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Boxcover for Golden Age Of Porn, The: Ginger Lynn
Golden Age Of Porn, The: Ginger Lynn 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tom Byron, Ginger Lynn, Raven, Crystal Breeze, Lois Ayres, Blake Palmer, Jerry Butler, Pamela Jennings, Lynn Ray, Stacey Donovan, Jay Serling, Craig Roberts, Starbuck, Roxanne Rollan
Studio: Gentlemens

Release date: 11/4/2004
Golden Age Of Porn, The: Ginger Lynn reviews:
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What can be said about Ginger Lynn that hasn't already been said? Indeed, the petite, blonde porn queen's career spanned nearly three decades, and her mark on the industry is essentially beyond compare. Perhaps the single biggest star of her era (the 80s) and also a perennial radio and podcast host, it's near impossible to be a fan of adult fare and not be familiar with both her and her work. Indeed, she crossed over into the mainstream on multiple occasions, and she continues to be a presence in the industry to this day. With this, this review of "The Golden Age of Porn: Ginger Lynn" (Gentlemen's Video) focuses upon the early portion of her career and offers up six, sexy sequences, all of them featuring the awesome Ms. Lynn.
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Boxcover for Pink Lagoon, The
Pink Lagoon, The 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Ginger Lynn, Raven, Crystal Breeze, Lois Ayres, Ron Jeremy, Jerry Butler, Jay Serling, Starbuck, Ashley Britton, Roxanne Rollann
Studio: Collector's Video

Directed by: David Frazer
Release date: 11/21/2002
Pink Lagoon, The reviews:
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Pink Lagoon is a sequel to Surrender in Paradise. Do not worry if you did not see the original. While the sequel is a good continuation it stands on its own and starts off by giving you enough info on the first to catch you up to speed. The story of the two films is fairly simple a group of models are shipwrecked on a deserted island or so they think. Soon they find out that Arthur (Jerry Butler) who escaped from prison after being wrongly convicted of murdering his wife is also on the island. At the end of Surrender in Paradise when a ship spotted them on the island the girls had to leave Arthur since if he returns he will be sent back to prison. Pink Lagoon starts off a few years later. The girls return with a film crew to scout the islands and give Arthur some good news. Tammy (Ginger Lynn) and two others who return to the island embrace with Arthur and then tell him that he is a free man. The murderer was found and Arthur was pardoned. A celebration ensues and he gives all 3 a good working over (he has been stranded alone for quite a while).
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Boxcover for Erotic City (NuTech)
Erotic City (NuTech) 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Amber Lynn, Joey Silvera, Jamie Gillis, Jacqueline Lorians, Joanna Storm, John Leslie, Harry Reems, Aurora, Laurie Smith, Jay Serling
Studio: Cal Vista Classics

Directed by: Robert McCallum
Release date: 8/25/2000
Erotic City (NuTech) reviews:
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Year: 1985 Length: 86 minutes Even though this is part of the NuTech line of Classic dvd collecion series this is certainly no classic. You might think it is by looking at the cast involved (Harry Reems, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Amber Lynn) and directed by Robert McCallum, but unfortunately the sex and the storyline to this movie are severely lacking. The plot to this story is supposed to be something similar to that of a soap opera, but I didn't find it to be any more similar to a soap opera than any other porn film I've seen. Basically the problem is that there was no plot at all and this is a problem in a porn film that pretends to have a plot. This movie pretended to have a story line and it had just enough to get in the way but not enough to make any sense, so this is one problem. Either they should have just went wall to wall sex with this one or have developed the story line more fully and made a full feature sex film out of this movie.
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