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Mystery Babe of the Week 166: Eva Roberts
Mystery Babe 166Before you make your guess, take a moment to read the Mystery Babe Rules.You may also use the list of previous mystery babes to rule out certain guesses you might be tempted to make.Thanks for playing.Edited by - Walter Burns on Aug 29 2008
Eva Roberts
One of my all-time favorites. Is she out of the biz? I see her every now and then on some softcore internet sites, but it's been a long time since she's made a nice hard-anal film.Any news???
I *really* miss Eva Roberts (aka Brandy)
Eva is my favorite all-time smut star. I thought I would die of a heart attack when I first saw her remove her clothes in Woodman's "Castings" video. What a perfect ass! The scene in 'Euro Angels 16' where Christoph Clark absolutely destroys her asshole is unreal. I set a world record for "most jackoffs to one scene" thanks t ...
plz ID this movie with Eva Roberts
hi all! the woman is Eva Roberts, i think the guy is Mario. page1 page2 does anyone know the movie title? thx in advance!
Does Eva Roberts ("Brandy") still do anal scenes?
In the interest of fairness, I should state up front that I am the world's biggest Eva Roberts fan. Do a search on my username, and you will find that out. Everyone has a "type"... well, she is exactly "my type". An absolute stunner, IMO. Ever since Budapest native Eva moved to the states and started working as "Brandy& ...
For Eva Roberts fans...
If there was an EVA ROBERTS FAN CLUB, I'd be the President. This not-too-well-known Hungarian beauty has a small but loyal following. I would estimate that I've seen perhaps 35 of her movies, but the question I have for you fellow Eva fans is... do you know of any movies where she does a "true" A2M? There were shots where she is getti ...
Eva Roberts
Looks like her 2nd from the top in Barely legal 35 !!!! Haven't seen her in anything new for sooo long I thought she must have retired...anyways it's real good to see her back, but lets hope she turns up in something a little more hardcore !!! Anyone seen her in anything else recently ? Barely legal 35: ...
Eva Roberts!!!
Having just read Meridians review of Das beste aus junge Debutantinnen 3 . I saw the screen shots of the amazingly lovely Eva Roberts. What films has she been in which are on the more hardcore side of hardcore?? I don't mean choking and the like, just good old straight up hardcore!! This chic is totally my type.... mmmmm Anyone?? S ...