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Boxcover for Cum Dump (Toxxxic)
Cum Dump (Toxxxic) 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dino Phillips, Kevin Kramer, Kamrun, Brad Slater, Joey Milano, Jarod Steel, Mark Van der Vilt, Jorge Armada, Casey Wood
Studio: Toxxxic

Directed by: Sam Dixon, Dino Phillips
Release date: 10/12/2007
Cum Dump (Toxxxic) reviews:
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This film is notable in that it features three performers who are not usually associated on camera with barebacking: Kevin Kramer, Dino Phillips, and Sam Dixon. (Only Sams cock makes an appearance.) There are the traditional four vignettes of which only the first and some part of the second are worthy of your time.
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Boxcover for Penetration On Pennsylvania Avenue
Penetration On Pennsylvania Avenue 
(0.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dino Phillips, Seth Black, Patrick Ives, Leo Masters, Dan Dixon, Jeff Mitchell, Sweet William
Studio: XTC Studios

Release date: 10/3/2001
Penetration On Pennsylvania Avenue reviews:
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Someone came up with a clever idea: to parody the white house intern scandal with a gay version of same. Having done that they obviously didn't think they had to do more. What a brilliant opportunity thrown away! Dino Phillips is the President and Seth Black is the new intern. Now I like both of these perfomers, but they just go through the motions here. They don't even attempt to feign interest in one another. It's just let's do it, get the check, and go home. So Dino screws Seth with a huge picture of George Washington on the desk watching it all. There are two additional scenes with white house staff members, but they aren't any better. And there's a final scene with the President's favorite intern, Leo Masters. But once again, the Prez seems indifferent. Maybe, he's worried about the state of the economy. As I said, this could have been a fun film with Seth turning into a Monica Lewinski, attempts to dissuade him...the possibilites are endless! Why didn't anyone pursue them? Because they knew the concept alone would sell this film.
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Boxcover for Nude Science
Nude Science 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dino Phillips, Peter Wilder, Pierce Vendetta, Eduardo, J.T. Sloan, Derek Cameron, Joey Hart, Raphael Valentino, Sam Carson, Austin, Ted Matthews, Johnny Rey, Dex Banning, George Brazil, Gavin Michaels
Studio: IMD

Release date: 7/8/2001
Nude Science reviews:
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Taking a cue from John Hughes 1985 teen comedy Weird Science, that Val Kilmer and Anthony Michael Hall picture about two computer geeks who create a perfect woman via computer, Nude Science goes a few steps further as Derek Cameron and Joey Hart use a brand new program to bring toy dolls to life, for their sexual pleasure, as well as to toy with an obnoxious houseguest. I must say that I immediately began a search for this program myself, and came up high and dry. Think of the possibilities - - you know that old Luke Skywalker action figure you have lying around...or better still, that Han Solo figure that has seen better days....all yours at the click of a mouse!Its a great concept, and executed with panache by director Dane Preston. Except for one instance, Sharon Kane contributes a great techno-pop score, appropriate to the movie.
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Boxcover for Skateboard Sliders 1
Skateboard Sliders 1 
(3.5 stars avg from 3 reviews)

Starring: Dino Phillips, Paul Morgan, J.T. Sloan, Johnny Thrust, Jeff White, Chris Young, Zachary Scott, Richie Fine, Jeff D'Kota, Bobby Golden, Mack Reynolds
Studio: Tribal Pulse

Release date: 8/2/2000
Skateboard Sliders 1 reviews:
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If it hadnt been for the poor audio and video quality, Skateboard Sliders wouldve ranked a bit higher with me. In numerous scene I found the audio to go in and out and the picture quality didnt seem much better than a super vhs. Its unfortunate too as it features a fine, young, hot cast whom all seem eager to please, and I liked the whole concept of the skateboard genre. Phil St. John directs and he has a thing for asses so you get plenty of that! Of the highlights I found scene 4 with the adorable Richie Fine, who bottoms for the first time with Jeff White, memorable, as well as scene 5 as Tommy Sax gets worked over by Bobby Golden and DKota. A nice double penetration shot during that one! For more details on the scenes please read the previous reviews. In general it was ok but couldve been a lot better had the production values been higher. Oh, I had trouble with the audio, it seems it defaults to Spanish for some reason so you may have to adjust your settings.
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SKATEBOARD SLIDERS Coverboy Tommy Sax has a fantasy... and a crush on his boss (Zachary Scott). We get to see a couple of his wet dreams, then a couple of lays, until (of course) he gets to shag his boss. Since a scene-by-scene review has been done in a nother review, I will just hit the high points: Guys' Looks: Pretty hit-or-miss, but the guys with less attractive features hide them behind hats and helmets. Of course, a couple of really hot skaters have the helmets on too much, too. Sax is in almost every scene to some degree, and figures prominently in half of them. The hottest guys (except for the delivery guy, Mack Reynolds, who is at the lower tier of cuteness) are in the shortest scenes (J.T. Sloan, Paul Morgan, and to a lesser degree Johnny Thrust). That said, the major sexual thrust of the movie comes from the scenarios it sets up- voyeurism, young guys getting caught fucking, and hot guys getting fucked in slings while sucking cock (J.T.
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The first time I saw this movie I was really impressed. An incredible debut by director Phil St. John, this movie delivers a strong plot which focused on a hip subculture of our youth society: Skateboarders. The casts are young and attractive. Sex scenes are powerful and full of surprises: two stunning double penetrations. I remember that when the movie was first released in VHS, I could not get a rental copy until after about three weeks. It was really a hot item. The only downside of this movie is that tape to DVD transfer quality is not among the best. All close-ups images are really good, but midrange scenes seem a bit blurry. However the DVD picture quality is usually not my concern unless its as poor as all the Sunshine releases. The reason I buy DVD is for my personal collection and allow me to watch the movies repeatedly without wearing it out like VHS tapes. I would like to introduce the cast members first. Everyone already see the cover box of this movie. The main model on the cover is Tommy Saxx.
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Boxcover for Biagra
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Alyssa Allure, Dino Phillips, Tina Tyler, Paul Carrigan, Leo DeSilver
Studio: Legend

Directed by: Karen Dior
Release date: 4/24/2000
Biagra reviews:
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Writer/Director: Karen Dior Videographer: Mark Reed DOP: 2/4/99 Running length: 90 min. Female cast: Tina Tyler, Alyssa Allure Male cast: Paul Carrigan, Michael D. Marco, Chris Danu, Dino Phillips, Leo Desilven Audio/Video: Camera angles were limited, with mostly poor penetration shots, and the lighting fluctuated a bit. The audio was good, and music was kept to a minimal level during the sex. Extras: Photo stills Animated scene selection Bios on ALL the performers was appreciated. Condoms: Yes, except in Tina's case ;) ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************ The Movie: I have very few bi titles in my collection, mainly because there are so few worth viewing, let alone owning. This unfortunately, is not one of them. Good enthusiastic performances by Tina, Paul, and Michael couldn't overcome the drawbacks that all bi flicks suffer from. While I wouldn't call it another Karen Dior 'crapathon', some might.
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Boxcover for Inside Men 2
Inside Men 2 
(2.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Eric Evans, Dino Phillips, Jeffrey Feliciano, Seth Black, Vince Bandero, Dean Spencer, Chad Conners, Sam Dixion, Joe Austin, Chad Donovan
Studio: Metro

Release date: 4/24/2000
Inside Men 2 reviews:
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This is sort of a fake documentary, in which Karen Dior (who appears briefly and is one of the scarier drag queens I've seen in awhile) invites men to have sex on her bed. Karen directed the very terrible Young Memories 2, so I went into this with a great deal of dread. Features: Not much. There are six trailers on side B, including one for this feature and the original. They all pretty much suck as they don't really show enough to compel me to check them out any further. And of the six, four are mismatched on the menu. Way to go Metro. There is also an unspectacular photo gallery and the usual web crap. That's about it. The feature: This is somewhat along the lines of a compilation, so nobody really has to act out any part other than "horny guy #_." Therefore acting and plot are thrown out. The music is pretty lame, for the most part, and the video is alright, but generally unspectacular. Karen provides an introduction (on camera...eek!) and speaks to the models (off camera) at the beginning of their scenes.
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