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Boxcover for Side Tracked
Side Tracked 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Carlos, Petr Majer, Adam Kubick, Glen Santoro, Sergej Ural, Drago Lembeck, Ladislav Bohar, Thomac Cruise, Mark Federico, Igor Braun, Marco Mark, Otto Roberts
Studio: TitanMen

Directed by: Richie Oldman
Release date: 12/11/2006
Side Tracked reviews:
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After serving as Producer on Titans previous Titanmen Fresh European series, Richie Oldmann has taken over as director for SIDETRACKED and he has done a fine job. The film consists of four threesomes each of which starts of with two guys until a third comes along and the duos get sidetracked. The film might also be called Threes Company. Such a setup does preclude much variety, but with studs like these who minds? The first scene begins with muscular Glenn Santoro looking under the hood of his car which has broken down. His attention is immediately diverted when blond and stunning Petr Majer strolls past. Glenn watches as Petr enters a supposedly abandoned factory and decides to pursue him. Inside the abandoned factory Petr has met up with an incomparable beauty known only as Carlos. Stiff cocks bang together and lips are locked in passion before Carlos drops down to suck Petrs cock and lick his balls. When Glenn who has arrived witnesses this, he pulls out his cock. Peter waves for him to join them. He and Petr kiss as Carlos swallows down yet another cock.
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Boxcover for Breathless (Titan Men)
Breathless (Titan Men) 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Carlos, Miguel Sabroso, Julian Vincenzo, Ted Colunga, Francois Sagat, Glen Santoro, Don Camillo, Damien Crosse, Alex Baresi, Benjamin Stark, Pierre Sias
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Bruce Cam
Release date: 12/8/2006
Breathless (Titan Men) reviews:
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Bruce Cams GORGE with its masculine men amidst rugged grandeur may very well be the most beautiful porn film ever made. His BREATHLESS with its slew of hot men in the forests of the Czech Republic is its worthy successor. We first hear labored breathing of François Sagat as he runs through the forest with Ted Colunga and Julian Vincenzo in hot pursuit. As he stops at a rivulet to drink they seize him. A belt is put around his neck to serve as a leash and hes led to a spot where he is made to suck their randy cocks. Sagatsomething of a Titan regular these daysis a chunky hunk, bearded with his hair shaved so close it looks likes hes wearing a yarmulke. Both Colunga and Vincenzo are familiar to those of us who are fans of those Pacific Sun films set in Hungary. Both are muscular and handsome. Colunga is very hairy. Hes my kind of bear and not a fat daddy type. Satisfied with the sucking these muscular studs then drape François across a trestle in order to get at his ass.
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Boxcover for Mansize 8: The Club (Standard Edition)
Mansize 8: The Club (Standard Edition) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Kevin Cage, Daryl Domingues, Evan Rochelle, Helmut Muller, Rogerio Mateo, Austin Rogers, Mario McCabe, Glen Santoro, Breno Lopes, Gianni Nascimento, Lazzaro Ramirez, Leo Randolf, Renzzo Gonzales
Studio: Private Man

Directed by: Csaba Borbely
Release date: 11/6/2006
Mansize 8: The Club (Standard Edition) reviews:
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The Club from Man-Size by Private is a 2-hour film with six scenes featuring a European cast. Most European films feature either the twinks or the muscle men. This one goes for that middle of the road look with lanky guys and the tall tight muscled jocks. Most of the guys are really hot; however, it might be hard to pick one out of a line up, as many of them look alike. I tried my best on identifying each one, but could be mistaken with the lanky ones. Credits with hats and side views made this one a challenge. The film opens with two straight (or supposed straight) couples walking down a deserted street to go to a bar where they seemed to be the only customers. They enter the club, which looks more like an old church at first, and are greeted by a half naked pair of guys. The coat check guys stare in awe at the four as they walk to their tables. Leo Randolf, a hunky guy wearing only a leather jock and harnessthe required attire of the club- takes their drink orders.
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Boxcover for Poolside Party (US Male)
Poolside Party (US Male) 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Carlos, Lucio Maverick, Evan Rochelle, Rogerio Mateo, Austin Rogers, Mario McCabe, Glen Santoro, Cavin Cage, Luciano Veneziano, Sebastian Bronos, Steve Hunt
Studio: U.S. Male

Directed by: Joe Budai
Release date: 7/11/2006
Poolside Party (US Male) reviews:
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Director Joe Budai brings us some new European guys along with some regular favorites in Elite Males Poolside Party. Lasting almost 2 hours with 5 scenes the video starts out with all the guys around a large backyard pool, but once the first scene begins, the pool is never seen again. In the first scene, Mario McCabe is sitting on a couch when Carlos sits down to join him and the pair begin kissing along with some brief body exploration with their hands. Both of these guys have that lean muscular jock look. Carlos is quickly down on Marios dick sucking it, or actually sucking the head of it. After enough of that, Mario gets Carloss Speedos off and goes down on him offering a better blowjob. He doesnt deep throat it, but he does take a few inches of the hard meat into his mouth. The scene changes and Mario is on his back while Carlos fucks him missionary style. Carlos is kind of methodical in his moves but he does bury the big dick up in Marios hole. While being fucked in the missionary style, Mario blows a load.
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Boxcover for Muscle and Cum 3
Muscle and Cum 3 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Randy Jones, Lucio Maverick, Julian Vincenzo, Nico Blade, Giorgio, David Bathory, Rick Bauer, Glen Santoro, Cavin Cage, Joshua Rodgers, Solten Talton, Claudio Anthonelli
Studio: U.S. Male

Release date: 6/7/2006
Muscle and Cum 3 reviews:
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Muscle and Cum Volume 3 is the third video of the Muscle and Cum series featuring 12 of Europes hottest porn muscle studs in a solo scene lasting about 10-15 minutes each. Most of these guys are no strangers to the hard-core stuff so it is interesting to see how they do when left alone to get off. It appears they used a large house to film this video and so the scenes take place in various rooms of the house. I am not normally one to pick up a solo video but having seen these guys in hardcore stuff, I decided to give it a try and was glad I did. Cavin Cage is our first model and he starts out standing shirtless with his pants undone and stroking his already hard cock with his right hand while he uses his left hand to rub all over his hairy muscled chest and stomach. He jacks his dick with a fast rhythm. His occasional pinching of the nipples along with dropping his head to let loose a drop of saliva to fall to his dick adds to the hot factor here. When he shoots his load, the cum just oozes out of his cock hole.
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Boxcover for Leather & Chains
Leather & Chains 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Randy Jones, Lucio Maverick, Julian Vincenzo, Nico Blade, Claudio Antonelli, David Bathory, Rick Bauer, Glen Santoro, Cavin Cage, Joshua Rodgers, Solten Talton
Studio: Elite

Directed by: Joe Budai
Release date: 5/28/2006
Leather & Chains reviews:
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Leather and Chains is a 2-hour video from Elite Male that has recruited 12 of the hottest porn studs in Europe. There are no skanks or twinks in this cast. The initial scene opens with David Bathory face fucking Claudio Antonelli. David is a muscular pony tailed wearing guy and Claudio is a muscle stud with a few tattoos. Both of the guys are wearing leather harnesses. After 6 minutes of sucking, the scene changes and David is fucking Claudio doggy style. I have to give props to the cameraman and the editor for a good balance of close-ups and panned out full body shots. They are able to get full body shots without having to film from the next county. Unfortunately the sex is all forced with no chemistry. I found myself more interested in the music than the sex as it was so monotonous. We are 7 minutes into the doggy style fucking and they change to cowboy style fucking. Three minutes of this and we are back to doggy style. Actually, it was just poor editing because Claudio has his jock strap back on like he did earlier.
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Boxcover for Mansize 5: Jailhouse Cock
Mansize 5: Jailhouse Cock 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Ken Spencer, Lucio Maverick, Fredy Costa, Julio Carillo, Andreas Harris, Evan Rochelle, Ettore Valentino, Alfredo Castaldo, Helmut Muller, Claudio Antonelli, Glen Santoro, Kristoff Caine, Antonio Cardigan
Studio: ManSize (Private Man)

Directed by: Csaba Borbely
Release date: 10/24/2005
Mansize 5: Jailhouse Cock reviews:
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If prisons were really the way they are presented in gay porn we would be climbing their walls to get into them not doing our best to stay out. Just imagine being shut off from the world with a group of gorgeous hot horny men and being looked after by hunky jailers who were hung like horses. O prison would be paradise enow! JAILHOUSE COCK presents us with such a world. It opens with a group of prisoners being escorted to their incarceration in a prison van. (You can chose to hear the dialogue from a number of languages, if not you will hear them speak in English with heavy Slavic accents.) Vot arrr you looking at? one of the guards snarls at one of the prisoners. Sock my deek! He does and ends up with cum on his orange prison garb for his pains. And this is even before the credits roll. Once inside, the prisoners are photographed, fingerprinted, and ordered to strip. We get first a rear view of five beautiful butts. When they turn around a guard goes down the line measuring their cocks. (I dont know why but it does give us glorious close-ups of four fabulous uncut cocks.
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