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Boxcover for Jason's Crew: Hard Hat Daddy Gangbang
Jason's Crew: Hard Hat Daddy Gangbang 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Andrew Addams, Tom Moore, Jack Sanders, Jason Crew, Rark Wiley, Jeraldo
Studio: U.S. Male

Directed by: Paul Barresi
Release date: 11/29/2005
Jason's Crew: Hard Hat Daddy Gangbang reviews:
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I really had high hopes for Jasons Crew but in all honesty if felt like a sophomoric effort by Paul Barresi. All the action takes place on the set of a construction site in one room basically, and the actors joke, carryon, and ad lib it seems, as they go. If I heard Tom Moore utter the word chief one more time I was going to scream! Besides that, the star obviously is Jason, but he fucks them all so fast, furious and frantic its really not very enjoyable and the rest of the cast just stand around and do pretty much nothing. The cast too consists of mainly older guys, with some only having a film or two under their belts, and it shows. I dont know, it just felt like a thrown together, lets make a quick buck, fuck film It begins with the cast on a construction site hard at work, and its not long before they are really hard and working on each others cocks. The very hairy chested Jeraldo and studly Park Wiley begin horsing around while the others watch and before you know it theyre pants are down and their cocks are out.
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Boxcover for Straight To Bed (Arena)
Straight To Bed (Arena) 
(3.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Ben Damon, Michael Vista, Jack Sanders, Rob Romoni, Park Wiley, Andrew Adams
Studio: Arena

Release date: 2/4/2005
Straight To Bed (Arena) reviews:
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"Straight to Bed" is a movie that tells the story of wives setting up their guys with other men in order to prevent the guys from wanting 3 ways with other women and them. Jack Sanders and Park Wiley start us out as they are watching a football game. Park seduces Jack and a nice little sex scene starts that ends with Jack fucking park very nicely and cumming on his face. Michael Vista and Sean Steele are up next. When Michael comes over to do some home repairs he comments on how good a cook he is in the kitchen and in the bedroom. This of course peaks Michael's curiosity and low and behold they start fucking. Sucking and fucking ensues with Sean fucking Michael and cumming on his face. There is a lot of face cumming in this video if you like that stuff. Andrew Addams seduces straight man Raphael Shawn sucking him and getting his cock ready to plow his ass. They fuck any way possible giving Raphael's uncut cock a nice work out. The best looking guy in this film Rob Romoni and the astoundingly handsome Fredrick Ford and Ben Damon.
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The seduction of a straight guy is a fantasy for many gays. In actuality its mainly an ego trip as the sex is seldomif evergood. In films its always hot. Of course the guys in the films are about as straight as the Yellow Brick Road. STRAIGHT TO BED is a film that feeds the fantasy of straight seduction. The opening scene is by far the best. It is done with wonderful humor and the acting is top-notch. None of the remaining scenes come anywhere near it in believability and/or sexual heat. Straight Jack Sanders and gay Park Wiley are watching football on TV. Or rather, Jack is watching football and Park is watching Jack. Between touchdowns, Jack complains that his wife won't go for three-ways. Naturally, Jack is thinking of himself, his wife, and another woman. Park suggests that wifey might be more accommodating if he would permit her to first have a three-way with her husband and another man. But where will I find another man? Jack laments. OH, shut up and lean back, an exasperated Park orders. And down he goes. In no time, Jack's big dick is reaching heavenward.
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Boxcover for Haunted House On Sex Hill, The
Haunted House On Sex Hill, The 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Andrew Addams, Cameron Fox, Victor Rios, Paul Johnson, Braeden Casey, Danny Rhymes, Parker Williams, Anthony Holloway, Jack Sanders, Damon Wolf
Studio: Arena

Directed by: Cameron Fox, Victor Rios
Release date: 9/4/2003
Haunted House On Sex Hill, The reviews:
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THE HAUNTED HOUSE ON SEX HILL does not star Vincent Price. But what a cast it has! Director Thor Stephans has assembled an unbeatable array of talentor perhaps, I should say (from the viewers point of few) a very beatable array of talent indeed. He has also devised a plot that keeps the viewer entranced and more than serves as a link between the scorching sexual encounters. As the film opens, the camera pans over a deserted bedroom and comes to rest on an answering machine. A message informs Damon Wolf that his aunt has died and mentioned him in her will. This comes at a vital time for Damon and his lover Braeden Casey, as they are very hard up financially. We cut to these two lovers in the shower where they arewell, uhvery hard up. God, but they look beautiful together! Damon has a dark olive complexion, while Braeden is as pale as fresh milk. Both have musculature that only comes from intensive gym work. Braedens pecs are particularly incredible. (See for yourself on the DVD cover.) One could suckle them all day. But it is his dick that Damon drops to his knees to suckle.
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Boxcover for L.A. Lust (Pacific Sun)
L.A. Lust (Pacific Sun) 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Marco Paris, Markus, Jack Sanders, Jason Sizemore, Alex Mendoza, Neo Turner, Dobie Rivera, Chris Baldwin, Sky Preston, Jesse Martin
Studio: Pacific Sun

Directed by: Richard Morgan
Release date: 1/21/2003
L.A. Lust (Pacific Sun) reviews:
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Junior Studios Richard Morgan has the uncanny ability to take young unseasoned performers and get them to behave like sex-crazed pros. We have become used to seeing cute young actors in these films, but it is awesome to see the Junior Studios gang sucking, rimming, and fucking with the skills of guys twice their age. L.A. LUST is a case in point. The star of this film is Jason Sizemore, a skinny twink whose nom de porn was chosen to match the big, thick dick nature has given him. (6 x 11?) . In the extras section he tells us he hasnt had sex in a good while because when he brings a guy home who says hes a bottom and the trick gets one look at what Jason has to offer, he chickens out. I guess Jasons solution to this problem was to go into porn. The film opens with Jason lying in bed, taking it easy while his lover is out of town. That is until the gardener that Jason has always had a thing for arrives. The gardener is Markus, a blond fantasy come to life.
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