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Devinn Lane VS Lisa Ann
Who is hotter?
Devinn Lane web sites, what happened to them?
I've just been listening to a Devinn Lane interview for ADT, I think recorded in 2006.In it she said she was launching two web sites which sounded real fun. One was and the other www.agentmilf.comNone of which exist. Does anyone know if these sites were alive at some point, but were perhaps closed down.Thanks.
Where is Devinn Lane?
Question......Does Devinn Lane still use this site? I only just discovered the world of Devinn Lane and Id really like to try and talk to her...She is amazing and now perhaps my all time favourite idol! Mmmmmm............
Devinn Lane
Does anyone know the latest with her. She has been noticeably absent for awhile.
Anyone know what Devinn Lane is up to these days?
Is Devinn still working behind the scenes in the industry or did she leave it behind for good? I know she used to post here, but I haven't seen anything from her in a while.Hope she's still working in the biz because we could certainly use someone with as dirty a mind as hers. Heh and a Julia Ann type MILF comeback from Devinn Lane would also be ...
Devinn Lane BACK in front of cameras: yay or nay
? with guys and or IR?
WEHT Devinn Lane?
It's been a year since last posted.
Mystery Babe of the Week 158: Devinn Lane
Mystery Babe 158Before you make your guess, take a moment to read the Mystery Babe Rules.You may also use the list of previous mystery babes to rule out certain guesses you might be tempted to make.Thanks for playingEdited by - Walter Burns on Jun 16 2008
Where is "DEVINN LANE"
hi friends,I am one of devinn lane fan but i don't see new post of herdo you have any news from her?
devinnlane, 11-20 (The Horniest Housewife Poll)
This is a poll, not a "best of" list. You are supposed to pick a favorite. Or not, you can also just read it. Or not, whatever. It is not important. (11)devinnlane said:"Nice to know that you all are still talking about my tits."(12)devinnlane said:"I'd love to strap one on and fuck her better than most guys could. Hehehehe ...
Devinn Lane's web site
Hey, anyone know what the deal is with Devinn Lane's web site?www.devinnlane.comIt looks like it hasn't been updated in the last few years. I can't see anybody subscribing. Trash.
Paging Devinn Lane
Devinn is my absolute favorite. I know she no longer performs, but where can I find more of her. She posts frequently on here and even talks about posting photos...does she have a website or group that is available to join? I have always found her the most pretty, fun and realistic star out there...with the best boobs. Doesnt hurt that she looks EX ...
Taylor St Claire VS Devinn Lane
Guys, who is hotter between these super sexy big girls?
Devinn Lane
Hi everybody. I'm a french fan of Devinn Lane and I had the chance to talk a little with her on this forum.I do my best to follow her in her new directing and producing career but it's hard to find updated news.Devinn, when will you create a new website cause is no more actualized since many years and I would like to keep in touch wi ...
Devinn Lane VS Rocki Roads
Who do you think hotter? Edited by - dialbig on Mar 31 2007
Where's Devinn Lane?
She hasn't posted in over a week.
Devinn Lane VS Stacy Valentine
Oke, let's give Devinn Lane a real competition, who is hotter between Devinn and Stacy?
Devinn Lane becomes PR director
From -Performer-turned-director Devinn Lane has joined Exotic Star Models (ESM) as the company's new director of public relations and talent support."Devinn is the perfect answer for what we need here at the company," said ESM head and industry veteran, September Dawn. "We've recently been through a lot of changes in employee ...
Devinn Lane VS dialbig
**Edited by - bob on Jun 9 2007
A question for Devinn Lane...or maybe DMPR
In the behind-the-scenes featurette of Wicked's 'Lovers Lane', there is an outdoor scene being shot between yourself and Brad Armstrong (it looks like some sort of traffic stop scenario, because you are in your least, to begin with!). I know it didn't make it into the main feature, or the bonus material, but I'm wondering if it ev ...
Devinn Lane Poll/Vote :)
Devinn Lane For Official ADT Event Party Planner . My Vote Yes.
Devinn Lane to Direct Pink Paradise 2
Devinn Lane Tapped to Direct Pink Paradise 2 Best Selling Sapphic Series Slated for February (Chatsworth, Ca) - Sin City is proud to announce that they have enlisted the beautiful and talented Devinn Lane to direct the sequel to their best selling lesbian series PINK PARADISE. According to the former Penthouse Pet turned direct ...
Happy Birthday Devinn Lane
The Hostess with the mostest !!!!! Let's go sneak beer in somewhere listening to Merle Haggard !
Devinn Lane Shooting For Mach 2
Next week I shoot for hardcore company Mach 2. More details to follow. Time to play! xoxo Devinn
Devinn Lane: Yay or Nay?
On the yay side, all we need point to is Devinn long-standing love of citrus. Yes, there's her looks and sex-appeal, but how many women go on record publicly as prefering "fruity balls"? On the nay side, Devinn can be rather intimidating; MILF appetites and all. Also, wasn't there some nasty business with a monkey? +1 undecided.
Devinn Lane Returns to Metro’s No Man’s Land
from "It’s all in the hips. It’s like you’re giving someone a strip tease…that’s the way you should move your body." Contract starlet-turned-director Devinn Lane is showing porno newcomer Jessica Lynn how to fuck the much older Deauxma with a strap-on. It’s both educational and damn sexy. ...
Devinn Lane projects for 2007
The last time I hear Devinn Lane left Shane's World and doing a contest "Find The Next MILF", I think it is??? So, what's up for Devinn Lane?? Will she return to film or director for ClubFastLane with a differnet company? Time will tell!
Devinn Lane passes 1,000 !!!
Congratulations, Devinn! I always enjoy your posts!
Devinn Lane, Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn
On Monday December 11th at 8am PST Christy Canyon, Ginger Lynn and I will be on 106.7 KROQ fm based here in Los Angeles, CA. Ginger and Christy currently are the hosts of Playboy Radio's Night Calls available on Sirius. We are promoting the upcoming MILF Makeover Contest that is scheduled to take place on the 14th of December at The Valley Ball ...
Devinn Lane and Jewel De'Nyle Photos
I was looking through some stuff and came across this photo gallery of Devinn and Jewel. Thought I'd share...
Devinn Lane's new avatar
A guy could get his eyes poked out if he got too close to it.
Devinn Lane Podcast!
Live from Erotica LA, it's the bodacious Devinn Lane. The former Wicked star, recent Shane's World director and now travel entrepreneur talks about her various enterprises, including those porn star excursions to Jamaica, and the frisky content she's shooting for her looming websites. Always candid and never afraid of a little controversy, Lane tal ...
Shane’s World Parts Ways with Devinn Lane
From AVN: Shane’s World Studios and director Devinn Lane have parted ways, ending her exclusive contract. Shane’s World owner Jennie Grant told that the company ended the pact after four titles, instead of the previously agreed upon six. Lane was unavailable for comment at press time. Grant said, “We wish her the ...
Devinn Lane's Guide To Strap-On Sex
Ladies and gents the moment has finally come. I have been looking forward to shooting this movie for so long and it finally ships on Monday which gives it a street date of April 18th. The cast includes Kurt Lockwood, Samantha Ryan, Sandra Romain, Christian, the ever lovely Katja Kassin, Kylie King, Julie Night, Lexi Love, and a few other that I can ...
When is "Devinn Lane’s Guide to strap-on Sex"...
...going to be released? I'd thought it was supposed to be out this month, but I haven't seen it on any websites, for pre-order or otherwise.
Happy Birthday Devinn Lane :o)
Happy Birthday Hun and Many More :o)
Get well Devinn Lane
I'm posting this here as it pertains to her feature appearance in S.C. this past weekend. Was all excited to see her as no big stars really feature in the area let alone a fellow ADT'er such as Devinn. Anyway, spent the day in Savannah friday with the idea of catching one of her later shows that night. Well, get to the club and ask about Devinn and ...
Questions for Devinn Lane
1. What was your worst sexual experience on camera? 2. What are some of the things that you refuse to do in a sex scene? 3. Have you ever worked with partners who were nervous having sex with you on camera? How did you try to relax them? 4. How is the sexual persona that you have on camera similar or different than the one that you have i ...
Devinn Lane... you can take my ass
hi Devinn, for about 3 or 4 weeks i'm thinking about your f/m strapon movie, i never take it up my ass before, that means that my wife or any woman never rim or fuck me before, but when i read about Kurt Lockwood who take it up his asshole my thinking about f/m strapon changed, now i can take it up the asshole from a beautiful girl like uou. Carna ...
Devinn Lane's Guide to Strap on Sex set
From AVN, CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Shane’s World has just wrapped production on Devinn Lane’s Guide to Strap-on Sex. The title marks the first female to male strap-on movie for Shane’s World, as well as for Lane. The cast list boasts 2006 AVN Male Performer of the Year nominee, Kurt Lockwood, taking his first strap-on on camer ...
devinn lane and guys assholes
hi devinn id like to ask you about your new femdom strapon film... whats your last imagines about your acts with the guys assholes? do you think about fucking them with your tit? whats your imagines about tasting and licking the guys assholes? who is the male and female pornstars you will work with? and when?!!! all things about the film.......
devinn lane fucking guy's assholes
hi devinn, happy to hear about your femdom strapon movie, but before you start we need some acts to be done in the movie: nose acts: 1 ramming your nose inside their assholes 2 smelling it 3 inhalating it mouth acts: 1 tasting their assholes 2 licking it 3 sucking it 4 eating it 5 tongue fucking it hand acts: 1 fingering their ass ...
Devinn Lane
Hello, I'm a new member on this forum and a French one. So excuse my bad english... I've discovered this forum by searching news on the web about Devinn Lane 'cause I'm an absolute fan of this porn-star. I'm happy to discover that she's member of this forum so that I can have news about her. Playboy TV has just started on the French television ...
Devinn Lane - F to M Assfuck Contest
I know Devinn Lane has retired but I wish she came back for one more event. I would love her to create a contest in which she ass fucks a dude with a dildo. The guy who shows the most enthusiasm gets a opportunity to work for Shane's World. I wonder how many dudes would allow her to assfuck her. I certainly would enjoy the opportunity. CL
Devinn Lane: When Good Girls Go Gonzo
Director Devinn Lane's at an interesting point in her professional life. Known as a Wicked contract performer with five and a half years there under her belt, she picked up AVN's Best Actress - Video award for her work in Wicked's Breathless and was consistently a strong actress in addition to always being a reliable sex performer, adding men t ...
Devinn Lane at AEE on Saturday only
Hey guys and gals! Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I will be at AEE this year but on Saturday only. I'll know more about hours tomorrow and will let you know what booth I'll be at too. I can't wait! I'm so excited! xoxo Devinn
Devinn Lane a free agent
CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Devinn Lane told she is available to direct for other companies and is considering offers now. The long-time Wicked Pictures contract star said she has completed her exclusive relationship with the company and is a free agent. “My contract with Wicked ended in July, but then I went directly into production ...
Devinn Lane/Lex Scene
Did Devinn ever do her scene with Lex. If not, does she have plans for IR in the future? Anal in the future?
Holy Crap! A New Devinn Lane Movie!
Lover's Lane Due: 6/29 Starring: Devinn Lane, Jessica drake, Ava Vincent, Exotica, Nadia Styles, Kimberly Kane, Jennifer Luv, Makayla Coxxx At this point, I had just considered Devinn either on a long break or partially retired considering how long ago it was that I saw her put out a new movie. In that light, her recent directing efforts seem ...
devinn lane
has anyone seen devinn in road trixx1, i heard she does an anal scene with evan stone can anyone confirm this Topic Moved by - MLyons on Apr 26 2005
Happy Birthday Devinn Lane
And may she return to ADT soon.
Devinn Lane Webcam Show
Join me this Saturday January 15th at 5pm PST for a webcam show from my private home. Hope to see you all there! xoxo Devinn
Devinn Lane in "Chicago"
And in Chicago. She opened her show tonight in a Catherine Zeta-Jones wig doing the "All That Jazz" number. Good dancing, a nice nod to traditional burlesque, and very appropriate, of course. I'm not really a fan of feature dance shows, so I don't go very often, but Devinn's had a lot of personality. During the second song, she pulled ...
Devinn Lane's Hedonism Vacation Auctions
I'm in no way affiliated with these auctions and am only bringing them to everyone's attention. No bidders yet (huh? no takers to party with Devinn Lane) These auctions are for 6 days, 5 nights all-inclusive (except flight) at Hedonism III in Jamaica and expire Saturday October 16th around midnight (eastern) Auction 1 - Room for Two Auct ...
Weekly Poll 14Jun04: Guest Pollster Devinn Lane
This week's guest pollster is Wicked superstar Devinn Lane! For links to a recent interview with Devinn, photos, her movies, her website and more check out the Devinn Lane spot on our homepage. Devinn's question for everyone: Out of all of these company owners, which one do you think will be the most financially sound in five years? Ten years ...
Devinn Lane to get sued?
Well not really... more like that I had way too much time and imagination! By Pornnookie, Adult DVD Talk Forum Member reports exclusively to the adultdvdtalk forum. UTOPIA - Sometimes the world can be a such beautiful place and sometimes it will scare you especially these days with reports from wars all of the world and reports on growing co ...
suggestion for new devinn lane movie for wicked
im a big devinn lane fan and love her girl girl scenes.and this is my idea for a new movie staring devinn,it would be titled devinn"s would be an all girl movie staring,devinn,nicole sheridan,sydnee steel,aria,jessica drake and julia ann.this will not be a bondage movie but it will have a lot of fetish and dirty talk.also there will ...
Devinn Lane & Julia Ann together again?
Since Ms. Lane posts here regularly, I was wondering if we could get any insight on if/when she and Julia Ann will be working together again? They are both absolutely at the top of my list -- classy yet nasty, and totally in control. And just stupid gorgeous. I'd love to see threesomes/foursomes with the two ladies and male partners of their cho ...
Devinn Lane-Boy/Girl
Hey, how's it going, Abridged Version: I have not seen a Devinn Lane movie yet and only want to see her boy/girl work. What films has she done boy/girl in and are her breasts real or implants? Long Version: I just started a thread asking for recommendations for Stephanie Swift films. Of course, when I am looking through her films on w ...
Happy Birthday Devinn Lane
Hey, how's it going, On the homepage of they always list "today's birthdays" and apparently today is Devinn Lane's birthday. So, I just wanted to wish her a happy birthday. I'm sure others will probably do the same, even though it is possible she will not get a chance to read this until after her birthday. Kelly
Industry politics: Question for Devinn Lane, et al
Hello, Ms. Lane and other female performers. I was particularly interestd in your feedback on this topic, Ms. Lane, because you have commented here on your opinions about sex workers "taking control" of their careers. I'm interested in the fallout a female performer encounters when she does assert her boundaries, either financially ...
Join Devinn Lane on Road Trixxx
LOS ANGELES, CA - Here's your chance to go on a road trip you'll never forget. Survive the adventures planned for you and you will be rewarded handsomely (in sexy memories, at least). Just throw away your inhibitions and Devinn Lane will take care of the rest. Forget the rules, these are Road Trixxx. Adult industry leader Wicked Pictures is ple ...
7 lives exposed with Devinn Lane?
Has anyone else seen this show on playboy TV? I just saw it today and its addictive stuff! Its a realty show where devinn lane and 6 roomates live in a house and end up(alot of the time) having sex with each other. The funniest part though is watching her get into catfights with this other blond girl in the house, lol. Btw to those who have past ep ...
Devinn Lane Fans at AEE
Devinn Lane Fans! In appreciation for her fans, Devinn Lane, Wicked Pictures contract girl and star of 7 Lives Xposed, plans to offer a variety of items at the AEE show in Las Vegas Jan 8 thru 11. These things will include: 1. A free 8x10 to the first 50 people in her line during fan hours at AEE every day. There will be a different picture a ...
Devinn Lane B/G
Can anyone recommend a good movie with Devinn Lane doing men?
IMPROPER CONDUCT Devinn Lane's B/G Epic Now On DVD
Los Angeles, CA – Wicked Pictures, a leader in adult entertainment for over ten years, is pleased to announce the DVD release of Devinn Lane’s first boy/girl feature, the current AVN Editor’s Choice Improper Conduct. Directed by multi-award winner Brad Armstrong, Improper Conduct received no less than 13 AVN pre-nomination sugge ...
Looking for a Devinn Lane movie
Hi everyone. There's supposed to be a film starring Devinn Lane called "Improper Conduct" in which she has a boy-girl scene. I think I saw somewhere that Wicked Pictures was working on it in March. Does anyone know when it's coming out? Thanks in advance for any info!
Need a good Devinn Lane movie
Hi everyone. I think Devinn Lane is hot as hell, and I want to get a good DVD with her in it. Thing is, I'm not into girl/girl sex and she doesn't work with guys, right? So if anyone can recommend a good title where she performs a solo masturbation scene I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Topic Moved by - morbidthoughts on Apr 16 2003
Devinn Lane’s Directorial Debut Comes To DVD!
DVD PRESS RELEASE MARCH 13, 2003 THE DEVINN LANE SHOW, EPISODE 1: THE FORBIDDEN ZONE! Devinn’s Directing Debut Comes To DVD! LOS ANGELES, CA – AVN multi-award winner Devinn Lane’s directorial debut, The Devinn Lane Show, Episode 1: The Forbidden Zone, makes the leap to DVD next week in an expanded edition featuring audi ...
Devinn Lane Does First BG Feature
from AVN: Devinn Lane Does First Boy/Girl Feature, Los Angeles By: Scott Ross 2-6-2003 LOS ANGELES- Wicked Girl Devinn Lane starts shooting her first boy/girl feature, Improper Conduct, today in Los Angeles. The feature will be directed by Wicked contract-director Brad Armstrong. This production marks Devinn’s first time b ...
Devinn Lane hope for 2003
Love that chick, she's so sexy, but I have not been impressed by her movies of late. Let's hope she has a humdinger of a lezza movie ready for release this year. Or more than one! Rump.
Why has Devinn Lane's porn career been...
...a disappointment? I loved her in "Darling" and "Working Girl" but not much else. She appears in far too many smoke and mirrors crap for my liking. Shame, because she's still one of the most wholesome looking chicks in porn.
Devinn Lane recommendations?
I am looking for some good movies starring Devinn Lane, but every thing I pick up is girl on girl. Does anyone know if she has done any straight work or anything really raunchy? I remember her doing a scene were she fucked some guys up the ass with a strap on, but I cant think of the title. I would appreciate any recommendations...and as always ana ...
Devinn Lane - From Actress to Auteur
By Stephen Ochs and Adult Video News Devinn Lane is nobody’s bimbo. In an industry with a reputation for attracting airheads and hopeless cases, Lane is articulate, professional and driven - an erotic entrepreneur with a sculpture-perfect body, an angel’s face and a hell of a head for business. Definitely not your father’s ...
Devinn Lane's vagina!
Just watched No Man's Land 28, starring Devinn Lane. Extras include a "behind the scenes look". Devinn refers to her pussy as her "vagina". Just an old-fashioned girl at heart!
Devinn lane - Natural breasts or boob job?
If it is a boob job, its one of the best I've seen.
Devinn Lane Interview on Pornstar Empire
Thank you for your attention. Enjoy! DEVINN LANE INTERVIEW Diesel Here at Adult DVD Empire, Diesel's Den looks at SECRETS, and gets an exclusive interview with Andrew Blake! Edited by - Diesel on Apr 12 2002