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In praise of Gen Padova
I think Gen may have the most perfect body that I've ever seen. It is proportionally perfect. She is so well put together. Plus ... those orgasms!! Gen now joins Vanessa Chase and Anna Belle on my list of all-time obsessions.
Gen Padova is back !!!
My heart is having palpitations as I write this.AdultFYI has a piece about Gen returning to performing.Only for her website and unfortunately only solo or g/g.But ,hey, at least Gen is back.All hail ... Padova the Great !!!
2/25/2014 Interviews (the return of) Gen Padova February 1 Issue INTERVIEWThe Return of the Generizer - Gen PadovaWe sat down with this pixie-like beauty Gen Padova to see where she’s been, where she is going and what she has in store for her reentry to the porn industry.Read the interview with Gen Padova here: The Return of Gen PadovaHEADLINE NEWS2012 AVN Awards Recap Complete ...
Gen Padova site down ? is down.Anybody know if it's down for good ?Say it ain't so.
Did Gen Padova retire ??
I haven't seen Gen is a while.I hope she hasn't retired.She is one of my faves. Perfect body + amazing orgasms.She is criminally under-utilized.
Gen Padova Cast In Independent Film
From CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Starlet Gen Padova has been recently cast as the ex-hooker girlfriend of a hitman in an upcoming independent mockumentary titled Hitman. The starlet said that she’s excited about having the freedom to exercise her ability to act in a part that is both funny and dramatic. Padova said that she's always be ...
Happy 25'th Birthday Gen Padova :o)
Happy Birthday from your favorite Ankle Liker :o)
8/3/2006 Gen Padova? in this scene...
other search words: teenie tarts Is it Gen in the link? And if so, what movie is it from? THANKS!!!
Gen Padova bonus scenes in ChatsworthPictures DVDs
Chatsworth Pictures Releases Multi-Part BlowGenBlow Series to DVD: A story of unrequited love and getting blown by 2 chicks. Chatsworth, CA - Chatsworth Pictures is releasing the multipart series The BlowGenBlow Chronicles as a special bonus feature on its first 4 DVD releases. The BlowGenBlow Chronicles star popular pint-size dynamo Gen Pad ...
Gen Padova Directs for SkinTight
From Skintight... Pint-sized porn dynamo Gen Padova makes her directorial debut this month with SkinTight Pictures Revenge of the Butt'er Face. Padova, who was hired earlier this year as an On-Set consultant by SkinTight founders Grip & Cram Johnson, believes this is an important and logical step in her career. "Those teen movie of ...
Gen Padova recommendation
Hey everyone, I met the lovely Gen Padova this weekend in Vegas, and it occurs to me, I don't own anything with her in it. So I'm looking for some movies with her, anyone got any recommendations, with hot sex where the performers are into the sex. Thanks
Gen Padova's health.
Hi folks, I just got this piece of info about Gen Padova from Gen's cancer is back. I hope she'll get better soon!!! here's the link. Gen's Cancer is back Edited by - tomcat14 on Jan 27 2004
Gen Padova joins the Lair as a columnist
Press Release Gen Padova joins as a columnist Gen Padova was born and raised in Southern California with a background of full Northern Italian. Before she began her adventure in the adult industry, she was your typical school nerd who always attended class, passed her tests and did all her homework. Many have commented that ...
Is she Gen PADOVA and which movie , please ?
Hello ! Here is a link : Is she Gen PADOVA ? And could you tell me the title of the movie , please ? A Billion Thanks in anticipation ! Best Regards , MARDUK