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Jessica darlin Smoke and Mirrors
I bought two copies of Jessica darlings smoke and mirrors. The last scene in it has her with to guys but both DVDs I bought wouldn't play it. Anybody else have problem with that or know where I can get a good copy. Thanks
Jessica Darlin
What the hell ever happened to Jessica Darlin? I came across a DVD with her in it (when she was a redhead as well, my favorite) and thought, what the hell every happened to her??!!
Is Jessica Darlin Back?
I just noticed an ad for an upcoming June release by Seymour Butts that lists Jessica Darlin as one of the performers. Is she back or has the scene been in the can since she left the business. The title of the movie is "I'll Toss Your Salad if You Butter My Buns." No really, that's the title. So, is Jessica back?Topic Moved by - hardware ...
Jessica darlin Movie ID's
NO 1 No 2
Where is Jessica Darlin?
Is she alive? Is she dancing? Is she planning a comeback? I miss her so.... Edited by - WhiteBOY on Nov 23 2006 Topic Moved by - hardware on Nov 27 2006
Jessica Darlin
The best pornstar ever most have an own topic. She is so beautifull, im totaly in love with Jessica.
Jessica Darlin Transexual Scene???
I saw the climax of a scene between Jessica Darlin, a white guy with a big dick, and a transexual chick with a dick. The guy comes all of Jessica's face and even gets some on the transexual's dick. Anybody know what movie this is from?
Jessica Darlin
I have'nt seen Jessica Darlin for a long time, is she still around?
Happy Birthday Jessica Darlin...
... wherever you are. The big 3-0 today. If you are reading this, I hope you are well. toots
Jessica Darlin
Anybody know what she is up to these days? She was always my favorite.
Whats Jessica Darlin up to nowadays
Was a big fan a few years ago, jus wondered if she still in the business or has she retired
Jessica Darlin on
Hey all--------- I just want to scream at cha again! Talking to mrs Darlin this week via e-mail she let me know that her collection has been moved to! It's a really cool collection that I probably can't afford and neither can most porn fans. For the avid Jessica Darlin fan this shit's perfect. I think the starting bid is less! It ...
Jessica Darlin suspended from eBay!
Hey Yo- I kind of get to talking to Mrs Darlin every so often-She told me about the collection she was selling on eBay and that it was to profound for them. She said she had a lot of interest but the auction got pulled! I know some of you don't believe that all that stuff from her name wasn't from her. I've been talking to the girl for a coupl ...
Jessica Darlin on Ebay
Pornopeeps --------------- I know some of you read stuff that was pretty shocking from Jessica Darlin. I just moved to Vegas and made the strip club rounds. I met Jessica at Jaguars. She was very soft spoken and totally unlike what i read on other sites. I had to ask what all that racist crap was about. She told me a little story of a fucked ...
Jessica Darlin's Ebay notes----------Fan response
Q: Hey Jessica. Darth-Morpheous here. I haven't heard from you in a while. I guess you don't have the same address since the Metro took over the site. I really hope you are doing well. I wish I could spare the money for this item but It is just impossible for me. Is there anything else smaller that you plan on selling? I want to contribute. It is a ...
jessica or not??
Does anyone know if Jess Darlin is active..please??!! Thanks in advance!!
Jessica Darlin Gone Nazi ?
read here then here
Jessica Darlin
I tried using the search function, but most of the posts were deleted/edited and locked. From what I can tell, Jessica quit the business several months ago, and was diagnosed with some form of terminal cancer. I've tried to read some of the rants on her website, but people have said that she doesn't control that site anymore. S ...
Jessica Darlin: Free Speech
I would like to read what she has to say, as I know nothing of what all of you folks are talking about. How heinous can it be and why no free speech here, of all places? Can someone send me a link please? I can't seem to find it at
FYI: Jessica Darlin latest rant
hi there, new poster here apparently Jessica Darlin do not longer run things on her own website, so to post her latest rant, she went to - from all places - mod note: If anyone is really interested then they can go there to read it. Since there's obviously no rational basis for a discussion here, I'm tempted to just lock it, b ...
Any Jessica Darlin news in Vegas?
Hey folks, I was wondering if anyone had any news on her condition? Did anyone hear anything in Vegas? Was she seen there? I do hope she is well. Thanks.
Jessica Darlin= Village Idiot!
As most people know, I am not one to attack any one unless they attack a friend of peer of mine. However when Jessica Darlin went on one of her long winded verbal rants on DCypher (a sponser and aquaintance) I have decided to take Ms. Darlin and her rant up. 1) Devan flip flops on Extreme: Memo to Jessica; BUSH WANTS PORN GONE... SAYONARA, HASTA ...
Jessica Darlin out of retirement?
I just saw an updated profile of Jessica on World Modeling's site and states she's available as of 1/13/05. Is she out of retirement or is this a mistake?
Jessica Darlin is she DYING???disturbing news
When you go to her site ( newest post (10-12-2004) she has written a very odd and disturbing post. Is is me or is she saying in the last piece of the post under "P.S." that she is DYING. "One day my condition will kill me". Please somebody tell me whats going on. We allready lost Lea De Mae. Wi ...
Jessica Darlin
What do you think of her saying (at her site) that she's married (11 yrs) but if she's attracted to you she'll fuck you?
Jennea Dess & Jessica Darlin same girl?
its supposed to be the same girl, but shes in up and cummers once using the name Jennea Dess and another time with Candy Hill using the name Jessica Darlin and she does not look the same either time (except for the tattoo which is also different). Plastic surgery maYBE?
Favorite Jessica Darlin Scene?
Feeding Frenzy 2 is probably my favorite. There is about a 3 page discussion over at Jules about a Darkside of Jessica Darlin release so I wouldn't be surprised if that comes out some time in 2005-06.
violation of jessica darlin/girl request
in this girl/girl gang bang flick there are 2 brunettes. one girl-ashley blue but the other brunette ???? any idea asspanther
How is lovely Jessica Darlin doing??
After the diagnose with cancer. Is she cancer free again. That girl is so hot and i really wanna know how she is doing in theese days. Thanks
jessica darlin/slayer
While watching extra behind footage of the dvd 'slayer unleashed #3'. jessica darlin interview.Voice behind the camera starts talking about we got mentioned & jessica said big helloooo to us!!
Jessica Darlin On Stern
Right now!!! tune in guys. 8/30/04 on E channel.
Jessica Darlin has cancer
An excerpt from her journal I know your saying "where's she been during all the political happenings lately?" Well I was at the doctor being treated for cancer. That's right people. The big C. When I first heard the news I was crushed. I've been in bed for a month but people that i've seen survive the monster gave me the strength to figh ...
Jessica Darlin & ADT
In the DVD extras for Slayer Unleashed #3, Jessica says she reads and enjoys ADT. She waves and says, 'Hi to Adult DVD Talk'. Thanks for kind words Jessica. She is truly a free spirit! Review And, Kami Andrews gets down! Den
Jessica Darlin movies
Hi, What are the good nasty DVDs of Jessica which are out there? Can some of you suggest her best titles Thanks
Any fans of Jessica Darlin here?
I was going through some old vhs movies and found a great scene of hers in Lord of Asses. I've only watched 2 scenes of her since her comeback. She's one of my all-time favorites and I'd completely forgot about her with all these new chicks coming in. Shame on me!! Any suggestions on some of her new movies I should check out? I've seen: All Abo ...
Jessica Darlin Movie ID
Anyone able to help? Mystery movie sample clips at (left it text since hyperlinking it seems to redirect you to another site)
Jessica Darlin & Amee Donovan movie ID's
Can someone please tell me what movies these clips are from? The first is a Jessica Darlin one. And also this Amee Donovan one. Thanks.
Jessica Darlin's best?
I finally got around to watching Two in the Seat 3 and watched the very impressive Jessica Darlin DP scene, I was just wondering what's her best stuff on DVD?
Jessica Darlin
Hey everyone, I have been out of the DVD market for a year or so. So i have been hunting net trying to catch up on what I have missed. Great to see Jessica Darlin back making movies, I have just ordered 3 of her newies and half a dozen new Seymore Butts titles. If anyone has any reccomendations on whats hot please let me know. Im really into Jule ...
Jessica Darlin interview
I just interviewed Jessica! As a huge Jessica Darlin fan for years I can't believe that I actually got to interview her. Her sexuality is amazing. She is in the business because she loves sex period. She is not out to be a star or make millions of dollars. She simply loves fucking. That is so refreshing. I wish there were more pornstars like Jessic ...
I Shot Jessica Darlin Today!
Thought you guys might like to know...(especially Darth-Morpheus!) Jessica was her usual excellent self! Hot lil buttfuck with Kurt Lockwood.(good kid, I'll use him more) The scene will be for Butt A Bang , my next all anal opus for Evolution. Got some more planned for J.D. - Black Up That White Ass 2 and possibly Ass Eaters Unanimous 2 ! ...
Jessica Darlin in Mason's Sexual Disorder!!!
I just checked out the PXP website and the Boxcover to Mason's Sexual Disorder looks absolutely Phenominal!!!!!!!! My favorite pornstar of all time is gracing the cover and looks as amazing as ever! I'm so happy Jessica Darlin is shooting alot for PXP. Salena Silver who is slowly becoming my second favorite, is also in the movie. I just hope Mason ...
Jessica Darlin in "Once You Go Black."
I just saw on evil Angel's website that Jessica is going to be in Jules Jordan's "Once You Go Black." This is phenominal news!!! I can't wait! Darth-Morpheous
Jessica Darlin shooting for Evolution yet?
I have been checking Evolution's website every day and hoping to see Jessica Darlin. I know that Tom and Jessica used to love work together at Extreme and Elegant Angel years ago. I thought the lovely Jessica would be one of the first to shoot for Evolution. I know that Tom was even considering signing her to a contract. I know that Tom is consider ...
Jessica Darlin
After watching Jessica Darlin today in Runaway Butts 6 she immediately became one of my favorite. I think her scene with Mark Ashley and Brian Pumper was awesome! Anyone can recommend some other great scenes with her? Others than Feeding Frenzy , A2M or Ass Cream Pies !? she has so many movies already... I need some advice she does not ...
jessica darlin
I'm quite intrigued by Darlin and want to know a title(s) that she has been particularly nasty in i.e. anal beads, pissing, bukkake, >5 guy gang bangs, pissing, slapping, spitting etc. I believe she has featured in a number of gangbangs but I want to know, in your opinions, what the best of her nasites are? SAMURAI DAI
Jessica Darlin splits from Extreme again!
I just read a thread where Jewel Denyle was talking about shooting Jessica. Pontus Maximus asked about her status with Extreme Associates and she confirmed that Jessica has indeed split from Extreme. This is great to hear. Im looking forward to seeing her in more quality releases in the future. She seems to have a great relationship with Jewel. Im ...
Jessica Darlin
I think this girl is just about the neatest lil' filly around and I was hoping that someone might be able to recommend a video in which she takes a serious bangin! Edited by - jens invisible on Mar 8 2003
Rapid Fire 2 with Jessica Darlin
I just saw this release from Legend. It is directed by Mark wood. I was wondering if anyone can advise if Jessica does anal in her scene? Im concidering buying this title. Unfortunately the box covers show only vag sex.
Interracial Nation 2 with Jessica Darlin
I watched this title and Jessica fans will be happy to hear that she turns in a very hot scene! There is some great dialogue and some great bonus footage stuff with Jessica. She has a long anal workout with a nice A2M shot! For me it was definately worth the money just for the Jessica Darlin scene. This is the first DVD I watched from Legend and I ...
Jessica Darlin in Feeding Frenzy 2 pics
Just over at: And there are some (new??) pics from Feeding Frenzy... Including some of the delightful Jessica Darlin... Looking forward to seeing her in a Jules film, oh yeah!
Jessica Darlin Back With Extreme
Yep, the rumors are true. Jessica shot me an email today about her return to Extreme. It's tomorrow's news but you guys can read it today :-) Now if Tom Byron would just contact me about his Rog Reviews Critic's Choice Award (And Lizzy's) and help me figure out why I h ...
Extremely Yours Jessica Darlin DVD
When is this title being released? I think all the other titles in this series have already been released. What's taking them so long?
The end of Jessica Darlin
I am reading rumors on other web-sites that Jessica Darlin may be signing a exclusive contract with extreme,so her ball and chain can direct movies and have a job. Damn i hope this shit isn't true. Why would someone of her caliber basically put a nail in her own coffin this soon after her return to porn from a 2 year hiatus, Isn't this fucking comp ...
The popularity of Jessica Darlin
I really am amazed at the popularity of Jessica Darlin. She is definately my current favorite but I can't believe the amount of threads on this site from people who share my enthusiasm for this great pornstar! It is not like she was some widely publicized starlet from one of the powderpuff studios. She was a former Extreme and Elegant Angel contrac ...
Interracial Nation #2 with Jessica Darlin
I see that Jessica is in the above release from Legend. Im considering buying this title but I don't know anything about Legend or this series. If anyone has seen this series or this title please advise the quality of this line. It is a shame that I have to wait for certain dvd releases and I have to resort to less proven studios to see Jessica Dar ...
Jessica Darlin - Asswoman: The Rebirth dvd
Okay, I thought that Extreme might be on the way back to respectability when I rented the Nightstalker dvd last week. But, I had problems getting to the main menu during playback. I did however notice that the picture was not all that bad. So I kept it in mind for future releases of the older titles that I would like on dvd. So, I was wandering th ...
Sticky Side Up 7 with Jessica Darlin
I just watched Sticky Side Up 7 from West Coast Productions and it is Awesome!!! Jessica Darlin gets it on with Bella and Jewel Denyle before Michael Stefano (aka Luciano)gets involved later in the scene. There is lots of great lesbo action with lots of rimming and anal toy play. The anal action is awesome throughout the scene. There is lots of A2O ...
Jessica Darlin - What up coming releases is she in
Can anyone remind me what Jessica Darlin will be in now she's back again.
Sticky Side Up ( Jessica Darlin) WCP
I see where she is going to be in the jan.21 release of SSU7 was wondering if anyone has seen any of this series?It is directed by the former Luciano ,now i guess his name is michael stefano or something.
Jessica Darlin in Heavy Metal # 3
Supposedly someone e-mailed Lex and Lex himself responded back via e-mail that Jessica Darlin is part of the cast for Heavy Metal # 3. I read elsewhere that Layla Jade is also supposed to be a part of it. Pontus
Jessica Darlin in Feeding Frenzy!
I was just on and I see that Jessica Darlin is in this one. I never saw the first feeding frenzy. I always thought it was a cumshot compilation like cum dumpsters from RLD. Are the scenes on this release shot specifically for this release like swallow my pride or down the hatch? Or is it just a cumshot compilation like I though ...
jessica darlin suggestion
Just putting this out to any directors and producers who visit this forum, i have only seen Jessica in 1 scene since she returned but damn is she smoking . she has more enthusiasm for the sex than when she first hit the porn scene 5 years ago. any director/ producer who doesn't try to get her in his movie is doing himself and the adult film watchin ...
When is Jessica Darlin coming back?
I read a post on these forums with a link to an interview in which Jessica Darlin (one of my all time favs) promised she is making a comeback very soon, probably in a Jules Jordan film. Anyone know whether she is still planning a comeback and if so when we might expect a first release? THANKS Topic Moved by - steph on Dec 8 2002
Jessica Darlin's release schedule.
I know Jessica is going to be in "ass creampie" from Anabolic. Did anyone hear any other rumors about what else she is going to be in? I heard that she was shooting with Jules, and with Red Light District. I thought DIon sayed that she was going to be "Assault that Ass 2" but she isn't in it. Please, any info will be appreciated ...
Jessica Darlin - new in Rogue Adv. 18
I just found out that Jessica Darlin worked with Vanity in Rogue Adventures 18 for Joey Silvera. Vanity is the totally hot she-male that was Rogue 5. She was in another one too - either 11 or 15, can't quite remember the #. Jessica looks hot!
jessica darlins return
Hey I was wondering if anybody knows what new movies Jessica Darlin may be appearing in and when they might be released.I thought I remember reading a post about her being in assault that ass 2, is this true? Any info would be appreciated.
Jessica Darlins first scene has been shot!
So anyway im surfin the net.......and i log onto and nam there it is a pic with a video link. Starring Jessica Darlin and Layla Jade.....just been shot 5 minutes ago is a caption under it. Anabolic looks to have beaten Evil Angel in the race to film Jess huh? The JZA
jessica darlins return to porn
I am a big jessica darlin fan and was suprised to read on rogreviews that she was returning to porn ,better yet to work with jules jordan. What i was wondering is if anybody on this forum knows if she has done anything yet for jules and if so what type of project. To see her in a space invaderz would fucking kick ass!!!!
Tell me about Jessica Darlin.....
I am yet to see her in a film, but I have seen that she is really really popular and that people are eagerly awaiting her next appearance on screen. Why's she so popular??? is it her looks?? her techniques??? is she that filthy?? Come on Darlin fans!! SQUIDMONKEY
Jessica Darlin coming back!!!!
Just found this interview over at Rogs.... Jessica is coming back and probably shooting for Jules/Evil Angel Fucking so cool! Welcome back Jes...
Jessica Darlin is Back!!!
I just read a new interview with Jessica Darlin on and Jessica is coming back. On top of that Jessica might do a work for Jules Jordan. Jessica is on of my all time favorites. I would love to see her do some stuff for Anabolic and Red Light District.
Jessica Darling having sex ith more than 1 guy?
Hi, Can anyone recommend DVD's were Jessica Darling is having sex with 2 or more guys? Regards Topic Moved by - Bill Broderick on Jun 5 2002
Any really good Jessica Darlin movies?
Any suggestions for good Jessica Darlin DVDs?Jessica Darlin: