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Boxcover for Sex Psycho
Sex Psycho 
(4.0 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Derek Cameron, Jason McCain, Gregg Rockwell, Paul Johnson, Robert Harvey
Studio: Thor Productions

Directed by: Thor Stephens
Release date: 1/28/2003
Sex Psycho reviews:
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Thor Stephans Cast: Derek Cameron, Jason McCain, Gregg Rockwell, Jon Ashe, Paul Johnson, Ben Archer, Sal Correlli, Robert Harvey Story: Derek Cameron plays a man haunted by sexual blackouts and a strange man dressed in leather. The story is laid on pretty thick, but is fairly interesting the first time though. What I Liked: The highlight of the whole movie for me was easily the second scene, with Jon Ashe and Paul Johnson. Not only was it incredibly hot, but ingeniously directed. These two studs make out in the lobby of a dentist office that has these huge 10 foot windows looking right out onto main street. While Paul gets the fucking of a lifetime, you can see people walking by outside looking in. It's pretty surreal. Both these guys are gorgeous, but I have a soft spot (or should I say a hard spot?) for Paul... what a hunk! This is probably one of my favorite scenes of the year. Derek's random encounter with Ben Archer was a pleasant surprise.
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After a montage of views of San Francisco the camera stops on the most beautiful sight of all: Derek Cameron lying bareass on the grass at Lands End. If you dont know Derek, he has light brown hair streaked with blond like a surfer; his face is movie-star handsome; he has a nicely muscled body flecked with soft hairs; possesses a more than average dick; is blessed with a bubble-butt; and even has nice feet. In short, he is the definition of the adjectives sexy and desirable. Upon awakening, Derek encounters Ben Archer. Ben has a bushy moustache and the body of a lumberjack. Derek goes down on Bens timber. Derek is one of the best practitioners of the fine art of fellatio (he once deep-throated Jeff Stryker) and he shows his skill here with Ben. Derek is only momentarily distracted by a leather-clad figure with an exposed cock that appears to be stalking him. Ben is unaware of this and is so pleased with Dereks ministrations that he returns the favors.
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Boxcover for Nude Science
Nude Science 
(3.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Dino Phillips, Peter Wilder, Pierce Vendetta, Eduardo, J.T. Sloan, Derek Cameron, Joey Hart, Raphael Valentino, Sam Carson, Austin, Ted Matthews, Johnny Rey, Dex Banning, George Brazil, Gavin Michaels
Studio: IMD

Release date: 7/8/2001
Nude Science reviews:
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Taking a cue from John Hughes 1985 teen comedy Weird Science, that Val Kilmer and Anthony Michael Hall picture about two computer geeks who create a perfect woman via computer, Nude Science goes a few steps further as Derek Cameron and Joey Hart use a brand new program to bring toy dolls to life, for their sexual pleasure, as well as to toy with an obnoxious houseguest. I must say that I immediately began a search for this program myself, and came up high and dry. Think of the possibilities - - you know that old Luke Skywalker action figure you have lying around...or better still, that Han Solo figure that has seen better days....all yours at the click of a mouse!Its a great concept, and executed with panache by director Dane Preston. Except for one instance, Sharon Kane contributes a great techno-pop score, appropriate to the movie.
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Boxcover for Technical Ecstasy
Technical Ecstasy 
(4.5 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Brett Ford, Dennis Lincoln, Sam Crockett, Joe Romero, Tony Donovan, Sandy Sloan, Derek Cameron, Dean O'Connor, Jon Eric, Marc Hamilton, Chad Kennedy, Robert Kirk
Studio: Men of Odyssey

Release date: 4/4/2001
Technical Ecstasy reviews:
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[ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Wash West is know for directing very story driven porn, and with a title like Technical Ecstasy, I wasnt quite sure what to expect when I popped this in the ol DVD player. I dont remember the last time I saw a plot in a porno that didnt completely fall apart at the end. Technical Ecstasys story holds up remarkably well, though, so in this review, Ill make sure I dont give away any of the plot. As our story starts off, Chad Kennedy wakes up in the countryside (naked) and begins walking around looking for signs of life. Eventually, he runs into Sam Crockett, who is looking better than I ever remember. Sam sounds extra sexy with his Texas accent as he asks Do you want to taste some cowboy cock? Chad jumps at the chance and does a fine job of taking Sams dick down to the root. Its very hot stuff, but were just getting warmed up! Sam leads Chad into his motor home, where the real fun begins.
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Boxcover for Journey to Italy
Journey to Italy 
(4.3 stars avg from 2 reviews)

Starring: Julian, Derek Cameron, Dario D'Alba, Erik Kovak, Lucas Kazan, Marco Balestra, Gianni Bucciarelli, Bruno Di Martino, Ivan Forti, Mirko, Michele Siciliani, Davide Solari, Wolff
Studio: Men of Odyssey

Release date: 6/7/2000
Journey to Italy reviews:
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Ever since Hotel Italia, Ive been a big fan of Lucas Kazan. That flick had everything gorgeous Italian hunks, beautiful scenery, and incredibly hot sex. Once I found out that Lucas also directed Journey to Italy, I was super psyched to see it. One of my favorite bottom boys, Derek Cameron stars as the young boy sent to Italy by his parents for the summer that changes everything. After a little site seeing, he heads out to the country to try to find an old friend. He stops to ask a few locals directions, but they arent able to help him out. Once Derek leaves, though, the three Italians start groping each other. These arent the most attractive Italians Ive ever seen, but what they lack in looks, they more than make up with passion. Its an all oral scene that ends with some very gooey cumshots. Elsewhere in the country, three guys are exploring what looks to be an abandoned village in the rain. They head back at their apartment, where they decide to warm each other up by sharing body heat.
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The first porn ever to be shot entirely in Italy, Lucas Kazans film Journey to Italy is great! With nice cinematography of the country its as gorgeous as the men to look at. Derek Cameron, who I have not seen before, is hot, and stars in this story of sexual awakening. With his blonde hair, striking eyes, great abs and an ass you could bounce a quarter off, hes adorable! And a great performer to boot! I read once where he was the only one to deep throat Jeff Stryker, and afterwards Jeff kissed him for it. Not sure if its true but Derek doesnt seem to have a problem taking dicks down his throat or up his ass thats for sure! The basic premise is that hes an art student living in Italy for the summer and as he becomes intrigued with the Italian men his desires take over. All of the scenes are pretty hot with these Italian men and their Italian sausages! They all seem to have an innocence about them and have striking good looks. The first scene involves a three-way between Michele Siciliani, Gianni Bucciarelli, and Bruno DiMartino.
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Boxcover for Jeff Stryker's Underground
Jeff Stryker's Underground 
(5.0 stars from 1 review)

Starring: Paul Morgan, Drew Andrews, Chris Anthony, Logan Reed, Jeff Stryker, Derek Cameron
Studio: VCA

Release date: 4/24/2000
Jeff Stryker's Underground reviews:
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Jeff Stryker's Underground Company: HIS DVD Year Released DVD: 1999 Cast List: Jeff Stryker, Chris Dano, Corky Adams, Derek Cameron, Logan Reed, Paul Morgan, J.C. Carter, Eddie Ramone, Chris Anthony, K.C. Hart to name a few. Original Release Date:1997 Synopsis: Jeff Stryker narrates and shares his sexual stories and conquests with an unkown writer, including bathroom, barn stable and glory hole scenes. Features: This disc was digitally remastered for DVD and features a Photo Gallery (all of 6 pics- big deal!!), brief biography of Jeff with some small stills of him moving up along the side as you read the biography, a tour??? thats what the menu says but it just takes you to the bio??,chapter selections, and DVD-ROM compatible Review: The movie starts with Jeff narrating in his deep raunchy voice talking about his sexual fantasies and visiting these so called underground sex clubs.
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