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Boxcover for Bang Bang Breakin' the Law
Bang Bang Breakin' the Law 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Milena, Nataly, Juliano Ferraz, Rafaela Sanchez, Gustavo, Alexia Freire, Fabiola Mebarak, Maryoye Romas, Laisa Lins, Giselle Mazrila, Larissa Sensacaie, Victoria Adams, Paula Freire, Cinthya Marinho, Alexia Nogueira
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: Nacho Vidal
Release date: 8/31/2004
Bang Bang Breakin' the Law reviews:
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This title from Evil Angel is on par with some of their other shemale titles, but there are no ladies getting fucked in this one, so if youre looking for that, look elsewhere. This has two guys getting gang bang, and one guy doing the banging, and that should make any fan happy, even though I am not a fan of seeing shemales fuck guys. This adventure has a cop in the first scene getting it pretty good from a bunch of street hookers who have something under their panties that he is not aware of. The scene ends with a shemale bukkake, and then they throw him in a pool and piss in it. Not being a fan of pissing, I really could have done without that at the end of the scene, but it may turn some people on. To each their own. The second scene has a guy fucking several rather attractive shemales. A good scene with some good chemistry, it does go into the frantic side once in a while, and can seem to be rushed at times, but overall, a good scene. The third is another scene with a guy getting fucked in his ass and cum on his lips in the end.
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Boxcover for Renegade, The (Arena)
Renegade, The (Arena) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Yuri, Rock, Tulio, Gustavo, Marcelo Lagoas, Rodrigo Muller, Rodrigues
Studio: Arena

Directed by: Leo Botelho
Release date: 8/26/2004
Renegade, The (Arena) reviews:
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The renegade is the Brazilian bodybuilder on the front cover whom I assume is Rock. He has a handsomely sexy face and a great body, but only an average dick. Well, it may be a bit more than average, but compared to his bulk it doesnt seem big. Hes obviously straight and only gay-for-pay as he doesnt suck cock. He does rim ass, but that simply requires much the same skill as cunnilingus. He will kiss. Hes in all four scenes. We first find him doing laps in the pool, observed by a cute young Latino stud. Rock comes out of the pool shucks off his trunks and orders the young lad chuparwhich by now Ive learned is Portuguese for give me a blowjob. (Who says these films are not educational?) O jovem chupa o pinto, but Rocks cock doesnt get like a rock very easily. This handsome suckers own cock is twice as big, harder, and curves like Gonzos nose. Rock ignores it. The young stud eats Rocks ass before returning to the reluctant cock. He gets in position for Rock to rim him, sucks some more cock and then gets back in position for Rock to fuck him.
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Boxcover for Something Extra
Something Extra 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Wesley, Carol, Claudia Bella, Patty, Lisa Lawer, Fabio Cesar, Suzany Petrovik, Paloma Bratio, Gustavo, Andreia Mel, Jhenifer Heloizy, Ana Paula, Jhenyfer Heloizy, Patricia (latin)
Studio: Red Light District

Directed by: David Luger
Release date: 1/23/2004
Something Extra reviews:
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Transsexual Performer Looks Rating : 4.0 David Luger Productions presents A David Luger Video Something Extra Starring Lisa Lawer, Andreia Mel, Paloma Bratio, Suzany Petrovyck, Ana Paula, and Jhenifer Heloizy Directed by David Luger A (somewhat) QUICK REVIEW: This DVD has been out for some time, but maybe a review can still be useful for some people. Lisa Lawer opens this DVD up on a second floor balcony, camera looking up at her. She is a very good looking blonde wearing a British flag strapless top and matching boyshort bottom, along with black boots. She straddles and grinds the rail to open this 32 minute scene, teasing the camera nicely as she walks outside. She squeezes some milk out of one of her medium sized tits and soon has her cock pulled out and hard, giving a nice, but brief solo before walking on to find Claudia Bella behind a gated doorway. The two girls kiss a bit and feel each other up through the openings in the gate, until Claudia steps out from behind it, then we see this gorgeous brunette unobstructed.
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Boxcover for My Girlfriend's Cock (Red Light District)
My Girlfriend's Cock (Red Light District) 
(4.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Marcelo, Belladonna, Perla, Suzany Petrovik, Troy, Shayene Lima, Drica Brasil, Gustavo, Carol Mancini, Andreia Mel, Milena Vendramine, Jane Max, James Armstrong, Peterson, Karolina Mancine
Studio: Red Light District

Directed by: Carlos Safado
Release date: 11/23/2003
My Girlfriend's Cock (Red Light District) reviews:
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Transsexual Performer Looks Rating : 4.5 Red Light District presents A Carlos Safado Video My Girlfriends Cock Produced by Dion Giarrusso Starring Andreia Mel, Shayene Lima, Carolina Mancine, Milena Verdraming, Belladonna, and Suzany Petrovyck, as well as, Perla, Jane Max, Drica Brasil, Yroy, Marcelo, James Armstrong, and Gustavo, who are listed at the end Directed by Carlos Safado SCENE ONE : Andreia Mel, a hot light tan skinned girl, with light brown hair, wearing a white fishnet shirt and yellow bikini bottoms, walks in on two guys playing ping-pong. They dont seem to notice her, so she grabs their attention by grabbing the ping-pong ball and running over to a marble bench, where she waits to be caught. One guy gets behind her and works her ass while the other stands in front and gets some oral, before she sits up to have the guys lift her shirt and lick her nipples atop her smallish tits.
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Running Time: 140 minutes Production Date: 9/16/03. Directed By: Carlos Safado Transsexual Cast: Suzany Petrovyck, Milena Vendramine, Carol Mancini, Belladonna 2, Shayene Lima, Andreia Mel Female Cast: Drica Brasil, Perla Male Cast: James Armstrong, Gustavo, Marcelo, Troy Note on cast credits: A performer list by scene was given to me by Frank from Red Light District Video. Jane Max is credited at the end of the movie but I didn't see her anywhere. Scene Selection: Six preview clips, labeled with the featured performer. Andreia Mel Shayene Lima Carolina Mancini Milena Vendramine Belladonna Suzany Petrovyck Review: Gonzo, she-male style, shot in Brazil. There is a tease sequence by the transsexual performer at the beginning of each scene. Scene 1: Andreia Mel, Marcelo, James Armstrong Andrea shakes it a bit in a white fishnet dress and blue thong bottoms. She entices two guys away from a game of ping pong next to a pool by stealing the ball. Vigorous sex follows, complete with camera mugging by our she-male star.
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Boxcover for 5 New York Classics
5 New York Classics 
(1.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jack Wrangler, Miles Long, Keith Anthoni, George Payne, Scorpio, Gustavo, Steve Parker, John Kovacs, Kip Noll, Daniel Holt, Christopher Rage, Shawn Gregory, Lew Seager, Johnny Kovaks, Victor Huston, Sven Jensen, Alan Miles, Michael Pen, Tone Stalione, David Starbuck, Josef Tempesta, Tom Cord, Brad Ford, Ken Edwards, Pete Connors, Andy Breugera, Perry Fryer, William Hallquist, Trane Johnson, Ray Moore, BJ Bare, Pat Johnson, Roberto Castro
Studio: P.M. Productions

Directed by: Arch Brown, John Amero, Michael Findlay, Says Parker, Bruce King
Release date: 4/23/2002
5 New York Classics reviews:
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The only film in this collection worth watching at all is ALL TIED UP. As though realizing this it had a disc all to itself. The other four films are crunched together on the second disc. And that is a problem because they are so compressed that you are lucky if two of the four will play. I was able to watch (unfortunately) two and a half of the films but the rest of the disc simply would not play on any of my five players. ALL TIED UP stars Scorpio one of our earliest porn stars. He was slender, bottomed as well as topped and had a blond walrus mustache. Indeed all of the guys in all the films wear mustaches. It was the badge of gaydom in this ancient time period. One didnt need gaydar, the mustache screamed GAY! The Nazis wouldnt have needed pink triangles with these guys. (Okay, so I had a mustache myself oncebut it was in a much later time period so I wasnt a clone). Anyway, a delivery boy seduces Scorpio so that he can steal the keys to his apartment thus allowing two others to enter and tie Scorpio to the bed. Thereafter he gets dildos and cocks up his butt.
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