am wondering which one might come closest to that style of sex? Can anyone recommend a number? Also, Evil Angel new releases shows that 'Please! #8' was just released, and that 'Please! #12' is coming soon. What ...
Joey Silvera
I think Joey is a great performer. One of the few veterans who is worthy these days. I would love to see him play a role in John Staglianos next feature. What does everyone think?
joey silvera shoud start a new she-males serie
with she-males and females only (no real guys). i think many viewers would like to see only real women with she-males like he did in "rogue adv. #23" which was one of the hottest movies i've ever seen. there are so little titles like this in the market and most of them are very bad. only joey can take it to another level. at least he can ...
Favortie Joey Silvera Movie?
I've seen all Service Animals 6-17 and I have to say the top 3 would be 1) SA 13 2) SA 16 3) SA 10
Joey Silvera Movie Question???
Anyone know the name of the movie Joey Silvera was in a scene with a brunette and a blonde...and Joey cums sooner then when they were ready...and director and him make fun of Joey. What is the name of this movie this scene is in?? The director says "you were grabbin your dick for dear life" or something like that??? It was like 4-5 ...
Name A Good Rocco or Joey Silvera DVD?
I wanted to check out a few dvds by Rocco and Joey Silvera and need a few suggestions. They have so many great ones to choose from I don't even know where to begin. What are some of the best DVDs or scenes you've seen by these two directors?
Joey Silvera's Service Animals #16
Here's something strange. As a UK porn fan, I am finding it incredibly difficult to obtain this DVD. At and none have it despite stocking all other titles in the series. Very strange indeed. I have e-mailed Blissbox (whome I mainly order with), and await their reply with anticipation. Edi ...
Joey Silvera VHS fun-pak!
More clearance! Check it out: Runaway Butts 4, 5 Service Animals 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 Fashion Sluts 14 So good it's scary! Add Weapons of Ass Destruction and take all 9 VHS tapes -- these are used, mind you, with boxcovers, which are a little beat up -- for $65, and I will pay postage! Hit me at skronkboy@y ...
Scene with Tricia Devereaux and Joey Silvera
I'm looking for an old scene with Tricia Devereaux and Joey Silvera. I have it somewhere on a VHS tape and it is still my favorite one with Tricia. There is a long posing intro, and Tricia looks so sexy here... The sex isn't rough but intense. Well, is this scene available on DVD? I even haven't found the pairing Joey/Tricia at the iafd. Whatev ...
Joey Silvera best shemale stuff
I've heard this guy's pretty good when it comes to shemale porn, but he's done a lot, so I was just wondering where can I find his best stuff?
What Joey Silvera movie is this photo from?
Sexy brunette and guy Any clue?
joey silvera--im gonna check him out
I've heard some good things about Joey Silvera. I like a lot of what I've seen from the Evil Angel directors, so I want to try joey. what are your recommendations about where to start? Any silvera DVDs I might start with so as to not risk picking a dud on my first buy?
Help to ID old Joey Silvera movie...
Trying to trace a movie with Silvera - it'll be pre 1992. In it Silvera has around five scenes and speeds around on a moped/scooter (if I recall). There is one scene with a girl who has a cucumber stuffed up her ass by a guy, and then the guy cums in a lettuce sandwich (this is not Silvera). There was a scene with Silvera where the girl (Jeanna Fin ...
Joey Silvera movie in Buttman Confidential
There is a scene in "Buttman Confidential" where John S. is beating off to some tapes he is watching. One of the tapes looks like a Joey S. movie and it has this really cute girl wearing these purple (lycra?) shorts and doing a very sexy tease. She's got one of the most shapely and fit asses I've seen. Anyway, would anyone kno ...
Looking for: Joey Silvera's New Girls 3 DVD
I'm looking for this DVD - Joey Silvera's New Girls 3 Would be willing to pay a fair price, or to trade for stuff that I'm looking to offload. Europe (EU, including UK) only though, as there could be customs hassle coming from the States. Fingers crossed!! e-mail me at Edited by - floraman on Aug 20 2003
Joey Silvera's New Girls 3
Anyone have any thoughts on this one? Is it condom free?
Trannies and Joey Silvera
Im starting this thread, based on another thread that was talking about this subject, but it was way off topic. Basically, what I was saying was the it seemed unusual to have transexual videos coming from a company like Evil Angel. Maybe, since I have only been following porn since i turned 18 two years ago, this sort of thing is very common an ...
Very old movie with Joey Silvera
My m8 works in house clearances and brought along to me this morning a videotape of an old movie, starring a massively curly-haired Joey Silvera. Man, it was a larf, but there were no titles and someone had lopped off the credits. I'd say it dates from around 1987. Joey plays a phone enginneer and gets to f*** a client. Funny stuff. Anyone h ...
Rocco's and Joey Silvera's DVDs on Ebay for 12.99
I have just purchased Services Animals 7 & 8 and few Rocco's DVDs (Animal Trainer 8, 9 & 10, Ravishes Prague #4, ect), and they are $12.99. I am also biding on Gladiator I and II. Just to let you know
New Girls ( Joey Silvera )
Will this new release be as 'hard' as Service Animals or plain new girl gonzo ?
Joey Silvera's Please Series
I'm thinking of getting at least 2 of these since I heard good things about them. Any Suggestions? Please tell me who's in the suggestions too.
Joey Silvera to release his first simultaneous DVD
Joey Silvera and Evil Angel DVD will be releasing Service Animals 10 on VHS and DVD on Thursday, September 12. This will be Joey's first title with a simultaneous release date. We are also very excited about the extra footage that will be included on Service Animals 10, as this will also be his first DVD to include extra video. These extras w ...
Joey Silvera DVDs
Anyone know why there's no extra footage in any of his DVD releases? He's one of my fave directors, I would love to see some behind the scenes stuff...
WTB/WTTF: Rogue Adventures series by Joey Silvera
If anyone has any of the Rogue Adventures let me know. Thanks.
Evil Angel dvd's ..(Joey Silvera's)
Are more of Joey Silvera's movies going to released on dvd soon.. I am looking forwardto almost everyone of the ButtRow series. thanksp.s. Is E.A.planning on releasing any gang bang type dvds/ thanks againoly