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Boxcover for Model Amateur Tour 2
Model Amateur Tour 2 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Rachel, Dino, Kelly, James, Jennifer, Jesse, Drake, Jim, Leyla, Rachael, Brannon Rhodes
Studio: Shane's World

Release date: 3/30/2010
Model Amateur Tour 2 reviews:
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Shane's World presents another amateur vid production -- this means lots of POV camera, some in focus, some blurry or moving. Lots of set up before the actual sex scenes which might be of interest to some as a long long tease. Nice that the action moves from once place to another in most of the scenes, although since it is basically a one man camera shot you don't always see everything.
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Boxcover for Interracial Frenzy
Interracial Frenzy 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Mr. Marcus, Naomi, Dino, Wesley, Brooke, Justin Long, Sledge Hammer, Boz, Joachim Kessef, Pietra, Shane Diesel, Dwayne Cumminz, Sierra Sinn, Veronica Da Souza, Alexa Lynn, Sindee Jennings, Tommie Ryden, Leighlani Red, Carmen Minor, Presley Staxxx, Mcayla, Jack Sabastian
Studio: Digital Sin

Release date: 7/11/2008
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Interracial Frenzy reviews:
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Interracial Frenzy is a two-DVD production which is sure to fill any desire you have concerning white women with black men. All of the female body styles are represented ranging from curvy and big breasted to slender with small tits to bubble butts. The men all share the classic mystique of above average penis size and length. The sex is, for the most part, real, raw and captivating. The scenes are all well produced with good camera work and lighting. There seems to be very little directing as the majority of performers appear to be into the situations and digging the pleasure.
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Boxcover for Slurpin' Jizz 3
Slurpin' Jizz 3 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Sky, Taylor, Scott, Dino, Dave, Alex, Christian XXX, Chuck, Greg, Ari, Dan, Jacob Slater, Dan Fisk, SAYED, CESAR CASTILLO, SCOTT BERMAN
Studio: Treasure Island Media

Release date: 3/4/2008
Slurpin' Jizz 3 reviews:
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Ten short scenes wherein guys suck cock until it releases its jizz and the sucker swallows it down. Typical of the cum-guzzling vids from this studio but better than most because the many of the performers are fairly attractive (which-alas-doesnt seem to be a necessary requirement of this studio).
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Boxcover for South American Pie 3
South American Pie 3 
(3.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Dino, Pietra, Gisele, Don Picone, Princyany, Erick Nogueira, Alex Ferraz, Sara Muller, Jordanna, Taiza Lemon, Vitor Assumpcao, Pit Garcia
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Directed by: Richard Larusa
Release date: 12/27/2005
South American Pie 3 reviews:
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South American Pie 3 Studio: Zero Tolerance Category: Latin Director: Richard Larusa Starring: Sara Muller, Princy Any, Taiza Lemon, Gisele, Pietra, Jordanna Synopsis Going from North America to South America in a few seconds is one of the perks of being a all around reviewer, LOL, but let me know if watching giselle's Ass and the fresh background doesn't make your mouth watering then you're cold blooded or something, what a nice cover the guys from Zero Tolerance come with, let see if the movie itself is as good as the artwork....
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Here we get a quickie review on this title from Zero Tolerance. I love the cover shot of Gisele, such an inviting ass for us to check out and thankfully during her scene it does get fucked! The one thing Zero has been doing for their releases for awhile now that I like is having each scene listed separate with a small moving box showing some of the action. Under that box is a list of the positions shot and also you are able to go right to the cumshot if you don't have a lot of time. Upon glancing at each menu you see that all the girls in this one do anal plus the action is shot in some really nice locations near water.
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Boxcover for Rocco Meats Trinity
Rocco Meats Trinity 
(3.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Anita, Rocco Siffredi, Dino, Julie, Stephanie, Sandra, Tiffany, Anne, Pierre, Fabrice, Trinity, Tanja, Marie, Akira, Delphine, Adrianna Laurenti, Tristan Seagal, Joachim Kessef, Anthony Alain, Alina Sun, Corrine, Aurelie, Franky (Hungary), Daryl (Belgium), Karine (English), Coline (French), Fair (French), Peggy (French), Julie (French), Kokol (Congo), Line (French), Tiffany (French), Fletcher, Loulou Bais, Frank (French), John P. (French), Tonton Blanc (French), Franky (French), Gil (French), Hugh (French), Jann (French), Pascal (French)
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: Rocco Siffredi
Release date: 3/16/2005
Previews: Movie Trailer
Rocco Meats Trinity reviews:
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A quick and dirty review, this was another Rocco movie that I was frustrated with. The movie only had two scenes. Each going about an hour each. The first hour had Rocco nailing the maid, Tanja, until Trinity arrives. Then all hell breaks loose as Trinity is given a strap on and they gang on Tanja. Finally Rocco concentrates on Trinity and boy oh boy does he concentrate on her. Slapping. Choking. Superfucking. Rimming. You name it. They did it. He threw her around like a puppet. Trinity is pretty but not absolutely stunning. Still she shines in an awesome scene. Okay, here comes the frustrating part. The second half of this movie is an orgy scene. Only problem is that all the performers are wearing masks since they're at a masquerade party and the females kept them on. Some condoms were also used. If I wanted to see this crap, I'd go watch Eyes Wide Shut. Sure the sex was really good too but I want to see the freaking women in all their glory. Grrrr....
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I know there are a lot of Rocco fans out there and here we have one of his latest offerings and it stars a blond Euro babe Trinity that many of you know from the first I'm Your Slut which was helmed by a rising star you might have heard of, Manuel Ferrara. So now we get to see what a more seasoned performer can do with this blond babe although what Manuel has gotten out of her has been pretty good so fans of Trinity definitely should enjoy her work here. There are only two scenes to this dvd, both feature Trinity with the second scene also being a huge orgy scene but first we get Trinity in a little 2 on 1 action. Trinity & Tanja: The dvd starts with Tanja coming down to serve Rocco with some food and right away he's laying on the accent and charm with Tanja being most receptive. The glittery black maid's outfit was nice and we quickly see some butt cheek poking out. The two engage in some sexy croissant eating before Rocco starts letting his fingers do some painting with Tanja's body being his canvess.
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Boxcover for Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris
Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris 
(2.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Roberto Malone, Rocco Siffredi, Dino, Laura Angel, Remigio Zampa, Alain L'Yle, Hannah, Kelly Stafford, Katty Thurman
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: Rocco Siffredi
Release date: 3/21/2003
Rocco & Kelly's Perversion in Paris reviews:
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Description Rocco and Kelly shanghai 'guys off the street' for anal sex with Kelly. General Impression The problem with this movie is Kelly. Sometimes she acts like she's 8 years old, and sometimes she acts like she's 12, but she doesn't act like she enjoys sex. I don't want to go deeply into why I think that is, but I'd love to hear what a qualified psychoanalyst has to say about her arrested development, placating behaviors, adolescent rebelliousness, lack of sexual enjoyment, and need for attention. Sex In the first scene, Rocco tongues and spanks Katty, runs some anal beads into her, and has her suck the beads. Then he spits on her and feeds her his dick, holding her nose. He's fucking her when Laura arrives with a couple of bananas. Rocco stuffs a whole banana into Laura's mouth, packs it in there with his dick, and after she sputters it out onto him, he does the same thing with the other banana, holding her nose. She spits on him and slaps him, he slaps her and spanks her. Then Rocco fucks her, with Katty taking A2M with her nose held.
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Running Time: 119 min. Production Date: 2 / 07 / 2003 Director: Rocco Siffredi Cast: Rocco Siffredi, Kelly Stafford, Laura Angel, Hannah, Katty Thurman, Roberto Malone, Remigio Zampa, Dino, and Alain Lyle Initial Expectations: Rocco and Kelly have amazed me every time theyve worked together. Im really looking forward to this one!!!! Initial Reaction: Its okay, but I think its the worst movie Ive seen from Rocco and Kelly. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who wants to see intense sex pushing people to their limits Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who doesnt like intense and rougher sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio leaves a bit to be desired. Theres some background noises, which are fairly forgivable because they dont interfere with the scenes much. The bigger problem is the audio balance. Kelly and Roccos conversations are often hard to make out and frequently badly out of balance. This really interferes with the movie because Kelly and Roccos conversations are almost always of a sexual nature.
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Boxcover for Cruising (SEVP)
Cruising (SEVP) 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dino, Daniel, Marcus, Dexter, Brad, Eddie, Olle, Valery
Studio: SEVP

Release date: 12/13/2002
Cruising (SEVP) reviews:
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Like Bel Ami (its Eastern European counterpart) the Scandinavian company SEVP features beautiful young men. Unlike Bel Ami, however, the young uncut beauties of SEVP seldom use condoms and always eat one anothers cum. In CRUISING there is nary a condom to be seen, and sucking the residue spunk from an ejaculated cock has become a signature of the company. All of the action except the final scene takes place on board a ship as it sails leisurely along. Youll want to come aboard. The first young man we see heads into a sauna and starts looking at a magazine. (The Swedish even have saunas on their boats!) The magazine contains pictures of naked women but when a gorgeous young boy enters the sauna and goes down on the readers rampant cock he decides a boy in the flesh is worth more than a woman in a photograph. Soon he is sucking the welcome intruder. A flip-flop bareback fuck follows and of course the traditional cum-tasting. In the galley a scrumptious blond twink is drinking some fruit juice when a cute dark-haired twink enters.
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Boxcover for Jenny Rain Porno Star
Jenny Rain Porno Star 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Ian Daniels, Randy Spears, Caroline Pierce, George Kaplan, Dino, Lee Stone, Flick Shagwell, Calli Cox, Star E. Knight, Krystal Steal, Jessie J.
Studio: New Era

Directed by: Bob Chinn
Release date: 4/11/2002
Jenny Rain Porno Star reviews:
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Jenny Rain - Porno Star A disc review by Flash Movie Specs: Distributor: New Era Edition Details: Limited Edition A.K.A.: Bob Chinn's Jenny Rain - Porno Star Run Time: One hour and 37 minutes Rated: XXX Year of Release: 2001 Director: Bob Chinn Written by: Rex Carlton Cast: Star E. Knight, Caroline Pierce, Calli Cox, Crystal Steel, Jessie J., Flick, Ian Daniels, Lee Stone, Randy Spears, Dino, George Kaplan Cameo: Bob Chinn Disc Specs: Audio: 2.0 English Stereo Subtitles: none Video: Full Screen, 1.33:1 Video Format: NTSC Regional Code: 0 (All) Disc: Two Single Layered, Single Sided Discs Special Features: Trailers, Behind the Scenes Feature, Main Menus Translated into Five Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese Synopsis: In the freewheeling 70s, a journalist for the Moral View magazine is given an assignment to do a piece on pornography. He has to go on assignment to a film shoot. There he runs into Jenny Rain (Star E.
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Boxcover for Barcelona Bound
Barcelona Bound 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dino, Rafael Carreras, Lucas, Foz, Mario Perez, Anthony Marquez, Andres Banderas, Beto Campos, Vardeli Gardozo, Nicolas Quintero
Studio: Studio 2000 Int'l

Directed by: John Travis
Release date: 9/1/2001
Barcelona Bound reviews:
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Way back in 2001, Barcelona Bound was nominated for GAYVN Awards for Best Foreign Release and Best Sex Scene (between Rafael Carreras and Lucas Foz) I cant suggest strongly enough that you buy Barcelona Bound on DVD and see for yourself why it was robbed of both awards. This has some of the most passionate sex ever captured on DVD. The movie is structured around a backpacking trip through the Spanish city of Barcelona with two young lovers, Carreras and Foz. It was shot on location in Barcelona and captures a bit of the city, and bit of the countryside and a lot of the sex. Barcelona Bound has the perfect mix of plot and action. And the minimal dialog is all in Spanish (with English subtitles) spoken by a really masculine cast of men.
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Boxcover for Urge, The
Urge, The 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Marco, Devyn, Steven, Chris, Matt, Dino, Jon
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: Jim Steel
Release date: 4/24/2000
Urge, The reviews:
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THE URGE Directed by Jim Steel Vivid Studios The Urge stars Devyn Foster and Marco Rossi, two of the hottest muscleboys of the 90s, complete with GQ faces and amazing abs. With a well-known director and studio behind them, I figured the chances were good for something steamy... Well, yes and no. There's plenty of fake steam, in fact. In two scenes. Plus a fake alley, a fake locker room, a fake industrial plant... If you never thought bad set design could ruin a film, take a look here. You want to shoot in the studio rather than on location? Fine! But this movie appears to have been filmed onstage at your Aunt Matilda's small-town community theater. And with a similar budget. In fact, colored stage lights were used rather than movie lights--casting inadvertant red and green shadows across all the performer's bodies. There's not an actual skin-tone in sight. Of course, the set and lights get plenty of competition. It's hard to imagine a lamer script. There's supposed to be a story going on here, but I defy anyone to actually follow it.
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