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Name of video with Dora Venter as English teacher?
Hi everyone.I'm trying to locate the title of a video with Dora Venter as an English teacher giving English lessons to a Japanese student (Dango Shiratama) and then seducing him.Thanks for any help in advance
Dora Venter boobs !
Having seen the lovely Dora on milf thing. got me wondering.has she had a recent boob job ?....or is it a case of drinking lots of Hungarian beer !
Mystery Babe of the Week 121: Dora Venter
Walter Burns' Mystery Babes Gallery – Look for mystery babe 121 Before you make your guess, take a moment to read the Mystery Babe Rules. You may also use the list of previous mystery babes to rule out certain guesses you might be tempted to make. Thanks for playing. vodka tonic said: “I simply cannot juxtapose R ...
Dora Venter
Just saw Dora for the first time in "Cum In My Ass Not In My Mouth #3" and I gotta say, this girl knows how to take a cock in the ass!!! One of the dudes starts pluggin her asshole and Dora wiggles her sweet asshole right down into that cock. Nice! Very Very Nice! It's always nice to see a babe who takes an active roll in getting her ...
Dora Venter/Animal Trainer 8
Watched it today and the scene is two couples. She is doing it with this big black guy and she says "Fuck me Gorilla" over and over! I've never seen anything like it! And she screws like mad! Super Hot Dora
Please identify this movie with Dora venter !
I think she fucks with Leslie taylor but i am not sure ! I want to see movies where she gapes ,i already seen "Buttman anal show 3" and "Christoph beautiful girls 6" ,but i am sure she did more movie where she opens her asshole wide ! thank for pour replies ! Edited by - ze_dude33 on Jan 25 2004
Private Life of Dora Venter
As announced on Crossfilm web site. You can check it out here. It weird, because It is announced on Crossfilm website and there is no mention of the movie on Private Official web site. Damn, I really hoped Michelle Wild was next for this serie...
The Eyes Of Dora Venter
Edsa, there's an intriguing line in your review of Private Orgies. You mention that you don't like Dora Venter because there's something 'sinister' about her eyes. Whoa! Can you elaborate on this? Personally I'm torn between thinking she's a horny little fox and thinking she's a weird fuck-munchkin from Area 51. But...'Sinister'? She does have a gr ...