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Where Is Gianna Michaels
Does anyone know what Gianna Michaels is up to?Topic Moved by - Flash on May 30 2010
Is Gianna Michaels DEAD???
Rumor going around that she got hit by a truck jaywalking....any truth?
We Love Gianna
I'm sure the majority of us can all agree that Gianna is one screen vixen that we'd all like to play with. I feel that she needs her own appreciation thread, if you will, where we can post the most strokeworthy pics and links of Gianna. Also, any new information, favourite scenes or general Gianna discussion should be posted here!Let the orgasm beg ...
Gianna Michaels in parahna 3-D
I swear when i was seated in the last row watching parahna 3-d with my popcorn and LOTS of butter, damn that i didn't see ms michaels grace that screen with those HUGE tits, and then the camers got close and yep it was her, if it wasn't she's got a twin somewhere. But her role was brief because those sharp teeth fish ripped her body in half, believ ...
Is this pic of Gianna doing anal real? (topic moved)
Here's The link to the pic. Gianna Anal?I want to know if it's actually true and has she finally done anal.[Had the she and has switched around.] darklordEdited by - darklord on Sep 4 2008Topic Moved by - savoy on Dec 8 2009
Gianna to do anal in Big Wet Asses #13?
There's this rumour spreading on the internet that Gianna will do an anal scene in the next edition of Big Wet Asses, which would be volume 13. If it's true, it would be quite spectacular news.But is it true?cheers,Zed
Gianna looking GOOD
Say it looks like Gianna, someone I've charged with looking too soft, has lost some weight and really toned up. Her belly is flat as a board now and in some twisting side shots her waist just disappears, a sign of very strong abdominals. What are the titles of some of Gianna's latest vids? I need to reassess her. Gianna has always been a great perf ...
What's that white mark on Gianna's butt?
Has anyone else noticed that white mark on Gianna's right butt cheek? Is it some kind of birthmark? I can't help noticing it now in every scene of hers, it is slightly distracting.
Gianna Michaels Pictures from Cons, Etc.?
Hey there, can anyone tell me where one might see some pictures of Gianna Michaels from adult cons, etc.?Thanks...
Love letter to Gianna (Michaels)
The last couple days I have been making several compilation discs of nothing but Gianna scenes. Normally, that much of a focus on one girl would lessen one's attractino to her. Not so with Gianna. The more scenes I see of her, the more I like her.Beyond the obvious draw of her magnificent, perfect-shaped, and proportinately big ole titties, I conti ...
Gianna Michaels Web Site?
Anybody have any idea when/if Gianna Michaels will launch her website? was supposedly going to be her official page (as she stated in an interview in January). Until now it had at least had it looks like the site is totally gone.Edited by - c293716 on Nov 14 2007
recommend a gianna movie
well believe it or not I NEVER SAW A SCENE OF HER BEFORE . i am in love with anal movies and literally NEVER saw a scene without anal in the last 3 years . she is soooo hot and beautiful and i was waiting for her to open her backdoor but i can't wait anymore . can you recommend a rough scene of her for me . what is the nastiest scene she ever done ...
Gianna - Still no anal? If not WHEN??
I'm a long time fan of Gianna...she has the entire package.... booty...hips....legs...andi never thought i would like big saggy tits but she sports them to the fact that she has an exotic looking face does it for me..ive seen so many of her movies but I noticed..STILL NO ANAL!!?? HAS she done any? if not does anyone know when she m ...
anybody know if she has finally done an anal or dp?