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Boxcover for Animus (All Worlds Video)
Animus (All Worlds Video) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jack Simmons, Duncan Mills, Thomas Lloyd, Dave Nelson, Tommy Cruise, Zach Richards, Blake Harper, Tommy Lord, Brad Davis, Tanner Hayes, Dean Maxwell, David Bradley, J.J. Bond, Peter Logan
Studio: All Worlds Video

Directed by: Wash West
Release date: 8/29/2006
Animus (All Worlds Video) reviews:
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Good sex, good music, good cinematography, and good story telling. Its not often that you find all these things wrapped up into one great movie package. The story holds your attention, the music flows with the sex instead of being a distraction from it, the cinematography is interesting without being too artsy and flippant, the acting (except for a certain female) is decent, with no false emotion or forced lines. The sex is hot, and nicely recorded, although a couple of scenes run long. There is more than one incidence when you get the felling the actors are actually making love, instead of just fucking. The closing scene is especially loving when the actors lick each others pits and tits.
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Boxcover for Black Balled 5 (All Worlds Video)
Black Balled 5 (All Worlds Video) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jack Simmons, Tiger, Kamrun, Dean Monroe, Marc Williams, Aron Ridge, Eddie Diaz, Nick Da'Kannon, Malik
Studio: All Worlds Video

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Release date: 8/25/2006
Black Balled 5 (All Worlds Video) reviews:
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Good interracial gangbang DVDs are hard to find. In my opinion, they usually have the following shortcomings ... black gangbangers who cant get it up and/or keep it up unattractive white gangbangee poor production values and bad camera work instead of focusing on one bottom servicing lots of tops, theres too much side action and things turn into an orgy instead of a gangbang Luckily, it looks like All Worlds Video (now merged with Channel 1 Releasing) is looking to revive its Black Balled line of interracial videos in a big way. In case youre interested, Black Balled 1, 2, and 3 are old and not worth checking out. BB 4 is OK and features former Falcon guy Rob Romoni (famous for turning his then boyfriend Matthew Rush into an on-screen bottom.) Black Balled 5 is much much better and casts another Falcon regular, Dean Monroe as the lucky white guy who gets gangbanged. The plot of BB5 is short and sweet: Dean plays an arrogant straight soap opera star who mistreats people.
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Boxcover for Spy Quest 2
Spy Quest 2 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jack Simmons, Jake Deckard, Spencer Quest, Ken Mack, Zackary Pierce, Brad Star, Cobalt, Troy Gamaun, Cole Ryan
Studio: TitanMen

Directed by: Brian Mills
Release date: 4/4/2006
Spy Quest 2 reviews:
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Spencer Quest may just be the sexiest man in porn. At least when youre watching him on screen you think he is. So its great that theres a sequel to his earlier star vehicle with SPY QUEST 2. Its a spy vs. spy concept with a plot thats as thin and convoluted as the strand of a spiders web. But its enough on which to hang four super scorching sex scenes. Following an establishing shot of Quest Manor in San Francisco, a man in a ski mask is seen planting a bomb under Spencers car. We later learn this is Brad Star who, although working for Spencer, is a double agent for Quest's nemesis, Black Fist. Spencer comes out of the manor, hops in the car, and drives off. Luckily the car doesnt blow up at that moment or we wouldnt have any film. Spencer calls in on his cell phone to Ken Mack at the TIO Mobile Surveillance Van, which is spying on Black Fists organization. (If you saw Spy Quest 1 you may remember that TIO is an acronym for Titan Intelligence Organization though it might more appropriately stand for Tools Into Orifices.) Spencer asks if Brad is there.
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Boxcover for Lifestyles Special Edition
Lifestyles Special Edition 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jack Simmons, Michael Lucas, Lance Gear, Josh Kole, Eric Magyar
Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Directed by: Michael Lucas
Release date: 2/21/2003
Lifestyles Special Edition reviews:
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Chris Bolt, a handsome young hunk, is about to turn thirty and his lover Lance Gear wants him to settle down in a monogamous commitment. Chris buddies, Chad Hunt and Brandon Roo, advocate the swinging life. After all thirty is not old; one is still at one's sexual peak, as Chad wisely informs him. To illustrate this Chad tells of his picking up a hustlercute uncut Milos Miroslavwhom he took back to his place so Milos could ply his trade, or rather get plowed by his trade. Now Chad Hunt has an incredibly huge cock and if I were a hustler Id charge him double. On second thought, maybe I wouldnt charge him at all. Its a hot scene as Chads always are, and Milos acquits himself admirably, taking every inch of Chads mammoth endowment. Chris then tells of his getting together with a porn star. The star is none other than Michael Lucas, wholike Chadis no slouch in the dick department. After some mutual sucking, a nice sixty-nine, and some expert rimming by LucasChad gets the full measure of Lucas incomparable rod.
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Boxcover for Black & White Lovers
Black & White Lovers 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jack Simmons, Dirk Adams, Marcus, Kamrun, Miami
Studio: Bacchus

Release date: 12/9/2002
Black & White Lovers reviews:
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Now and then a DVD we dont expect too much of turns out to be something of a pleasant surprise. That is the case here. We have two scenes of white on black and two scenes of black on white. Now thats equality, I suppose. The first scene is an example of the former when Marc Cirriano (appearing here in all his hirsute glory) is awakened by his black lover. Both have huge uncut dicks and both know how to suck themboth individually, and in a glorious sixty-nine. The lover does an admirable job also in bottoming for Marcs big boner. In scene two the guys are neither as hung nor as attractive. The premise here is of the two deciding to spend their vacation at home having sex. Again both suck dick, but here the older white guy is topped by his black lover. Scene three is the weakest of the lot due to Dirk Adams. He is paired with a sexy young black wearing dreadlocks. The young man has a nice slender body and a nice dick. Dirkas in his usual performances shows no interest whatsoever in his partner.
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Boxcover for Tourist Trade
Tourist Trade 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jack Simmons, Alex Powers, Jens Hammer, Jackson Phillips, Thom Barron, Scot Armstrong, Pablo Aduan, Christian Bar, Frederick Burdo, Jens Buttner, Richie Foster, Sasha Vayn
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 2/6/2002
Tourist Trade reviews:
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First, I really want to thank all the regular contributors on this site- joeblow69, joe shaver, folkyboy, netguy, and touchdowntony too. They've helped me make some good choices in what to buy, and their reviews (especially joeblow69 and joe shaver) are usually right on the money. Unfortunately, they've written such good reviews on all the good movies out there that all that is left is for the rest of us to warn against the bad or just mediocre ones... Which brings me to Tourist Trade. Probably one of the weaker Titan movies (Gorge, R.E.M., Heat, etc.) and certainly one of the more disappointing Bruce Cam products, Tourist Trade is still better than most of the porn out there- Falcon and (depending on your tastes) Bel Ami being the exceptions. But, it ultimately falls a little flat, and with all the other great movies out there it is hard to recommend this movie, unless you're a big fan of younger German uncut boys mixing it up with circumcised Americans. Scene 1: Thom Barron and Jack Simmons Jack Simmons meets German uber-hottie Thom Barron after a jog.
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Boxcover for Jacked Up
Jacked Up 
(4.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Jack Simmons, Eddie Moreno, Mitch Ryder, Steve Carlisle, Joe Hix, Bruce Jennings, Ross Taylor, Rolio Vizarro
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Harold Creg, Brian Mills
Release date: 3/19/2001
Jacked Up reviews:
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JACKED-UP Starring Steve Carlisle, Joe Hix, Bruce Jennings, Eddie Moreno, Mitch Ryder, Jack Simmons, Ross Taylor and Rolio Vizzaro. Directed (brilliantly) by Harold Craig & Brian Mills. When directors Harold Craig and Brian Mills get their camera rolling, it rocks. Their erotic foray into the world of medicine, LAID UP, is still one of my favorite flicks on dvd; and the latest to arrive in my dvd player, JACKED-UP, maintains the same quality that I've come to expect from this dynamic duo of directors. This time the action, and there is quite a bit of it, is centered around the workers and customers of an auto body shop. The bodies that get the work, however, are not four-wheeled, but rather the two-legged human variety. Variety is the key to JACKED-UP's enjoyment: each man is unique, from the swarthy, if greasy style of pony-tailed Joe Hix, to the short, squat, slightly dangerous charms of Rolio Vizzaro; who not only packs a mean dick, but has found new-fangled ways to use a screwdriver.
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I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with "Jacked Up. Dont get me wrong, it has all the hardcore sex you could ask for but I miss the great scenery in such Titan hits as Heat, Desert Train, and Eruption. Instead we are treated with a bunch of dirty mechanics, and I mean dirty, fucking around in a garage. My other complaint is that it stars Joe Hix. This guy with his unshaven, scruffy face, long hair, dirty black fingernails and bad attitude didnt do a thing for me. Oh, and he has a nice, big, red pimple on his leg that stands out like a sore thumb! Put some makeup on that thing! The one thing I really did enjoy though was the extra interview with Eddie Moreno and some behind the scenes footage. Eddie came off pretty personable, has a nice smile, and loves his balls tied! Hes interviewed in the nude as he plays with his hard cock and it was fun to watch. Overall the production is well done with good editing, visually clear, and great camera angles as are all the Titan line.
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Boxcover for Humidity
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jack Simmons, Peter Wilder, David Thompson, Grant Wood, Rod Berry, Scott Davis, Vince Bandero
Studio: Metro

Release date: 4/24/2000
Humidity reviews:
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I couldnt track down the entire cast for this, some of these actors change their looks over the years and its hard to tell whos who. So forgive me and Ill do my best. The basic premise behind Humidity is that David Thompson has invited a bunch of his friends to cool off poolside, but things dont cool down but instead get hot! The opening shot is with a few of the guys laying around the poolside in chaise lounges as a stripper is dancing around to some techno music. There are misters spraying them as they play with themselves. Jack Simmons and Peter Wilder are off in the shallow end of the pool and are making out. Peter goes down on Jacks big, black meat and laps it up. Jacks pretty big but Peter seems to be enjoying it. Jack takes his turn going down on Peter sucking him, then rimming his ass and fingering him. Jack fucks peter in the pool and as he does Peter jerks himself off.
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