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Boxcover for Giants (Midnight)
Giants (Midnight) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Eric Manchester, Jeff Converse
Studio: Midnight

Release date: 5/13/2003
Giants (Midnight) reviews:
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Lots of pre-condom videos are being released on DVD these days. Most are better left unsung, but a few like this one are well worth noting. It appeared originally as Jocks Video Pac 07 and is still available from them in VHS (for more I might add then for this DVD transfer.) It features a bevy of stars from this bygone age: Leigh Erickson (a.k.a. Marc Bennett) a breathtaking blond in his twenties; Eric Manchester, a hell-of-a-hot dude, Mark Miller, another hot blond in his twenties; Cory Monroe, a sexy blond pig twink; J. T. Denver, a truly sexy and desirable stud; and others of like ilk. In addition, it featured the cocks of two of the most gorgeous men to ever appear in gay porn, Brian Maxon and Steve Henson. It begins with Jeff Converse having invited Erickson, Manchester, and Miller for the weekend. He obviously has a hidden agenda from reading the Kinsey report on the number of men who have had homosexual experiences. And so, after dinner he gets them into a game of Truth or Consequences. Leigh, the blond Adonis with sensuous lips and carefully coiffed hair, is up first.
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Boxcover for Big Business, A (Video 10)
Big Business, A (Video 10) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Eric Manchester, Michael Vincent, Cameron Kelly, Brad Carlton, Johnny Dawes, Bill Hunter, Terry Gardner, Matt Monroe
Studio: Video 10

Directed by: Jeff Lawrence
Release date: 12/17/2002
Big Business, A (Video 10) reviews:
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Big Business A Review by FacIan Title Big Business Translation: n/a Studio: AVN Collection: Titanium Price: 16 Format: I guess PAL but I am not sure. Might be NTSC. Actions and Key Words Action: Straight; Anal; Lesbian; Toy Fetish: Stockings; Long hair; Tall girls; Semi-public sex; Swimming pool sex; Initial expectation I was looking for very nice girls in a sexy atmosphere. I was not expecting anything nasty. General comment My expectations are fully met! If you want to please your eyes, you will probably want to get that DVD. The Czech girls are simply amazing. The atmosphere is friendly and very hot. The lingerie is a nice plus. This film gives you back the feeling that you can really enjoy sex without performing incredible actions. This is the kind of sex you can have in your life and as you will see: it can be bloody hot!! Screen shots You can find the screen shots of this film on my site. The screen shots are here. DVD perspective Picture is good.
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Boxcover for '57 Pick-Up
'57 Pick-Up 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Charlie Stone, Cole Taylor, Corey Monroe, Tim Fox, Eric Manchester, Robby Most, Scott Sampsom, Darryl Weld
Studio: Pleasure

Release date: 5/19/2002
'57 Pick-Up reviews:
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The only way straights like to screw gays is in their pocketbooks. So theyve done it again by bringing out a 1988 gay porn flick entitled 57 PICK-UP directed by a straight man that was a bummer then and is a bummer now. Age has not transformed it into a classic. Just listening to the plot it sounds pretty good. Country boy Charlie Stone stereotypically dressed in bib overalls with no shirt and barefoot wants to go to Los Angeles for the weekend. He calls friend Cole Taylor to go along but Cole has to tend bar for the weekend. Dumbass Charlie tooling around in his beat up 57 pick-up truck (hence the title) gets lost. He stops to ask another wisp of a yokel, Darryl Weld, directions. Daryll stops pitching hay and they head back to the barn for a map. Talking about how horny they both are, Daryll suggests that he and Charlie get it on as a cousin once taught him how. He sucks on Charlies cock and Charlie says he likes it, but his cock stays as limp as Liberaces wrist. Daryl sucks and sucks, but Charlie gets no erection. Cut to Charlie putting his cock into Daryll.
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