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Jenni Lee: Pretty good actress!
I don't usually pay attention to this chick, her look is not really my type, and I hate HATE that tattoo over her box. And as I recall, she's usually one of those pretty white girls who just lies there.But a scene I just saw was impressive. It's called Suck For My Silence or something. The dumb little premise is this: her husband's friend is co ...
Jenni Lee Back?
The newest My Sister's Hot Friend features Jenni Lee and has a compliance statement production date of January 2007. Is she returning to adult film? I had read that, while she was focused on modeling, it was not impossible that she would do some adult work in the future. It'd be fantastic if this represented a shift back to adult work.
Jenni Lee is BACK!
Maybe I'm late but I noticed Jenni lee has returned. If you go on NAUGHTY AMERICA you will see some of her recent scenes, one from not too long ago in OCT 2011. This is great, Jenni is that rare kind of porn star who you wouldn't think does porn, but then BAM you see one of her scenes and it's great. Faith leon, and Bobbi starr also are in that cat ...
Jenni Lee Is Back!
I see on Naughty America that Jenni Lee is back after about 2 1/2 years away. I loved her in "Every Last Drop #7". I hope this return is for good! Check it out, checkitouters: Jenni Lee is back!
Is Jenni Lee a head case?
Another forum suggests she suffers from diva-itis also. Anyone with any real info wanna? I did read some quotes by her I didn't like. Don't get me wrong, I'd still pump her on top of the Statue of Liberty in broad daylight.
Any new Jenni Lee scenes.
I think she's so fine. So hot. From Tennessee. Her sex skills are awesome. She rides well and pops cum like a goddess. I'd love to see her with Lex and Mandingo. And me. She reminds me of a sweet little redhead I use to bang here in NYC.Edited by - skyscrapper on Dec 15 2008Topic Moved by - killbillvol69 on Dec 15 2008
Jenni Lee (aka Stephanie Sadorra)
I don't know why nobody has created a unique topic for this gorgeous babe : sometimes there's a confusion with this one (because both appeared in a bondage DVD): So, it's not her : s ...
Jenni Lee - no way those are real!
But I can't find any scars in her pics.
Jenni Lee - Offensive Gesture
One of the things that I find very offensive and very annoying is when a girl gives the finger. In this picture, you can see Jenni Lee giving the finger. I just hate it.Although Jenni Lee is one of my favorite porn girls, I find her gesture in this picture as an indication of a very lousy attitude. Of course she might as well be just instructed to ...
Jenni Lee
This Jenni here needs another movie added. Paste My Face #6 by Northstar. Called "Jenny" in this flick. Thanks. BB