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Boxcover for Biker Pigs from Hell
Biker Pigs from Hell 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Steve Cannon, Frank Parker, Sweet Williams, Eduardo, Chad Donovan, Joe Romero, Bo Garrett, Mark Kroner
Studio: Wildcat Productions

Directed by: Thor Stephens
Release date: 11/1/2002
Biker Pigs from Hell reviews:
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Ive been getting a little bored with the body beautifuls and vanilla fuck and suck porn Ive been watching lately. So I went in search of something a little more raunchy, filthy, and piggythe kind of stuff that would, maybe, make both my hair and my dick stand on end. First upI thought that any porn with the outrageous term Biker Pigs in the title might be a possibility. And with inky bad boys Bo Garrett and Steve Cannon starring in this one, I figured it held some promise of what I was looking for. So heres a quick review of Biker Pigs From Hell to be followed shortly by a review of BPFH 2. BPFH is not as raunchy as I had hoped for, but the sex scenes are mostly filled with good action. And Bo Garrett never looked better or greasier. Its too bad hes out of porn for now and really didnt make all that many flicks when he was in it. The premise of the film is that cheap trick Steve Cannon spends the night with Bo Garrett and as the film opens, Steve awakens and leaves a still sleeping Bo, taking his money, wallet, and Harley. Very, very, very bad move Steve.
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Boxcover for Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion)
Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) 
(3.8 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Frank Parker, Joe Stack, Robert Black
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Chris Ward, J.D. Slater
Release date: 10/5/2001
Sexpack Two (Raging Stallion) reviews:
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Note on Rating: My vote is split: Parts I (especially) and II sure as hell worked for me. Part III is a solo dick playing scene where the guy is getting a tattoo colored. And Part IV involves guys with metal in places Id not seen before. Fascinating, erotic, exciting, but the sex just wasnt up to the standard set by the first two scenes. Based on the hotness of scenes I and II, Im giving this a somewhat positive 3 stars. But read the other reviews before you jump on this. Tom Vacarro and Dean Coulter Two American Booties If youre into fairly intense sex between two really great looking beefy guys, without any additions like bootlicking, tattooing and pierced body parts of all sorts, youll probably love this episode the best. Both guys are big and muscular, but Dean is really well muscled. Which is fine with me cause I usually find it a turn-on when the bigger guy is the bottom. Anyway, Tom Vacarros dick is probably the nicest Ive seen in a while in gay pornreally long, thick but not too thick, and able to salute on cue.
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From the looks of the box cover (I put the back online too so you get more of a feel for the film) I really expected Sexpack Two: A Kinky Twist to be a lame compilation just thrown together. Well, like the old saying goes, dont judge a book by its cover! This one is pretty hot especially those of you into kink and leather! Im not a big fan of it but I was pleasantly surprised at this offering. The dvd gets right to the action and theres no bullshit. The dvd has the usual extras and one nice touch was 5 electronic musical compostions by JD Slater. The scene that I thoroughly enjoyed was the first one which features two great performers, Tom Vacarro, a tall, hairy and well hung man and the popular bottom Dean Coulter. Their episode is entitled Two American Booties. It opens with Dean coming home only to find Tom waiting for him on a large futon in a gorgeous house. Dean wastes no time going down on Toms throbbing cock and balls and Tom plunges it down his throat.
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Chris Ward, J.D. Slater Cast: Tom Vacarro, Dean Coulter, Frank Parker, Joe Stack, Robert Black, Michael Corey, Bryce Pierce Story: No story here just four scenes of hot, manly men doing what they do best. Two American Booties Dean Coulter heated up the first scene in Sexpack One, and hes back one again to get things started in Sexpack Two this time with well-hung Tom Vacarro. Deans definitely one of my favs. Hes cute, muscular, has an awesome bubble butt, and always gives a top-notch performance.
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Boxcover for Fallen Angel 2: Descending (general release)
Fallen Angel 2: Descending (general release) 
(3.7 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Alex Stone, Jackson Reid, Frank Parker, Josh Perez, Thomas Lloyd, Damon Page, Harold Creg, Mike Roberts, Tripp Doyle, Kyle Brandon
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 4/24/2000
Fallen Angel 2: Descending (general release) reviews:
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When Fallen Angel 2 was first released a while back, it was hailed by critics as one of the best leather pics of the year. But a few weeks after its release, complaints from customers started popping up on the internet. People were put off by the overuse of MTV style editing, superimposed images, and strobing color effects. Sure, as art, it looked great, but for porn, it was hard to tell what was going on with all those special effects. In an unprecedented move, Titan went back and re-edited Fallen Angel 2, promising to leave out most of the artsy fartsy stuff, and concentrate on what people really wanted to see: hot, leathery mansex. Thus the hardcore sex edit was born. Luckily for us DVD owners, the original version never made it to DVD, so you dont have to worry about what version you are getting. Things start out with Kyle Branden and his new slave, Alex Stone, sitting back and watching a big leather orgy unfold. Theres a whole lot of sex going on, and I only recognized a few guys (like the Mike Roberts and Josh Parez pairing).
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Fallen Angel II - Hardcore Sex Edit Company: Titan/Atomic Video Year Released DVD: 1999 Cast List:Kyel Brandon, Alex Stone, Damon Page, Josh Perez, Harold Creg, Jason Reid, Frank Parker, Steve Cannon to name a few... Original Release Date:1998 Features: This disc was digitally remastered for DVD and features a Photo Gallery - if I recall there were about 50!!!, and a slide show of the same. Synopsis: Almost 2 hrs of Satanic Kyle Brandons den of hardcore sex complete with harnesses, cages, fencing and fire. Review: Really didnt know what to expect with this...hmmm, the Hardcore Sex edit-only available through Titan direct...must be pretty raw! So I thought I'd check it out....and I have to say this was a hard one to review.... If you are into leather and hardcore sex this is for you and if youre not but want to see what goes on...beware! As with Titan the quality and production values are high although this particular movie doesnt have any story and it all takes place in a single room-Kyles den of evil! There are cages, harnesses, fire, whips, electric zapp
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FALLEN ANGEL II, 111 minutes Titan Media/Atomic (Distributors) Directed by Robert Kirsch & Bruce Cam Featuring: Kyle Brandon, Mike Roberts, Alex Stone, Jackson Reid, Frank Parker, Josh Perez, Thomas Lloyd, Damon Page, Harold Creg, Tripp Doyle REPORT CARD: C+ The original Fallen Angel was a great video success, winning lots of awards in 1998, and spawning two sequels so far. The DVD edition also turned my head around--making me understand, to some extent, the thrill of authentic leather S&M. I wish I could report that FA2: Descending, as they call it in the opening credits, lives up to the original. But how often does that happen? The film has its moments, but there's little here that will thrill anyone other than die-hard fans of the performers or the sub-genre. Firstly, the entire movie is one long orgy sequence, with no real form or continuity. While the guys are undoubtedly into what they're doing, the action is too similar for too long, too constant and unfocused. There are no real beginnings and endings.
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