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Boxcover for Drifter, The (Red Devil)
Drifter, The (Red Devil) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dirk Adams, Sebastian, Paul Morgan, Johnny Thrust, Jeff D. Kota, Chris Dano, Dean Maxwell
Studio: Red Devil Entertainment

Directed by: Casey O'Brian, Peter O'Brian
Release date: 3/7/2006
Drifter, The (Red Devil) reviews:
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I wasnt looking forward to watching this one when I saw it included a performer whom I truly dislike. That fact made my viewing not just of this film but of many 90s films difficult because it seemed that for a while this performer was in every damn fuck flick made. That old adage familiarity breeds contempt never seemed more apt. He was handsome enough, but he conveyed the personality of an egoistic narcissist; and no amount of good looks can compensate for that. We first see the drifterChris Danodrifting along. Then as we see Paul Morgan returning home we hear an earlier conversation as he bids goodbye to his wife before taking her to a plane. Looking out the window he spies the humpy Chris sunning himself by the pool. Chris is only wearing a posing strap and his muscles are on full display. Paul (playing a stupid hetero twit) suggests Chris move on. But Chris shows Paul his balls. N0not those between his legsbut a pair of Chinese steel balls of the kind used to calm nerves or exercise arthritic hands. These are special balls however.
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Boxcover for Below the Decks
Below the Decks 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Eric Evans, Jason Nikas, Dirk Adams, Brett Williams, Paul Morgan, Kevin Kramer, Sam Crockett, Peter Bishop
Studio: Street Corner Studios

Directed by: Blade Thompson
Release date: 8/9/2005
Below the Decks reviews:
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Below the Decks is a mildly entertaining fuck flick from Blade Thompson. Somewhere in middle America is where our story unfolds when a couple of graduates, Sam Crockett and Kevin Kramer, arrive back at one of their homes and begin discussing their futures. They both look a bit old to be graduates but thats beside the point. It turns out that Sams leaving his buddy to join the navy while Kevin is set to work at the local steel mill. The lighting seems a bit off and there was a second or two where the picture was out of focus. Before they set off on their new endeavors Sam plants a kiss on his buddy and before you know it their clothes have come off and Kevin is down on his knees working over Sams cock. Im sorry but neither seem to be aging well and even with Kevin doing his best Sam doesnt appear to get very hard. Sam gets Kevin on the couch and rims his shaved hole before sticking his big cock inside of him. Sam gives his friend a pretty good ass pounding as Kevin begs to get fucked from behind. He finally turns over and their fucking continues fast and furious.
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Boxcover for Black & White Lovers
Black & White Lovers 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Jack Simmons, Dirk Adams, Marcus, Kamrun, Miami
Studio: Bacchus

Release date: 12/9/2002
Black & White Lovers reviews:
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Now and then a DVD we dont expect too much of turns out to be something of a pleasant surprise. That is the case here. We have two scenes of white on black and two scenes of black on white. Now thats equality, I suppose. The first scene is an example of the former when Marc Cirriano (appearing here in all his hirsute glory) is awakened by his black lover. Both have huge uncut dicks and both know how to suck themboth individually, and in a glorious sixty-nine. The lover does an admirable job also in bottoming for Marcs big boner. In scene two the guys are neither as hung nor as attractive. The premise here is of the two deciding to spend their vacation at home having sex. Again both suck dick, but here the older white guy is topped by his black lover. Scene three is the weakest of the lot due to Dirk Adams. He is paired with a sexy young black wearing dreadlocks. The young man has a nice slender body and a nice dick. Dirkas in his usual performances shows no interest whatsoever in his partner.
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Boxcover for White Brief Encounters
White Brief Encounters 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dirk Adams, Scott Mann, Collin Jennings, Brandon James, Sergio Real
Studio: Bacchus

Release date: 3/7/2002
White Brief Encounters reviews:
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This would be a really fun advertisement for a major underwear manufacturer. As the title suggests it all starts with white briefs. But it also manages in each scene to pair a hairy guy with a smooth guy that I found interesting. As none of the performers are identified and as the only performer I recognized was listed last and appeared last, I am assuming that the performers appeared in chronological order. If that is the case, then Brandon James (a young bear) gets a delivery from Collin Jennings. This scene provides us with the longest stretch of dialogue in the entire film. "How much do I owe you?" "$14.56." I only have $14." "I've never seen you in your underwear before." "Wanna suck my cock?" "Yeah!" Thankfully, the film doesn't use that twiddly music we've heard a million times before, we just hear "slurp" "ah" "umm". After Collin has brought Brent's cock to full stiffness, it's Brent's turn to make up for the 56 cents he owes so he returns the favor. Collin in contrast to bear cub Brent is totally smooth (Look, Ma, no pubic hair!) Something that turns me on (wonder why?).
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Boxcover for Young Memories 2
Young Memories 2 
(0.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dirk Adams, Justin Rider, Lee Casey, Danny Pacheco, Bobby Tyler
Studio: Puppy Productions

Directed by: Karen Dior
Release date: 1/14/2001
Young Memories 2 reviews:
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While I do like the fact that this DVD does try to offer a few extras that don't normally come with budget-line products, they're done so bad, they further hurt the disc, rather than enhance it. Let's just get this over with. The stars: They're all nobodies, and you probably won't see them again anyway, unless you're in a seedy alley somewhere. The guys all have swimmer's builds and are all rather average looking. They are clearly young, which is what this is about, so that part they got right. My guess would be that none of them have known life without MTV. Features: The menu is animated, but has truly horrible music, which is probably only somewhat better than hearing a Michael Bolton-Yanni-Kenny G collaboration...on an hell. There is very little music in the feature (trust me, this is a good thing), and it's only used before and after scenes. Said scenes have virtually no sound at all.
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Boxcover for While The Cat's Away (Metro)
While The Cat's Away (Metro) 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Mathew Thomas, Kody Fields, Paolo Centori, Kip Kasey, Dirk Adams, Jeffrey Feliciano, Dany Brown, Don Dawson
Studio: Metro

Release date: 4/24/2000
While The Cat's Away (Metro) reviews:
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If Karen Dior were given a bit more of a budget her movies might not be that bad, unfortunately she doesnt have much so they tend to be average at best. The story is thin and the scenes arent really related too much, just 5 segments with one being a solo. The guys are all average looking which is refreshing. Nice cocks and asses and no "super model" types. Just your guy next door. It begins with Don Dawson and Dirk Adams lying in bed. Both of these guys are rather cute, young, dark hair and a bit Spanish looking. They appear they could almost be brothers, which is kind of erotic in itself. Don goes down on Dirks erect cock and begins to chow down until Dirk turns around and they 69 for a bit. Dirk puts a condom on a couple of his fingers and finger fucks Don until he plows Dons ass with the real thing. After a bit they both lay next to each other and jerk off. An average scene with nothing to special. Don appears to be a driver and has to run out to take Paolo Centori to Hawaii. Next we have Dany Brown and Jeffrey Feliciano.
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