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Brad McGuire's 20-Hole Weekend 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Drew Peters, Brad McGuire, Javier, Ivan, Jay Ross, Alan Gregory, Jason Tyler, Chris Neal, Shane West, Pat Jackson, Ian Jay, Toby James, Conrad Stevens, Dick Damonson, Franco Dax, JC Cole, Marcelo Masko, Max Sohl, Michael Winchester, Robby Lopez, Toby Shelby
Studio: Treasure Island Media

Directed by: Max Sohl
Release date: 6/13/2007
Brad McGuire's 20-Hole Weekend reviews:
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The title tells all. Bald and burly Brad McGuire finds more than twenty willing guys to take his uncut prick bareback.
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Boxcover for Holler (Director's Hardcore Edit)
Holler (Director's Hardcore Edit) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dixon Parker, Drew Peters, Dean Johnson, Marc West, Ben Foster, Sean Paris, Billy Wild, Sam Ford, Joey Dino, Slate Rassado, Leo Tanner
Studio: Titan Media

Release date: 12/14/2002
Holler (Director's Hardcore Edit) reviews:
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Note: This review is of the Directors Hardcore Edit, and is only available directly for and If you buy this from anywhere else, the pissing, fisting, and probably the electro-zapping buttplug will be edited out. Director: Brian Mills and Harold Creg Cast: Sean Paris, Sam Ford, Joey Dino, Billy Wild, Marc West, Dean Johnson, Ben Foster, Slate Rassado, Dixon Parker, Drew Peters, Leo Tanner Story: I have to admit, white trash is one of the odder themes Ive ever seen in porn. At least there arent any mullets Scene One Starring: Billy Wild, Leo Tanner, Sam Ford Boy, I really dug this scene. Billy Wild comes home from the store just in time to suck his step-daddies dicks. And this is some prime time dick suckin right here. Billy sure knows his way around a cock. Before you know it, these guys are pouring beer on each other, pissing all over the place, and just plain fucking each other silly.
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Boxcover for Sunny Delights
Sunny Delights 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Drew Peters, Ryan Scott, Christian Owen, Lee Walbash
Studio: Pacific Sun

Release date: 5/30/2002
Sunny Delights reviews:
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Overall, this is a fairly good film, but one may wish to explore other titles from Junior Studios first. The movie starts off with an all-too-long, badly acted intro to most of the "characters." Lee Walbash and Jason Sizemore chat about some innanne blah-blah for far too long, then the scene cuts to Lee pumping iron shirtless. Jason wanders in, and, with minimal chit-chat, the two get down. Lee is a hot, young, muscular bottle-blonde, with shaved armpits and a really cute face. Jason is a tall, skinny kid with an enormous cock. Lee sucks on Jason's cock for a long time, at times clearly getting tired (or his jaw sore). He never gets more than about 2 inches of the big thing in his mouth at any one time. Jason takes a quick turn sucking Lee, and Lee cums on Jason's face and chest, then eats it off (no, it's really not as hot as it sounds...) Lee then jacks off Jason, and gets a hot, gooey facial, which he really seems to dislike.
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Boxcover for Skateboard Sliders 2: Slidin' In Deep
Skateboard Sliders 2: Slidin' In Deep 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Tiger, Noah Walker, Drew Peters, Rick Shore, Hans Ebson, Nick Young, Jesse L. Martin, Cox, Anthony
Studio: Tribal Pulse

Release date: 1/25/2002
Skateboard Sliders 2: Slidin' In Deep reviews:
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After seeing and reading so much about Skateboard Sliders, I havent actually seen it, but I was looking forward to what I had hoped would be a good twink fuck film. Well, I dont know if its me but this wasnt as thrilling as I had hoped. Oh, and if youre looking for some skateboarding forget about it! There is none. But I guess if you were looking for that youd pick up a Tony Hawk video. Anyway, it does feature a mixed bag of twinks ranging from the adorable, well built Drew Peters, pretty boy Jesse Martin and the wild tattooed Tiger. The production and quality is high but the stories disjointed and the sex only mediocre. Also, if someone can tell me what the hell those tattoos are on Anthony Cox Id appreciate it! Ones this weird shaped one on his chest and another on his arm that says, Kick Brass? It opens with Anthony whos giving some skateboard tips to Ricky Shore. Well, that doesnt last long and theyre both naked sucking each other off. Then it what looks like the most awkard position ever Ricky is on his back, legs over his head and ass straight up.
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Boxcover for Trust Me
Trust Me 
(4.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Blake Harper, Chris Steele, Anthony Cox, Marco Antonio, Drew Peters, Rick Hammersmith, Buddy Jones
Studio: Studio 2000

Directed by: John Travis
Release date: 9/6/2000
Trust Me reviews:
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Im not sure what to make of Studio 2000s Trust Me. I think it is supposed to be a love story if it is, its a rather depressing one. Chris Steele and Buddy Jones are long time lovers who have never spent any time apart. Buddy has to leave for 2 days for business, so the two engage in one last tryst in a hot tub before he goes. Chris is your basic buffed up daddy-type good looking, broad shoulders, nice cock. But Buddy, man oh man, where do I start? Last time I saw Buddy, he was my favorite studmeister from Hot Times in Little Havana. He doesnt look quite as good as he did in that flick, but he is still one hell of a hottie. Anyway, on to the sex The action is hot, but unfortunately, its oral only. The two lovers alternate blow jobs, but the highlight for me was Buddy stuffing his face between Chriss cheeks and licking his hairy ass for all its worth.
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