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Boxcover for Homegrown Video: Young True Amateurs 2
Homegrown Video: Young True Amateurs 2 
(2.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Diamond, Daphne, Maxine, Belinda Blue, Sunny Daze, Sandy McNeil
Studio: Homegrown

Release date: 2/17/2001
Homegrown Video: Young True Amateurs 2 reviews:
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NOTE: There seems to be more than a little confusion as to the title of this DVD. The title on the cover reads: Eye Contact Young True Amateurs Volume 2 I fully took this to mean the movie was called Young True Amateurs 2 when looking at the cover, but the movie is actually called Eye Contact 2 and is labeled as such on the DVD and listed as such on RAME. This seems to be more than a little confusing, especially if a person wants to recommend this movie to somebody else. Hopefully Homegrown puts a little more thought into their covers and how they word things in the future to end this confusion. Im listing this review under Young True Amateurs 2 as thats the way most stores appear to have it listed, although in the review Im going to refer to it as Eye Contact 2 as thats actually the name of the movie.
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Boxcover for Down The Hatch 5
Down The Hatch 5 
(4.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Buffy, Diamond, Justine Romee, Kristina Black, Susanne Storm, Brandi Lyons
Studio: Diabolic

Release date: 2/10/2001
Down The Hatch 5 reviews:
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A Mike John Video Starring Brandy Lyons, Justine Romee, Kristina Black, Buffy, Suzanne Storm, and Diamond. SCENE ONE : Justine Romee, looking good here, with her natural body, and large tits, teases the camera a bit by playing with her nipples, while Mike John asks her a few questions. She is then down on her knees and working her mouth and hands over his cock, and some tit fucking goes on as well. He cums in her mouth as she is lying on her back, and to end a pretty hot, though a little brief POV scene, she swallows. SCENE TWO : Brandi Lyons, a pretty hot and natural, slender bodied brunette, opens the scene by sucking on a cock, then another, while on her knees, until there are three cocks. She works her mouth over the cocks before she stands to remove her short shorts and top, with the fucking not far behind She sits her pussy down on Eriks cock, reverse cowgirl, and sucks on the other two cocks a bit during. She moves on into missionary, with Mike John(?) getting a go at her pussy and cumming in her mouth, which she swallows.
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Here we go with a review for a title that I was looking forward to for quite awhile. This series is becoming quite a favorite of mine and it has starred some of the better names in gonzo porn. First up is Justine Romee who is sporting quite the nice rack and she is also a "nice" dirty talker. This scene is only a bj but it is a good one leading up to a good popshot in you guessed it her mouth and she swallows it down like a champ. Next up is Brandi Lyons and she puts in a very good scene taking on three guys and doing quite the good job of it leaving no dick alone for to long. She takes three popshots into her mouth before taking on all three guys again this time doing some nice anal and this leads up to three more popshots right into her mouth. This girl is a keeper and should have a good future in the business. Buffy is the next girl and this is the first time I have seen her and she looks good and she does a nice bj only for this scene.
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Boxcover for Foot Lover's Only
Foot Lover's Only 
(0.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Zoe, Randy West, Shayla LaVeaux, Tatiana, Naomi, DJX, Diamond, Jamie, Sylvia Sanz, Tera Patrick, Dayton Rains, Christina St. James, Amythiest, Ami, Jane Federov
Studio: New Machine

Directed by: Randy West
Release date: 1/29/2001
Foot Lover's Only reviews:
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Running Time: 80 min. Production Date: 9 / 29 / 1999 Director: Randy Leatherface West Cast: Shayla LaVeaux, Christina St. James, Tera Patrick, Zoe, Diamond, Amythiest, Ami, Dayton Rains, Jane Federov, Sylvia Sanz, Tatiana, Naomi, Jamie, DJX, and Randy West Initial Expectations: When I saw the title I had very high hopes as I have a fairly strong foot fetish. Then I saw Randy West and they went down fast. My only hope was that it would be as good as I Love Lesbians 3 which I kind of liked. Initial Reaction: This deserves a foot - right in Randy Wests Depends. Audio /Video Quality: The audio is a mixed bag. Some of it is very clear but some of it is very hard to hear. Surprisingly the video is very clear. Theres some focus problems but thats expected with Randy Wests work. Music: None. FALSE ADVERTISING: The cover claims that its interactive Pick your girl, choose what she does .
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Boxcover for Maxed Out 11
Maxed Out 11 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Max Hardcore, McKenna, Diamond, Regan Starr
Studio: Legend

Release date: 9/12/2000
Maxed Out 11 reviews:
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Maxxed Out # 11 - DVD Reviewed by: Devient on 01/13/01 First time I ever seen this series, and Max takes 3 girls to the extreme. I was surprise in how mean and hard he was to the woman and they still play like little fuck toys. I would this is a must for people that want to see girls get degraded, and take it form Max. CHAPTER 1: Reagan Star Max is checking out the the racing scene and finds this girl that want to meet one of the drivers. So he takes her back to his place and fucks her senseless. Reagan is a skinny tall blond that plays stupid and takes max's antics very well. Max take her throug some postions and then goes anal on her. He gapes and keeps fucking her in a bunch of positions, esp. RCA. Max fists her jaw and she then smokes a cigeratte after wards with adick in her ass. Max also shows how he gape her with his needle dick.
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Boxcover for Up and Cummers 69
Up and Cummers 69 
(2.5 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Randy West, Marcella, Damien Michaels, Diamond, Shelbee Myne, Peter Romero, Isis Delight, Kitty K
Studio: New Machine

Directed by: Randy West
Release date: 9/6/2000
Up and Cummers 69 reviews:
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Up & Cummers 69 (2000) Director: Randy West Starring: Jade Marcela, Diamond, Shelbee, Kitty K., Isis Delight, Randy West, Peter Romero & Damian Michaels Special Features: Chapters, Photo Galleria, Trailers, Fetish Menu & Websites Category: All Sex, Gonzo, Amateur Company: New Machine -When I got more & more into porn & explored it a lot more, which was in 2000, I found the Up & Cummers series. This series has a lot of great, special and dull, boring moments. These movies are good for 1-2 great scenes with 1-2 great females. Nothing more, nothing less. Randy West finds new females & he works with them! I like this series alot. Not the greatest, but they have loads of moments & great scenes that you would want to dub on your home-made 'favorite XXX scenes' compilations on VHS or DVD, even! For these Up & Cummers reviews that I will give you all to read, I won't give the usual VictoriO (thorough, obsessive-like) review. I'll point out my favorite moments & so forth.
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Starring: Diamond, Jade Marcela, Isis Delight, Shelbee Myne, Kitty K, Randy West, Damien Michaels, Peter Romero Pros: Diamond's moves, Kitty's amazing morphing look, Isis's body wave Cons: Shelby is not naked, Jade licks Randy's asshole (My eyes! My eyes! Somebody save me), cum shots on feet, at chapter stops during Kitty's scene the DVD inexplicably jumps back to the chapter menu, poor audio/video, Randy "the 80's pimp" West, Kitty's big tattoo Writing this review seems redundant. I feel that once I have seen one Up and Cummers I have seen the disappointments of them all. Sure there are some good looking girls. Sure there is some good sex. But all of that is obscured by two things. First, despite being in the porn industry since porn began Randy still can't afford a decent camera. Second, Randy insist on being part of the action. In other words the viewer feels that they have stumbled across someone's home movies. Breakdown: Diamond has the stripper moves.
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Boxcover for Dinner Party 2: The Buffet
Dinner Party 2: The Buffet 
(3.8 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Lisa Ann, Kim Kummings, Sofia Ferrari, Stephanie Swift, Cortknee, Montana Gunn, Diamond, Tyler Sweet, Nanna, Midori, Kelly Trump
Studio: Ultimate

Directed by: Seymore Butts
Release date: 4/24/2000
Dinner Party 2: The Buffet reviews:
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Running Time: 103 min. (cover claims over two hours, so Ive penalized the overall score by a half point) Production Date: 9 / 16 / 1996 Director: Seymore Butts and Willy Red (Seymore is listed as the Director of Erotica and is the only name listed on the cover) Cast: Lisa Ann, Tyler Sweet, Dina Jewel (listed here as Nanna), Mr. Marcus, Cort Knee, Kelly Trump, Sean Michaels, Hakan, Stephanie Swift, Kimberly Kummings, Sophia Ferrari, Tom Byron, Diamond, Montana Gunn, Midori and Scott Styles Initial Expectations: Although Im afraid of sequel-itis here, Seymore Butts behind the camera really does pique my interest. Initial Reaction: Up until the last few minutes its a fantastic fuck flick! Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes tastefully done artistic sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who needs to hear the performers Audio /Video Quality: Im really not sure what to say about the audio, because its basically only music. Theres a few areas where you get to hear the performers, but the vast majority of the movie is only music for audio.
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This film was made back in 1996, when Seymour Butts was in a short-lived partnership with Ultimate Pictures, which was in association with Adam & Eve. Although this is not one of Seymour Butts' familiar "home videos", he is listed as "director of erotica." A sequel in name only to Cameron Grant's "Dinner Party;" this film is directed by "Willy Red." The formula is typical: rent a nice house, a nice car, get some porn starlets together and get after it. There are ten scenes including an orgy scene at the end of the picture. There's a strong emphasis on interracial sex; the movie has both Sean Michaels and Mr. Marcus. The first scene is a lesbian coupling of Tyler Sweet and Lisa Ann. In a warm scene, Tyler uses a strap-on on Lisa Ann. Almost all the natural noises are muted and jazz soundtrack takes their place. The next scene has Mr. Marcus paired with red-headed Nanna, another merely warm pairing. The third scene features Sean Michaels and two blondes in a swimming pool.
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Boxcover for World's Biggest Gang Bang 3: The Houston 620, The
World's Biggest Gang Bang 3: The Houston 620, The 
(3.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Brick Majors, Misty Rain, Brandon Iron, Dave Hardman, Brian Surewood, Evan Stone, Tyce Bune, Steve Drake, Deja Blew, Valentino, Dick Nasty, Ron Jeremy, Lexington Steele, Houston, Claudio, Diamond, Blake Palmer, Kira, John West, Natasha Blake, Tony Everready, Gina Adorabella, Dave Cummings, Misty Dawn, Claudia D'Corazon, Oliver, Sasha Gabor, Cocoa, Sinnamon, Tori Flame, Gabriella Gotti, Mike Ramone
Studio: Amazing

Directed by: Greg Alves
Release date: 4/24/2000
World's Biggest Gang Bang 3: The Houston 620, The reviews:
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Running length: 3 hrs. D.O.P. 02/06/99 Videographer: No one will admit it, but I have evidence Writer/Director: This was Greg Alves doing Female cast: Houston, cameos by Misty Rain, Sinnamon The Fluff Girls: Angela, Diamond, Claudia, Cocoa, Kira, Deja Bleu, Gabrielle, Gina, Lori. Male cast Ron Jeremy and 620 sexual deviants, the usual suspects. Audio/Video: Excellent, almost TOO good at times. Extras: After 3 hours of this, you want extras? Are you high? General comments: This is only the second gangbang I've seen, so it's hard to judge it by any sort of criteria, but it looked to be a first class production, at least as far as gangbangs must go, and I tried to grade it accordingly and objectively. It had a theme, all the big shots were there to cheer her on, and it did seem as though there were indeed 620 male masturbators in attendance. From the one I had seen previously, and others I have read about, the totals tend to be a bit ...inflated, at least in number. This one was well organized, as things like this should be.
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