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Boxcover for Big Dicks Unlimited
Big Dicks Unlimited
Starring: Felix, Andre, Felipe, Lucas, Emanuel, Alexandre, Gustavo, Renzo, Jhonathan, Matteo, Moraes
Studio: Oh Man
Directed by: Ricardo
Release date: 4/25/2008
Formats: DVDRental
Boxcover for Latin Interview Boys
Latin Interview Boys
Starring: Julian, Dylan, Felipe, Tino, Pablo, Diego, Tomas, El Puma, Erikk, Jose Maria, Luis Angel, Vicente
Studio: Fierce Dog
Directed by: El Diablo
Release date: 7/18/2007
Boxcover for Lance Diaries, The
Lance Diaries, The
Starring: Felipe, Lance, Kevin, Cory
Studio: Miami Studios
Release date: 3/9/2007 
Twink's Box 2
Starring: Steve, Sebastian, Dylan, Felipe, Miguel, Joshua, Cristian, Nicolas, Maicol, Camilo
Studio: eboys
Release date: 12/8/2006Formats: DVD
Twink's Box
Starring: Steve, Alex, Sebastian, Tony, Felipe, Samuel, Miguel, Joshua, Cristian
Studio: eboys
Release date: 8/10/2005Formats: DVD
Boxcover for Backside Boys
Backside Boys
Starring: Bob, Rock, Jack, Felipe, Victor, Rodrigo, Alexandre, Diego
Studio: South American Pictures
Release date: 5/24/2005Formats: DVDRental
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Boxcover for Revenge/Hard Work
Revenge/Hard Work
Starring: Milena, Romano, Alexander, Geysa, Felipe
Studio: Sunshine
Release date: 8/2/2000 
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