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Boxcover for Adventures Of Enrico Vega, The
Adventures Of Enrico Vega, The 
(3.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Enrico Vega, Ray Grande, Kendell Jay, Arturo Sanchez, Dimitri Santiago
Studio: Enrico Vega

Release date: 8/31/2005
Adventures Of Enrico Vega, The reviews:
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"The Adventures of Enrico Vega" is a low-budget film directed and produced by the Hispanic porn star, who appears in four of the five scenes. This is a good thing, because the other guys are a pretty average-looking bunch compared to the handsome and muscular Vega. There is no real plot, almost no dialogue, and very little kissing or foreplay, none of which would matter if the sex was scorching, but it isn't. One oral/solo scene, three one-on-ones and one three-some, mostly filmed in Vega's small apartment. Vega fans would be better off watching him in other studios' productions.
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I usually dont recommend any DVD for just one scene but I think The Adventures of Enrico Vega is one to have on your shelf. To be fair, most of the flick is pretty good, but its the opening oral-only scene which blows away the competition. The Adventures of Enrico Vega is the first video for Enricos own production company, named Enrico Vega Productions - of course! Call him the Donald Trump of porn. His mug has been around quite a bit for the past few years as one of the few actors to do both mainstream Chi Chi LaRue videos and stuff for smaller urban blatino studios (if you havent seen Rican Reform School buy it, and enjoy.) Ok. So, like most nuyorican porn that we've reviewed on, this video is set in some of the smallest, least appealing apartments that NYC has to offer. But, oh the things that go on inside of those apartments. And on the staircases! Thats where the blowjob of the year begins with mostly-top guy Enrico servicing the thick pinga of Ray Grande.
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Boxcover for Passport To Paradise
Passport To Paradise 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Enrico Vega, Ivan Andros, Miguel Leonn, Gerald, Carlos Morales, Pete Ross, Manuel Torres, Mario Cruz
Studio: Raging Stallion

Directed by: Chris Ward
Release date: 4/12/2005
Passport To Paradise reviews:
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The cream of today's latino porn star crop has been assembled by director Chris Ward for this 2005 GayVN winner for Best Ethnic. Passport to Paradise is an amazing movie that is now available as a two-disc set that should be in everyone's collection. Passport is one of the latest in a series of releases from Raging Stallions Studio that marks a welcome shift towards ethnic stars and themes. (Fans of Passport to Paradise should consider Raging Stallion's phenomenal Arabesque as required viewing as well.) This video features superstars Miguel Leonn, Carlos Morales, and Enrico Vega. More recent stars, such as Ivan Andros, Manuel Torres, Mario Cruz, and Pete Ross round out the cast. The plot is minimal and exists only to get the sexy cast from one exotic set to the next.
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Boxcover for Manhattan Fantasies
Manhattan Fantasies 
(3.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Enrico Vega, Tyson Cane, Joey Green & The Jury, Sergio Anthony, Manny Ortiz
Studio: Arena

Release date: 2/21/2004
Manhattan Fantasies reviews:
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Tyson Cane and Enrico Vega have teamed up to bring us, from their own line, Tyeson-Vega Videos, a diverse group of well-hung men. Manhattan Fantasies features a cast of Spanish and Afro-American men and the scenes range from hot to lukewarm. Overall this was only mediocre in my book, there were a few good moments but they seemed few and far between. Also some of the editing seemed real choppy and erratic, a scene would quickly jump or the shot just wasnt filmed well. Really nothing in the way of a storyline although it appears to start out as various scenes filmed in a club and maybe its basement. In any case, if you like well-hung Spanish and African American men Im sure youll find this right up your New York alley, or should I say back alley! It begins with Joseph Sprint hanging out a club with a bottle of champagne chillin as he waits for his date or boyfriend to arrive. Oh, thats another thing, the audio when they are speaking is really hard to hear, not so when they are fucking but talking.
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Two well-known performers Tyson Cane and Enrico Vega have teamed up to form a new studio called TysonVega- Videos. Both have appeared in videos from Falcon and Michel Lucas among others. Andlike Lucasthey are located in Manhattan as the title of their first film informs us: MANHATTAN FANTASIES. The two performers have joined forces to produce videos celebrating NYCs ethnic diversity. The first scene features two Afro-Americans James Waters and Joseph Sprint, the latter possibly having some Latino heritage. Joseph is waiting for James. A bucket of champagne is coolingor rather warmingas James is obviously late. All is forgiven when James finally arrives. They suck dick and Joseph fucks the tardy James. James deposits his cum in a champagne glass and pretends to drink it. Joseph pretends to cum. It was an inauspicious beginning and I was beginning to fear the worst, but luckily things picked up considerably in the next scene. Ishea King, a handsome nicely built Afro-American, meets a sexy Latino, Manny Ortiz, in a basement.
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Boxcover for Open Trench
Open Trench 
(1.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Michael Vincenzo, Rafael, Eddie Moreno, Enrico Vega, Brad McGuire, Jackson Price, Adam Wolfe
Studio: IMD

Release date: 7/26/2002
Open Trench reviews:
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I thought this one would be good. The concept sounded exciting, the actors looked interesting, and Drew Warner as director promised a good film. I was wrong. This was one of the most tedious and boring films I have viewed in a long time. Warner was obviously falsely credited as editor because the film didnt appear to be edited much at all, and that, coupled with the fact that the director and actors seemed disinterested in the whole thing, gave us a film that promised much but delivered little. We start out with Jackson Price being tied to a padded sawhorse by Enrico Vega. Vega then proceeds to rim Price for a total of 15 minutes. Now 15 minutes is not too long a time if you are the one being rimmed. But watching someone else being rimmed in an unchanging position for 15 minutes is approximately 10 minutes too long! Price then gets Vega to move him over to a sling where he will have better access to his ass. Vega stuffs about a pint of lube up Jacksons ass and fills it with a large black dildo. This is followed by another slightly larger dildo.
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Boxcover for Fire Island Cruising
Fire Island Cruising 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Michael Lucas, Enrico Vega, Chad Hunt, Ryder, Mitch
Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Directed by: Michael Lucas
Release date: 4/22/2002
Fire Island Cruising reviews:
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Since the vast majority of our porn comes from the West Coast, Michael Lucas does us a service in showing the country that people have sex on the East Coast as well. Fire Island is the Mecca of the region so it is appropriate that he has released a series of FIRE ISLAND CUISING videos and DVDs. F.I.C. #1 begins with Michael and Kyle Krystoff getting ready to set sail for the island when Phillipe Siren, a friend of Kyles, joins them. As the boat gets underway, Kyle and Phillipe get underway, too. Michael stops the boat and goes below to give them some privacy. Kyle is a good-looking blond; Phillipe is a swarthy guy with a big tattoo on his back and a nice Prince Albert in his cock. There is only oral action on board and no semen at sea. They continue the action in their room on the island. Surprisingly it remains only oral. Kyle, who doesnt cum at all, jacks off Phillipe. Despiteor becauseof the PA he shoots a far-flung load. Meanwhile Michael has begun cruising and meets up with Chad Hunt who invites him to a party later that afternoon.
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Boxcover for Bang!
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Talvin Demachio, Marco Mancini, Yuri Breshnev, Shane Rockford, Enrico Vega, Daniel Reed, Gordon Gage
Studio: Falcon Studios

Release date: 8/22/2001
Bang! reviews:
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The Director: Chi Chi LaRue The Studio: Mustang/Falcon Time Length: 1 hour 18 minutes Cast: (in order of appearance) Luke Sabre, Enrico Vega, Shane Rockford, Daniel Reed, Talvin Demachio, Marco Mancini, Gordon Gage (misspelled in title as Gauge), Yuri Breshnev The Plot Inadvertently, Bang! doesn't start off with a bang. Rather, it takes us till scene two, before any banging actually takes place. It's almost weird to actually call it, Scene two as the whole entire movie is filmed in this greyscale warehouse with a few props placed randomly around. But anyhow, our movie begins: Scene One I liked how it kind of starts with this main title and face shots of each actor giving coy eyes at the camera. Finally, it whittles itself down to just two actors (Enrico Vega and Luke Sabre) and our scene begins. Right away, I felt the editing was a bit distracting. Everytime they switched positions, we'd get one of those montages of their faces staring sexily into the camera and then back to the scene at hand.
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Boxcover for Bad Behavior (Falcon)
Bad Behavior (Falcon) 
(3.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Sam Crockett, Rex Ruben, Scott Matthews, Nino Bacci, Marcus Iron, Gage Michaels, Enrico Vega, Chad Kennedy, Nick Young, Jeremy Jordan, Addison Scott, Caeser
Studio: Falcon Studios

Release date: 7/27/2001
Bad Behavior (Falcon) reviews:
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Bad Behavior is yet another mouth-watering masterpiece brought to you by the Falcon Studios Family. The basic plot revolves around 2 Bible Salesmen going door to door in San Francisco, trying to convert the gay boys who frolic there, that it's time to turn things over to the Lord. The Bible Salesmen end up turning the tide over and succumb to the sinful desires of the men they try to convert. I know it seems like it'd be weird and lame but it totally isn't! In fact, a lot of the reviews I read called it only "so-so". This totally surprises me when I get my nose in. Bad Behavior never looked so good! The front of evil that eradicates the boys is non other than Falcon Exclusive Addison Scott. He laughs at their belief system and then forces them inside. Poor Marcus Iron and Chad Kennedy can do nothing but bare crosses to the dominant man's words.
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Director: John Rutherford Cast:: Marcus Iron, Jeremy Jordan, Addison Scott, Kristian Alvarez, Gage Michaels, Caesar, Spike, Nino Bacci, Scott Matthews, Chad Kennedy, Nick Young, Enrico Vega, and Sam Crockett Story: Bible-huggers Marcus Iron and Chad Kennedy are sent to a gay neighborhood to try and lead all the evil homosexuals to the path of righteousness. As you can probably guess, they arent very successful. Scene One Marcus and Chad make the mistake of stopping by bald leatherman Addison Scotts house. Addison grabs the guys and drags them down to his dungeon where Marcus is quickly shackled up next to a jockstrap clad Caesar in a sling (More on that in scene 2) Chad is brought to a different room filled with 5 or 6 well hung leatherguys. Chad resists for a little bit, but it isnt long before hes stuffing as many cocks in his mouth as he can.
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