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Brad McGuire's 20-Hole Weekend 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Drew Peters, Brad McGuire, Javier, Ivan, Jay Ross, Alan Gregory, Jason Tyler, Chris Neal, Shane West, Pat Jackson, Ian Jay, Toby James, Conrad Stevens, Dick Damonson, Franco Dax, JC Cole, Marcelo Masko, Max Sohl, Michael Winchester, Robby Lopez, Toby Shelby
Studio: Treasure Island Media

Directed by: Max Sohl
Release date: 6/13/2007
Brad McGuire's 20-Hole Weekend reviews:
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The title tells all. Bald and burly Brad McGuire finds more than twenty willing guys to take his uncut prick bareback.
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Boxcover for Bareback Bi Sex Lovers 3
Bareback Bi Sex Lovers 3 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Stacy, Mike, Silvia, Kate, Lucky, Ivan, Fred, Viki, Ted, Paulu, Dody, Zob
Studio: U.S. Male

Release date: 4/22/2006
Bareback Bi Sex Lovers 3 reviews:
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If you are bi, gay, or just curious this DVD is just what the doctor ordered. Each of the scenes features two guys and one gal, which means that at some point one of the guys gets fucked as well as the gal. The film opens with two young attractive and bare-chested brunet males looking at a calendar of semi-naked women and admiring them. In heavily accented English one of them talks about his girlfriend. The guys show considerable interest in one another that is interrupted by the entry of the girlfriend, an attractive blond, who plops herself between them on the sofa. They remove her halter and fondle her breasts. They suck on them, too. Her boyfriend fingers her hairless cunt. (No way to tell now whether or not shes a natural blond.) She holds both of their cocks before attempting to swallow her boyfriends, whose massive tool is more than a mouthful. This guy is hung. He reciprocates by performing cunnilingus on her as she blows his friend. He next enters her from behind as she continues sucking on his friend.
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Boxcover for School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures)
School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures) 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Eduardo, Felipe, Ivan, Martinez
Studio: Blue Pictures

Release date: 9/2/2005
School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures) reviews:
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SCHOOL BOY CRUSH is nothing less than an awesome demonstration of the elastic properties of the anus. In this film, five very cute twinks suck on and are impaled on the biggest penis I have seen on a human. The cocks of Michael Brandon and Chad Hunt appear miniscule compared with the cock on display here. It belongs to a skinny elderly black man whom you wouldnt look at twice if he were clothed. Naked however he would command your attention. The cock in question is thirteen inches, but it looks to be fourteen or fifteen. When he is seated, the hard monument rises to his breastbone. And its as thick as the radiator hose in your car. Its like something out of an X-rated cartoon or Aubrey Beardsleys engravings for Lysistrata we snickered over in art class. The age of the owner makes it seem as though these youngsters are having sex with their grandfather. The size of the cock makes them appear fearless, insatiable, desperately in need of money, adventuresomeor maybe all these. The teacher is seated stroking his ebony yardstick when the first of these brave young things enters.
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Boxcover for Mansize: Working Day
Mansize: Working Day 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Ivan, Andres Banderas, Lucas Foz
Studio: ManSize (Private Man)

Release date: 5/27/2005
Mansize: Working Day reviews:
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Gorgeous guys, super sex, deft direction, and a plausible plot make this one a winner. It begins with hunky Antton Harri waking up and going down on his still sleeping lover Lucas Foz. The alarm goes off and Lucas bounds out of bed to go to work leaving Antton to fend for himself. This is the problem in their relationship. Lucas is all work and for Antton hes no play. So when a muscular deliveryman arrives at his door Antton is ready for delivery. Antton fishes out the deliverymans brown uncut cock, runs his tongue under the foreskin, and swallows it down. Not even letting the deliveryman remove his pants, Antton slides a condom on the guys cock, gives it a few more sucks for lubrication and bends over to receive it up the ass. The deliveryman is not going to resist such a fabulous invitation. Its a great fuck that soon has Antton in the missionary position and in no time at all these hunks are spouting copious amounts of cock cream. Lucas, fretting about his unceasing job, arrives at a building where a workman with a pickaxe is demolishing a wall.
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Boxcover for Boys Casting
Boys Casting 
(0.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jake, Bruce, Ivan, Jakub, Allen, JD, Nicko, Maxum
Studio: Doghouse Digital

Release date: 3/10/2004
Boys Casting reviews:
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Do you feel you are not overly attractive? Are you not getting enough sex? Well, theres a solution to your problems. Get yourself a camcorder and tell guys you are auditioning them for a film or web site. Thats what we have here in the most self-aggrandizing film Ive yet to see. The director/producer/cameraman/star calls himself Bruce. Hes less than average in looks. His cock is ugly andokay, Ill say ithe has a fat ass. In this film he has assembled nine star-wanna-bes to audition for him. He makes each suck his ugly cock and most also have to take it up the ass. The first is Nicko who with his tiny cock and lack of pubic hair looks to be all of twelve-years-old. Now when Nicko sucks cock its not too badexcept that the cock hes sucking is ugly. Since Bruce is holding the camera and looking down on the action its almost as though Nicko (and the others) is sucking our cocks. But when the fucking starts it goes haywire. You cant fuck and hold a camera at the same time. If you doas we see herethe picture shakes, rocks, and goes out of focus.
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Boxcover for Mansize 2: Soccer Boy
Mansize 2: Soccer Boy 
(4.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Angelo, Ivan, Vilem Cage, Christophe, Ricardo Benny, Lucas Foz, Ricky Blanc, Christiano, Vincent Daimler, Nando
Studio: ManSize (Private Man)

Release date: 12/18/2003
Mansize 2: Soccer Boy reviews:
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Soccer Boy is one of the first Ive seen of the Private DVD line and from the extremely well done theatrical like credits in the beginning I just new I was going to be in for a real treat! And I wasnt wrong! Lucas Foz has assembled a hot mix of versatile men from all over including himself, the cute, boyish, Nando from Argentina, the rugged, muscular Christophe Blanc from France, and the hairy, hunk Angelo from Cuba, just to name a few. It begins with Lucas getting out of the shower, gets dressed and heads for the local sports center to meet up with his buddies for a round of soccer. He goes inside and as hes headed to the court he hears a noise and takes a peak. The blonde, Ricky Blanc is inside inflating some soccer balls. Well it doesnt take long and Lucas is in there inflating some balls of his own! Lucas has a nice big cock that Ricky quickly drops to his knees to suck. Ricky then kneels over and gets his ass rimmed, slapped, fingered and spat on by Lucas before he fucks him. Lucas starts off a bit slow but works up to a nice pumping.
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Lucas Foz who has appeared in films from Studio 2000 has not only come up with the idea for this film but has served as its casting director, film director, and star. He excels in all capacities. The film opens with Lucas in the shower. When he shaves, he deliberately nicks his right eyebrow. Then its off to the Sportsplex. Arriving there, he finds a hunky bare-chested blond pumping the soccer ball. Lucas goes to hold the ball. His hand slides up the leg of the studs shorts in search of other balls. The next thing we know the blond is slurping on Lucas cock. They kiss. (They kiss a lot in this scene.) Lucas begins fondling the hunks ass. The buns are hairless; there is no hair at all around the hole, but there is soon a dick in it. Lucas does what few more experienced directors fail to do. He shows us the initial entry! (Bravo, Lucas!) After a time the muscular blond sits down on Lucas cock. It is one of the best lap-fucks I have seen! Lucas stands and with his dick still embedded in the blonds ass turns him around and positions him on his back for a missionary fuck.
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Boxcover for Bottom Dweller 2, The
Bottom Dweller 2, The 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Nick East, Tom Byron, Peter North, Ed Powers, Alex Sanders, Rebecca Wild, Isis Nile, Champagne, Buck Adams, Sydnee, Vixxen, Christina Angel, Lacy Rose, Bruce Seven, Sally Laid, Patrick Collins, Ivan, Selina St. Clair, Vic Moore
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: Patrick Collins
Release date: 7/24/2001
Bottom Dweller 2, The reviews:
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Starring: Sally Laid, Isis Nile, Champagne, Sydney, Selina St. Clair, Nikki Sinn, Christina Angel, Vixxxen, Rebecca Wild, Lacy Rose, Buck Adams, Tom Byron, Roscoe Bowltree, Nick East, Peter North, Ivan, Vic Moore, Alex SandersNon- sex: Ed Powers, Bruce Seven Director: Patrick Collins Pros: Vixxxen and her great legs and ass, Isiss captivating face, Selina, quite good looking girls, good sexual performances, people being told what to do, teasing, slow undressing, box provides decent chick ID Cons: lackluster (Im using big words now) audio/video, has a plot, some dude (Buck Adams?) lives the easy lifeall giving, I dont want to see that guys asshole nor even ass (doesnt matter who the guy is), features are so poor even the trailers are really short Why I have it: Hey! The title has Bottom in it. I was hoping on some good shots of good bottoms.
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Boxcover for Reves de Cuir 2
Reves de Cuir 2 
(1.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Roberto Malone, Tabitha Cash, Maeva, N'J DeBahai, Cloe, Sergio Demon, Carol, Alain, Roland, Julia Channel, Beata, Olive, Natacha Borisovna, Perle, Michael Wilson, Ivan, Patrick Bulnes, Alan Champion, Christopher Eiger, Eugene Fondrier, Stephne Genna, Gerard Marx, Gilles Mons, Gerard Pujol, Jack Striker
Studio: Plum

Directed by: Francois Leroi
Release date: 6/5/2001
Reves de Cuir 2 reviews:
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Starring: Tabitha Cash, Deborah Wells, Julia Channel, NJ de Bahia, Eva Blue, Roberto Malone, Sergio Demon, Alain Dumaurier, Gerald Pujol, Beata, Maeva, Ivan, Olive, Roland, Cloe Delice, Carole, Jack Striker, Gerald Marx, Gilles Mon, Perle, Natacha Borisovna, Eugene Fondrier, Christopher Eiger, Stephane Genna, Patrick Bulnes, and Michael Wilson Pros: NJ de Bahias spectacular ass, Deborah Wells touching herself, bunch of dark haired beauties, NJ de Bahia as a dominatrix Cons: rape, blood, music, snow ball, damn plot I didnt want to follow, Deborah Wells always had tears running down her face, dubbing, old timers Plot: I didnt pay much attention but Im sure I wouldnt like it. Wow! There are some damn good-looking brunettes in this. There is a great dominatrix scene with NJ de Bahia (pronounced.I have no idea). There is black leather, ropes, chains, masks, and whips. There are some really sex scenes, when not interrupted by plot and bad music. None-the- less I have to give this a bad review.
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Running Time: 89 min. Production Date: 1993 Director: Francois Leroi Cast: Tabitha Cash, Deborah Wells, Julia Channel, NJ de Bahia, Eva Blue, Roberto Malone, Sergio Demon, Alain Dumaurier, Gerald Pujol, Beata, Maeva, Ivan, Olive, Roland, Cloe Delice, Carole, Jack Striker, Gerald Marx, Gilles Mon, Perle, Natacha Borisovna, Eugene Fondrier, Christopher Eiger, Stephane Genna, Patrick Bulnes, and Michael Wilson Initial Expectations: I really enjoyed Reves de Cuir and hope that this lives up to the original. Initial Reaction: The only thing it has in common with the original is Deborah Wells playing one of the characters in each of them (and not the same character). Who Should Watch It : Fans of Tabitha Cash or NJ de Bahia Who Should Avoid It: Fans of the original Audio /Video Quality: The audio is available in both French and English. The French appears to be very clear, and although the English is clear, its also dubbed pretty poorly. The picture is pretty good but has a little grain.
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