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Boxcover for School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures)
School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures) 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Eduardo, Felipe, Ivan, Martinez
Studio: Blue Pictures

Release date: 9/2/2005
School Boy Crush (Blue Pictures) reviews:
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SCHOOL BOY CRUSH is nothing less than an awesome demonstration of the elastic properties of the anus. In this film, five very cute twinks suck on and are impaled on the biggest penis I have seen on a human. The cocks of Michael Brandon and Chad Hunt appear miniscule compared with the cock on display here. It belongs to a skinny elderly black man whom you wouldnt look at twice if he were clothed. Naked however he would command your attention. The cock in question is thirteen inches, but it looks to be fourteen or fifteen. When he is seated, the hard monument rises to his breastbone. And its as thick as the radiator hose in your car. Its like something out of an X-rated cartoon or Aubrey Beardsleys engravings for Lysistrata we snickered over in art class. The age of the owner makes it seem as though these youngsters are having sex with their grandfather. The size of the cock makes them appear fearless, insatiable, desperately in need of money, adventuresomeor maybe all these. The teacher is seated stroking his ebony yardstick when the first of these brave young things enters.
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Boxcover for Backside Boys
Backside Boys 
(1.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Bob, Rock, Jack, Felipe, Victor, Rodrigo, Alexandre, Diego
Studio: South American Pictures

Release date: 5/24/2005
Backside Boys reviews:
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Lo-Down: Another Arena title..and what does that mean? Lame mechanical sex with half hard dicks. Non subtitles. Brazilian or Italian guys. This one really pushes the boundaries of bad product. Running at about 118 minutes, all we get are 4 sex scenes stretched to endurance of patience levels. Nothing original.
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The film opens with two lovers swapping tongues. A handsome savage is observing them through the window. Seeing they are being observed, they are not in the least perturbed but simply open the door for the wild man to enter. Odd, you say? Would you open the door to a wild man? You would once you see this savage. He is primo beef and he wants to play. Curly hair, a face that is movie-star handsome, and a muscular physique that just wont quit make him one hell of a hunk. When the loin cloth (the only thing he is wearing) is removed he indicates he wants his cock sucked. The younger of the two lovers is more than willing to oblige. Assuming that anyone who looks like the savage is straight, Im surprised when he too sucks cock. Both the wild man and the older one fuck the younger one. Im more than surprised when the older one also fucks the savage. Now this sounds like a hot scene, but the fact is it really doesnt engender that much heat. For a scene with a wild man, its strangely tame. Its robotic fucking.
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Boxcover for Boys Are Back In Town, The (Arena)
Boys Are Back In Town, The (Arena) 
(2.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Leonardo, Ryan, Jack, Felipe, Victor, Rodrigo, Diego
Studio: Arena

Release date: 2/7/2005
Boys Are Back In Town, The (Arena) reviews:
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The cover is what attracted me to The Boys Are Back In Town, featuring two cute blondes, but much to my surprise, when the film began, was that it was in Portugese. Had I looked closer this is presented by South American Pictures. Guess I was too busy looking at the eye candy! In any event, these boys are hungry for sex and just love to fuck! The film begins with the title only and dives right in to two guys talking. Theres no subtitles so I didnt have a clue as to what they were chatting about, Im sure it wasnt Desperate Housewives. One guy is fairly muscular, black hair, and sports large tattoos while the other guy is slender, and both are attractive. A third guy appears and before he can take off his cowboy hat the slender guy is whipping out his huge cock. The muscular dude rims the slender guy a bit before he gets fucked by the well endowed one. As he gets fucked from behind he sucks his tattooed buddy. Eventually he ends up on his back on a table in the room and the well hung guy drives his big rod deep inside while lots of moans and groans emit from the bottom.
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The film opens with two average lookers. One of them is wound up like a three-day clock. Hes chattering away making all sorts of slushy sounds but as I dont hear chupa (which I know means suck) I have no idea what hes so excited about. A third joins them and the chatter stops chattering and hauls out the newcomers cock. He sucks it. Eventually he sucks his buddy, too. The newcomer eats out the suckers ass and fucks him. It goes on and on and on with much squealing from the fuckee. In scene two, the cute blond twink in the background on the cover is having a problem with his hot tub. Two muscular guys enter. One is a hunk Ive seen before with scads of tattoos. The other wears a knitted cap. They fiddle with the tub a bit and then start fiddling with the twink. He sucks both. Chupa, chupa they say. The twink looks so sweet with a dick in his mouth. The knitted cap has trouble getting hard. Tattoo spears the kids ass with his big dick. Ai-ee, ai-ee, ai-ee, goes the little twink as his buns are split asunder.
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Boxcover for Safe Cracker
Safe Cracker 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tom Byron, Jeanna Fine, Britt Morgan, Joey Silvera, Angela Summers, Leilani, Sikki Nixx, Felipe, Alice Springs
Studio: Coast to Coast

Directed by: Jace Rocker, Britt Morgan
Release date: 7/16/2004
Safe Cracker reviews:
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This is a release that's easy to pass by. The movie's light and loose with a simple plot that mostly works to set up the sex scenes while also bringing in a little humor. Britt Morgan and Jeanna Fine each do a nice job with their two scenes each, but there's never anything about the sex that helps it much past the average mark. The technical aspects don't quite make it to the average mark due to low lighting, and there's no effort put into the extras. This release is far from exciting.
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Boxcover for Buttman's Early Scenes With Rocco
Buttman's Early Scenes With Rocco 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Rocco Siffredi, Angela Summers, John Stagliano, Sheila, Zara Whites, Felipe
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: John Stagliano
Release date: 3/27/2004
Buttman's Early Scenes With Rocco reviews:
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The Little Details Running Time: 74 min. Production Date: pre July 1995 Director: John Buttman Stagliano Cast: Angela Summers, Sheila, Zara Whites, Felipe, Rocco Siffredi, and of course, John Buttman Stagliano The Short Story Initial Expectations: This has been a very nice little compilation series. I'm looking forward to this one. Initial Reaction: It's a simple compilation with some nicely chosen scenes. Who Should Watch It : Anybody curious about Rocco, Buttman, or Evil Angel or who wants to see some of the earlier scenes from Buttman Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting the intense anal side of Rocco The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty average to a little on the weak side until one considers one little thing, that these scenes were all shot in the very early 1990s. The audio is your typical Buttman audio. There's a few background noises, but they fit in with the reality feel of the movies. The video is a little weaker.
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Boxcover for Buttman's Favorite Big Butt Babes 1
Buttman's Favorite Big Butt Babes 1 
(3.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Sean Michaels, Joey Silvera, Sabrina, Nina Hartley, Cassidy, John Stagliano, Felipe, Heidi Cat
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: John Stagliano
Release date: 6/3/2003
Buttman's Favorite Big Butt Babes 1 reviews:
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Buttman's Favorite Big Butt Babes Studio: Evil Angel Director: John Stagliano Cast: Sabrina, Nina Hartley, Cassidy, Heidi Kat, Joey Silvera, Felipe, Sean Michaels, John Stagliano Running time: 83mins Video Format: NTSC / All regions Audio Format: Dolby 2.0 This budget-price DVD is a re-issue of a 1997 compilation, serving to remind us of simpler times when all that mattered was getting a beautiful girl with a big butt in front of Buttman's camera. Cassidy & Heidi Kat (from Buttman vs. Buttwoman, June 1992) While checking out a property some place near the California shoreline, John chances upon a dance lesson being given indoors by Sean Michaels to two curvy students.
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Running Time: 83 min. Production Date: Compiled in 1997 Director: John Buttman Stagliano Cast: Heidi Cat, Cassidy, Sean Michaels, Nina Hartley, Felipe, Sabrina, Joey Silvera, and John Stagliano Initial Expectations: Ever since Stagliano converted me from a tit-man to a butt-man Ive had high expectations for his movies. Initial Reaction: Its short, but with nicely picked scenes. Who Should Watch It : Anybody whos curious as to what John Stagliano has to offer Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting the nastier side of John Staglaino Audio /Video Quality: Despite being a compilation of scenes from the very early nineties, Buttmans Favorite Big Butt Babes looks and sounds as good as most current releases. The audio is clear and well balanced while the video only has a little grain and is well lit.
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