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Boxcover for Blowjob (Smash 4-Pack)
Blowjob (Smash 4-Pack) 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Anita, Melanie, Jacqueline, Reka, Kathy, Victoria, Monica, Lolita, Amanda, Judy, Caroline Cage, Vanda, Betty, Annie, Nikky, Lilith, Johanna, Evelyn, Dia, Cora, Sheryl, Black Diamond, Tera Bond, Simony, Asmaret, Claudia Ferrari, Angelica Crow, Yasmine Gold, Barbara Hang, Liz Honey, Sylvi, Electra, Lotti, Gloria Venus, Honey Winter, Anett, Nikky Blond, Noemie, Kitty Sexx
Studio: Smash Pictures

Release date: 8/7/2008
Blowjob (Smash 4-Pack) reviews:
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This is a great box set for oral sex fans, especially when you consider the price. You get four movies lasting over eight hours with a nice mix of blowjob scenes. The technical aspects are nicely done and there's even some nice effort put into the extras on each DVD. This is a great box set.
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Boxcover for Grandpa Loves Cream Pie 2
Grandpa Loves Cream Pie 2 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Claudia, Alexa, Tera, Electra
Studio: White Ghetto Films

Release date: 3/3/2008
Grandpa Loves Cream Pie 2 reviews:
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Ok, so I assume if you're here reading this you understand the premise of this release as well An older than dirt grandpa fucks women that could easily be his daughters or even granddaughters age. And if that weren't enough for you, he gives them all a full pussy cream pie, and then lets them push it out into his own mouth to taste. I am really perverted I guess, but I liked this release. I would have really liked to see more positions-like doggie, and anal as well. More variation in general. This guys one lucky old bastard I should only hope to do as well at his age. The video is very average and the audio is rather poor (you cant hear the dialogue very well, but the moaning is loud). Extras related to this release consist only of a compilation of pop shots, and then you get some website promotional material and trailers for other stuff. I recommend this release, and enjoyed it. If you liked the premise, you will enjoy this as a rental or purchase.
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Boxcover for Attack That Ass
Attack That Ass 
(4.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Sophia, Sergio, John West, Cheyne Collins, Isabel Ice, Sativa Rose, Electra, Shannon Kelly
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Dale Jordan
Release date: 5/24/2007
Attack That Ass reviews:
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"Attack that ass soldier and that's an order!" This is an anal flick with a military theme to it. All the girls are dressed up in camouflage outfits and look sexy as hell! Attack is the key word in the title of this movie because the sex is hard and fast in most of the scenes and they all end with the soldiers launching their semen of mass destruction up the girls butts. This movie is solid all around and gets 4 stars from this soldier.
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Hustler has released another themed DVD, (although it was produced over a year ago), titled Attack That Ass. The premise here is that Flynt's Armed Forces are looking for a few good women to help carry out Operation Attack That Ass. The guys here are happy to play target practice with the women's buttcheek bulls-eyes. But we're not just talking about any ordinary anal here, folks. You see, there is an anal creampie in every scene, just to show that all is fair in love, war and porn debauchery.
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Boxcover for Pornochic 11: Sophie
Pornochic 11: Sophie 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Alex, Ian Scott, Patrick, Bob Terminator, Barbara Voice, Lucy Love, Tony Carrera, Electra, Simony Diamond, Zafira, Sophie Moone, JPX, Vanessa Goldi, Pellinia Morrison, Frank Mayor
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Herve Bodilis
Release date: 8/17/2006
Pornochic 11: Sophie reviews:
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I'm not quite sure what the Pornochic series is about except to highlight a specific girl (in this case, Sophie Moon). The scenes don't seem really related although the start of each scene seems to have some sort of timeline with location info and there isn't much dialog. Scene 1 (Bathroom sex) Scenes 1 & 2 are a bit mixed because they're both set in a dark warehouse/factory. Sophie Moon ties up Simony Diamond who's only wearing her underwear while Sophie goes to find some guys to have fun with her. The 3 guys are busy kissing a slutty looking pale brunette in the men's bathroom. After Sophie samples the guys' penises with her mouth, she takes them off and leaves the brunette with only one guy. The guy gives the brunette some fingering and oral sex with one leg up on a urinal (the girl is still wearing her dress, stockings, garter, high heels). They then get to very enthusiastic standing doggie. The guy then sits down on the ground and she does RCG on him with her blouse open.
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Boxcover for New Whore At the Door
New Whore At the Door 
(3.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Jerry, Steve Taylor, Ashley, Claudio Meloni, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Marcos Leon, Electra, Richard Kline, Aubrey Addams, Kylie Morgan, Michelle Avanti, Tiffany Meadow
Studio: Red Light District

Directed by: David Luger
Release date: 7/20/2006
New Whore At the Door reviews:
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This title is probably one of David Luger's last titles for RLD/PXP. What I've noticed is that he's helmed a lot of newbie oriented titles without it being a series. Sometimes the titles are inventive... Sometimes not so. Aubrey Addams (creampie) & Marcos Leon Michelle Avanti, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, and Claudio Meloni Ashley Anne & Richard Kline Electra (a, dp, double creampie), Steve Taylor, and Claudio Meloni Tiffany Meadow (a) & Jerry Kylie Morgan (creampie) & Donny Long Bonus: Keymore Cash (bj only) & Brad Baldwin The girls vary in attractiveness. Aubrey evokes Eddie Murphy's "I almost fucked a midget" routine because of her small stature. She's soo cute like a little munchkin and I liked her scene the most. Michelle Avanti reminds me of a thicker Nikki Loren. She looked frightened at the prospect of getting two facials at the end though. Ashley Anne sported the biggest juggs and she talks about how she's looking forward to fucking some of the hot men in porn. I start laughing when she gets Richard Kline.
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New Whore At the Door Studio: Red Light District Category: Anal Director: David Luger Starring: Jerry, Steve Taylor, Ashley, Claudio Meloni, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, Marcos Leon, Electra, Richard Kline, Donny Long, Aubrey Adams, Kylie Morgan, Michelle Avanti, Tiffany Meadow Peremptory synopsis David Luger and Red Light district brought a bunch of flowers on screen for us to see if the are whore enough. I watch Aubrey in Make me creamy 2 and she was a fantastic whore, even though she hasn't do any anal yet, she can do some other stuff. Let's see if the other five gals can put this place in fire..... Scene 1- Aubrey Addams David wants to put all the meat in the grill since the beginning and let Aubrey the honor of the opening scene, she looks good, but still look latina to me.
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Boxcover for Room Service (Club Magazine)
Room Service (Club Magazine) 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Katie, Ella, Sophie, Trinity, Mya, Electra
Studio: Club Magazine

Directed by: Viv Thomas
Release date: 1/30/2006
Room Service (Club Magazine) reviews:
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Intro: Viv Thomas is a famous European director known for his lesbian films, but so far it has been pretty much impossible to find his movies in the United States. Very happy Club has decided to distribute this one, and I hope they continue to do so. Extras: One bonus scene, which looked to be a cut scene from Flash. Excellent scene with Gina Lynn and Scott Styles. Sad when you realize that the bonus scene from a different director was the best one on the disk. Audio/Video: Audio was dubbed. Picture quality was average. Plot: Not really much of a plot. Movie is supposed to show what happens on one particular night in a certain hotel in London. But I am pretty sure it was really shot somewhere in Eastern Europe. Scene 1: Barbarella and a guy- Blow Job in a dark room. Way too dark. Not much to say here. Scene 2: Mya Diamond and Guy. With Trinity off to the side solo.- The sex with Mya started off pretty slow. Nothing much was going on. As it progressed it got a lot better. By the end she was grinding her hips and getting into all the different positions.
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Boxcover for Anal Asspirations 2 (Diabolic)
Anal Asspirations 2 (Diabolic) 
(3.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Leda, Maria Bellucci, Lilit, Electra, Elinor, Yulie N, Sabrina Rose
Studio: Diabolic

Directed by: Raul Cristian
Release date: 11/16/2005
Anal Asspirations 2 (Diabolic) reviews:
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All the women in this movie are young and beautiful East European ones. They have absolutely no problems with hard anal sex. This movie is very anal orientated. When the girls have sucked the guys dick, the guys immediately start fucking the girls asses. You can see gaping assholes in every scene and all the girls also like Ass To Mouth and ATOGM. A great movie for real anal fans.
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THE WAM BAM! CLAN roll call: Ultrasiet2 he hosts the viewings, and buys every single disc that gets reviewed because of rental restrictions where he lives in Australia. Ultra likes solid anal, Christoph and Roccos group scenes, chemistry, original and costumes, pretty Euro girls and sassy American girls like Jenna Presley. And if anyone wants to send him free screeners, fire away. DeonSlamm West-Indian by birth, Deon loves hard, sweaty sex. Like Ultrasiet, he loves anal and gaping, but hes very much into the pacing of a scene, because if a man cant time it all right, it aint gonna be a good night, and he loves a sensuous pussyfuck. His favourite grindsmen are Slayer and Steele, and his all time favourite girl is Nikky Anderson. The Cunniseur The academic of the party, the cunniseur found the joys of watching porn with others better than university meetings. He likes porn with originality and flair, and takes technical and directorial aspects quite seriously. Hes something of a porn historian.
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Boxcover for BBB: Big Big Babes 6
BBB: Big Big Babes 6 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Katrina, Adora, Electra
Studio: Channel 69

Release date: 6/16/2004
BBB: Big Big Babes 6 reviews:
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Ok so here we go for all you BBW lovers. This vid is is very OK at best. My overall comments are that this video is reminisent of every Big Girl video in that all the guy performers are so damn old! We begin with Electra. Her face is ok, and I think her body is decent. She has a nice huge ass that we don't get to see from very good angles except for when she modeling. Unfortanately, she has to fuck a very old bald guy that dosen't have much power to him and she seems bored throughout. The best part is when she ride CG nad we can really see her huge ass. Weak pop ending. Next we have Carmencita. She sux off two guys and then fucks the black guy. They both take turns fucking her the angles are okay, but again more weak pop shots end this. Adora is the highlight here. Her body seems nice but there must be something wrong cuz she never removes the black dress that cover her belly. I like her BBW type body and she gets fucked by two guys decently. Not a bad facial ending. Katrina the last girl seems aimed for those who like the alternative style of girl.
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Boxcover for Down Your Throat 3 (Smash Pictures)
Down Your Throat 3 (Smash Pictures) 
(4.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Mike Foster, Melanie, Chris, Victoria, Bruno, Zoltan, Amanda, Judy, Betty, Jaqueline, Renato, Noemi, Richard, Nikky, Mario, Dominic, Christina Bella, Clark, Dia, Lauro Giotto, Laura Blue, Victoria Swinger, Cora Carina, Jacqueline Stone, Electra, Monica Unco, Electra Angel, Lianna
Studio: Smash Pictures

Directed by: Zora Banks
Release date: 5/21/2004
Down Your Throat 3 (Smash Pictures) reviews:
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The Little Details Running Time: 104 min. Production Date: 4 / 19 / 2004 Director: Zora Banx Cast: Monica Unco, Electra Angel, Jaqueline Stone, Amanda, Victoria Swinger, Melanie, Nikky, Judy, Lianna, Cora Carina, Laura Blue, Christina Bella, Renato, Mike Foster, Lauro Giotto, Chris, Zoltan, Mario, Dominic, Bruno, Clark, and Richard The Short Story Initial Expectations: Im not really a fan of oral only movies. That said, I was really impressed with Down Your Throat 2, and have very high hopes for this installment as well. Initial Reaction: Its a nicely done oral movie! Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting hot Euro babes sucking cock Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a lot of deep throating or swallowing The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very nicely done. The audio balance varies a little, but most of the time is very nicely done. The outdoor scenes have a few more balance problems, but are free of background noises and other distractions.
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Good morning porn fans, this is your friendly neighborhood porn review bonoMan,hehe!! This is the latest offering from Smash pictures in their all blowjob line and if hot Euro gals sucking cock(s) appeals to you then I say read on!! The premise here is real simple, an easy set up leading to a long blowjob and perhaps some oral for our girls. So let's slide right in and get this party humming. Monica Unco: We begin with a shot of one of the 7 Dwarfs, must have been Happy!! You also see a guy cleaning out a small pool of water when Monica appears all decked out in an Angel outfit cumplete with wings. She strokes her pussy while lustfully gazing at our guy eventually beckoning him over. Very soon she's sucking his pole and the views are close and pulled back. Being outside you have some sunlight but nothing to really get in the way. Monica slowly loses the outfit during the bj so we get good shots of her body. She ends up jerking out a good pop plus there's some cleanup.
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Boxcover for Creampie Cuties 2 (Ghost Pro)
Creampie Cuties 2 (Ghost Pro) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Isis, Brianna, Rayna, Shakira, Electra, Shine, Catlynn, Tony Porno
Studio: Ghost Pro

Directed by: Tony Porno
Release date: 10/20/2003
Creampie Cuties 2 (Ghost Pro) reviews:
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The Little Details Running Time: 104 min. Production Date: 3 / 3 / 2004 Director: Tony Porno Cast: Isis, Shakira, Rayna, Catlynn, Brianna, Shine, Electra, and Tony Porno The Short Story Initial Expectations: I havent seen much from Ghost Pro yet, so Im still going in with a pretty open mind. Initial Reaction: Its better than what I hoped it would be! Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting fresh girls taking creampies Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting studio porn, a variety of guys, or top notch technical aspects The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects vary a little from scene to scene, but not a lot. The audio is clear and nicely balanced between Tony behind the camera and the girl in front of it. Theres a few minor flaws here and there, but no huge background noises to interfere with things. The video is also pretty good. Its nicely lit, but there are a few places where its a little bright.
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Boxcover for Precious Pink: Body Business 5
Precious Pink: Body Business 5 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Joe, Alex, Caroline Cage, Veronica Carso, Boldizsar, Clark, Roly Reeves, Maya Gold, Electra, Paulo (Hungary), Adrienne (hungary), Maria (hungary)
Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Patrick Handsome
Release date: 10/23/2002
Precious Pink: Body Business 5 reviews:
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CAPSULE'S REVIEW  Precious Pink 5 (95 min.) Featuring: Betty, Lucia, Yolanda, Charlene, Katherine, and Yvette Nievez Synopsis: European porn within a musical setting.  Overall: Patrick Handsome has his style of filming, which is all in its own and that is combining erotic lingerie to enhance mood and atmosphere of the scene's plot. Katherine's scene shows his capability as a director to capture all the sensuality and the nastiness you would expect from European porn.
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Boxcover for Hustler Exxxotica 1
Hustler Exxxotica 1 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Alain Deloin, Sabrine Maui, Drimla, Greg Centauro, Electra, Angel (Ukraine)
Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Pierre Woodman
Release date: 7/23/2002
Hustler Exxxotica 1 reviews:
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"JUST LIKE GAUGUIN, I RAN AWAY FROM CIVILIZATION IN SEARCH OF THE DREAM OF FINDING THE LOST PARADISE... AND THE TROPIC SEIZED ME BETWEEN THE LEGS. NOW IT GOVERNS MY ENTIRE BODY, AND MY MIND WATCHES, POWERLESS, AS IT DIRECTS MY OBSCENE ACTS..." JOY KISS  THE STORY SO FAR (Joy Kiss who?)   In a nutshell: French director Pierre Woodman is back to the tropical Dreamlands (Bali, The Seychelles, Kawai) where his career (a highly enviable one) started, amidst flying rumors of the cruelest kind, not so many years ago ('93). It doesn't matter what you might have heard through the grapevine. With Michel Ricaud tragically gone, Berth Milton Jr., head of the Private bullpen, bet his last (metaphorical) dime on this dark horse and WON.
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